New Moon in Sagittarius: Astrology of 11/20 – 11/26

There are lots of shifts and planetary activity this week – Mercury stations direct in Scorpio after three weeks of retrograde, the Sun enters Sagittarius, Venus and Jupiter join up in Sagittarius for one big lavish mood and then Venus moves into the much more serious Capricorn, Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus and then the Sun and Moon join together for a New Moon in Sagittarius.

Aligning with the cosmos is always an opportunity for evolution. The question is how we participate. This week some things to consider are how generous you can be with your perspectives such that you have room to expand, as well as how deeply you are investing in your self-knowledge and self-love as an orientation point from which to interact with your reality.

Consider the nature that our bodies, lives, and auric fields are ecosystems. When we do anything to bring livelihood to this ecosystem, we empower all the micro activities and micro storylines happening for us. How can you ground a deeper state of harmony into your experience this week? As we will explore in this forecast the Mars opposition to Uranus in Taurus this week, it is magic to *act* from a place of deeply embodied love. With this lens or filter, we can be empowered to be more tender and to create more beauty and peace where we otherwise would have been less attuned to that sensibility. The ripples that we create from this space send harmony throughout the greater ecosystems around us!

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Here’s our week, after a few announcements!

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Here’s our week!

November 20, 2019

Mercury stations direct in Scorpio: 11:12 AM PST

(Image: Laura Makabresku)

Mercury will leave retrograde shadow on December 7 (meaning Mercury returns to the degree of Scorpio that Mercury originally retrograded in this season). 

  • When Mercury stations direct after a retrograde, we may notice certain details and plans clicking into place, like a shift in momentum. Mercury retrograde has us focus more on “re” themes like reviewing, remembering, rethinking, and reorganizing. This doesn’t mean that new things don’t occur during Mercury retrogrades, but if we’re going with the flow of the season we’re usually deepening into things we’ve already started. The new projects we begin are often significant re-turns to processes that have already been opened up.
  • Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio may have correlated with a significant deepening of awareness around our psychology and the nature of our obsessions and fixations. It’s not bad to take a pause here and get curious about why things affect us at such a deep emotional level. Why does finding out that someone doesn’t like me make me think about that person all the time? Why does my attraction to someone gather so much of my attention? When we take the time to actually reflect upon why certain circumstances affect us so deeply, we can uncover some strong needs (that may be a deeper message taking cover under a particular symbol). We can also become more deeply honest with ourselves about how we are investing into things emotionally, and whether or not this truly serves us.
  • Did Mercury retrograde come with intrigue for you? Strange dreams, a fascinating detour of consciousness? There are unhealthy versions of intrigue (i.e. paranoia) as well as moonlit forms of intrigue that bring us deeper into our night dreams and secret inner worlds. Being curious about our own mysteries is a form of self-intimacy that perhaps we got to get in touch with this season.

November 22, 2019

Sun enters Sagittarius: 7:00 AM PST

The Sun now joins asteroid Pallas Athena, and Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Sagittarius Season begins and lasts until the solstice December 21.

  • While Scorpionic experience pulls us into the depths – whether that be through obsession, secrets, intimacy, shadow work, deep emotional processes, etc. – Sagittarius Season brings us to the frontier of new experience and a wide-eyed impulse to explore and expand. Neither reality (Scorpio or Sagittarius) is inherently better or more enjoyable. And in fact, if we really go deep in Scorpio Season and face ourselves at a very deep level, we can enjoy the shift into Sagittarius Season even more. When we avoid facing ourselves in Scorpio, we are more likely to adopt beliefs in Sagittarius that collude with our self-deception, and more prone to oversimplifying complex matters. In this spirit, take care about your philosophical conclusions, and your capacity to still entertain mystery.
  • The Sagittarius gift of optimism has a capacity to influence reality. We experience this when a person warmly receives us and sees the best in us – we are more likely to unfold and share that potential of ourselves in that person’s presence. We can also see this quality in a person who speaks highly of other people and then introduces these people to one another and creates inclusive group spaces. This way of uplifting and expanding the good in people is quite a gift to give and receive this season. In a metaphysical sense, our interaction with possibility and investment in optimistic options actually shifts the tide of experience. Generally we may feel distaste when this feels excessive or lacking in ground, so we might consider working *grounding* into our optimism. 
  • What does grounding our optimism mean? Well consider a teacher (archetypally the teacher is very Sagittarius and Jupiter). In order to bring students into a higher level of knowledge, there needs to be some groundwork – an introduction to the concepts, and meeting people where they are at. Similarly, if we want to play with optimism as a force of change-making in our lives and even the world, we can benefit from being aware of where we are starting from and then building bridges from this place.
  • Jumping straight into a new reality (quantum leaping) is great too. We get to do this in play, or meditation or visualization or powerful peak experiences. Part of Sagittarius freedom is the quality of being able to do this regardless of what is happening on the ground. As a point of integration though, coming back to the ground and building connections could be a way to realize or concretely manifest reality upgrades. 
  • We can be motivated to engage with higher studies during this time – to learn new things or advance our knowledge in areas we are already working with. When we do this, we are also influencing our grounds – new ideas shift the ground beneath us – having us think differently about things we’ve accepted or taken for granted as normal. In this way knowledge is an adventure – it can require us to leave ‘home’ (aka, the ground beneath us shifts).

November 24, 2019

Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius: 5:33 AM PST

  • A lavish mood! Venus, a planet of pleasure, beauty and aesthetic already in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius, joins up with Jupiter, a planet of expansion. The Venus-Jupiter combination speaks of banquets and feasts, long luxurious mornings in bed with lovers, expensive taste, treating yourself/others, jubilant parties and gatherings, and big displays and expressions of love and affection. Quite simply this can be a transit to enjoy, to make a point to do something fun and connect with others.
  • Authenticity is a very important theme for Jupiter, and also for Venus though Venus brings us in touch with the dimension of people-pleasing, which is not always authentic. Deeper chords of harmony appear when we include our honesty into the equation. Relationship can be authentic even as they stretch us past our own individual interest – relating itself is authentic, yet there is still an art to the balance. We consider the other and the connection itself, and the relationship is more authentic when each party involved contributes their truth. When we are clear about or desires, preferences and needs, we can more truly negotiate and form agreements. Reality may be offering us plentiful opportunities to be honest. It doesn’t mean that other people will automatically like it. But it can reveal where we stand with others in terms of capacity to hear and honor one another versus coerce or control one another.
  • One of Venus’s love languages in Sagittarius is about honest communication. We learn through Venus in Sagittarius and Venus-Jupiter contacts how to combine the forces of tact/grace with honesty. That we don’t just have to “say it how it is” without any consideration for the other, or without any processing or smoothing out of our own emotional heatedness we are bringing to “how it is”. We may not be prefect at this, but we can still expand our capacity to create harmony in situations where we would have been gruff or not tactful.
  • When we have not deeply integrated this lesson of including ourselves in the equation of our relationships, we may encounter larger and larger situations of unease, where we say yes or agree to things we don’t really want to, and find ourselves more and more entangled with dishonest situations. The magnification and reveal of this at least prompts us to become aware of what we are doing and to make other choices!
  • A special form of grace to tune into during this transit is the magnification of love that happens because of honesty. Even if honesty breaks a particular connection, it sets us on the path of truer resonance. There are times where others will love and accept us when we reveal something we were afraid to share or say. And there are ways that we, as lovers, can show grace to others by accepting them in their truth. When we love someone unconditionally, we have the space for this.

Mars in 3 Scorpio opposite Uranus in 3 Taurus: 8:49 AM PST

Want to learn more about the Taurus-Scorpio mysteries? Listen to a two part podcast I did with Arakai Moon on this “tantric axis” on the Magic of the Spheres podcast, available where you tune in to podcasts. Or you can listen on your browser here – part one and part two.

  • There is a big paradigm shift we can experience within ourselves when we attune our actions to come from a place of self-worth (and when we deepen our channel of self-worth from which to draw from). Similarly, this can be a place of self-knowledge, and being in a deep awareness of our inner resources. We unconsciously or consciously leverage this inner-assessment when we consider what we deserve or what we are ‘allowed’ to ask for.
  • We will want to balance our resourcefulness at feeling or being receptive to desired states *on our own* versus how we want to engage with others. Do we have intense needs we imagine can only be fulfilled by others? This can compromise us in a sense. And likewise, we can be empowered by having internal access to certain states of being such that we can engage with others from a place that is that much clearer. This is not about shaming our needs or desires, but rather considering how empowered we can be within ourselves in the situation by engaging inner-resources we are overlooking. For example, we might really like being touched by other people, but we never massage ourselves or even open to the idea that it could be pleasurable or meaningful to do this for ourselves – to take a half hour with some oil and feel into our own body. In both cases, the body responds, but the latter is accessible within the self. To the degree that we take care of our own needs, we can be available to others or experiences with others in increasingly expansive ways – bringing more fullness into the situation from the start.
  • With Mars in Scorpio, the impulse is toward energy exchange (intimacy, connection) but Mars is traveling from a connection to electric Uranus in Taurus – we could think of Uranus in Taurus as the base or stationary point as Uranus is moving slower in the Mars-Uranus cycle. So Mars in Scorpio’s “urge to merge” is coming from a radio station, if you will, of our own self-worth story (Uranus in Taurus). To what station is that radio station tuned? We interact with others and form connections in conversation with how we feel connected to ourselves. Playing with loving ourselves more and connecting with ourselves more opens up new doors in our external and relational lives, inevitably. It’s something that can very well be a practice, this tantric relationship to self, such that this inner wellspring can inform our participation with life.
  • This can be a place we get so stuck – wanting something the way we want it, without being open to alternate ways of connecting with that energy. We fixate on a form like “I want THIS unavailable person because it’s karmic and we’re supposed to be together” or “I want THIS status symbol and I don’t care what I have to do to get it”. This transit can be a time to liberate the ways that we are acting upon our deeper needs, such that we enter into a deeper state of harmony within ourselves and the Universe. When we are stubborn about wanting something unhealthy or unavailable for us, or have projected our own sovereignty onto something or someone else, it’s easy to form a lot of victim stories about how we are missing or lacking something that we feel we need very deeply. What if we could be more creative about feeling the way we wish to feel and connecting with that ENERGY in a more empowered way than trying to “get” it from someone/somewhere/something?
  • We can also be attracted at this time to forms of catharsis that allow us to externalize and move our emotions so that they are not stuck inside of us. We may be attracted to having breakthrough in our technologies of catharsis – what really works for us, what helps us move energy. Sometimes it can be very subtle, like energy work, and sometimes we may like the voltage of more intense activity. Take care though – the revolution with Uranus in Taurus is simplicity. 🙂 

November 25, 2019

Venus enters Capricorn: 4:29 PM PST

Venus will stay in Capricorn until December 19.

  • Whew – Venus is about to form conjunctions to Ceres, the South Node, and Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn during this time period. These are some deep themes emerging around integrity, transformation and letting go. This is a good time to keep our cool – to truly, take a sober look at our love natures and see what we can do to be more empowered instead of spiraling out into a bunch of drama, or repeating our most tired and dysfunctional patterns out of sheer compulsion. Capricorn is shrewd and wise – deep crone energy. The shadow of Capricorn is of course, rigidity. We may be coming up against hard places within ourselves where we feel like we should just shut down or accept a narrow or pessimistic reality, and the real opportunity and challenge is to practice love here instead. What is needed in this situation? What would the crone say? What is the real wisdom here? Time to get to work (and let work also be our play).
  • Giving love and care to the responsibilities or the integrity-dimension of our experience can be pleasurable and immensely satisfying. It feels good to be in alignment with our integrity (regardless of who is watching or not), and to see the fruits of this in our life over time. Doing this requires us to slow down a little bit and get clear about what our main core values are, and how our sensibilities, words, and actions on a day-to-day level align with these values.
  • The practice of alignment with our values includes saying no – being able to choose where we stand and live in integrity with that. In an overly-rigid expression, we don’t allow ourselves to change. The balance is practicing integrity in the process of making shifts or changes in our lives, too. Being repressed just so we can maintain appearances isn’t a good look, either!
  • Venus in Capricorn can elevate the traditional and traditional values. While these can be continually reinterpreted and adapted to the present moment, we may find ourselves appreciating very basic or old principles. Some things are tired and not relevant to the present. But some things are ancient, and still around, for a reason. Wisdom is of course, the discernment of the difference.

November 26, 2019

New Moon in 4 Sagittarius: 7:06 AM PST

Following the lunations is a beautiful way to connect with the cosmos in 28 day cycles – watching the rise of energy up to the Full Moon and the integration, release and settling of energy from the Full to the end of the lunar cycle. The New Moon is a time we can set intentions as well as discover intentions – feel into what is new and fresh and presenting itself to us in our most subtle feelings or observations.

  • Sagittarius is a very philosophical sign, and this New Moon can relate to a new adventure in consciousness around how our philosophies filter our experience.
  • We can have deeply expansive experiences by having as little filter as possible – seeking to understand the way things are without our preconceptions.
  • On the other hand, we can also have deeply expansive experiences by using a lens. On the physical, material layer, there are small organisms like bacteria we can only see because of microscopes, as well as planets like Neptune or Pluto we are enabled to see because of microscopes. On a metaphysical level, our philosophies act as lenses which open up different dimensions of reality to us. And by witnessing and being informed by what we see through the lens, we participate with that frequency of reality. Different beliefs will engage different threads and potentials of reality. 
  • We can become myopic in our lens, thinking that what we are looking at is the truth, without examining the context to which that reality lives inside of an even greater whole or paradigm. We do this when we have what are called “limiting beliefs”, which are easily self-fulfilling prophesies.
  • We can play with reality by being more generous and playful and expansive about the kinds of ideas we are willing to entertain. Sure our most limiting beliefs can manifest realities – that doesn’t mean all those realities are working for us or are objectively true. What if we changed our stories to something more expansive and playful?
  • Storytelling is a powerful agent of change – we tell ourselves stories that influence who we are, and we share collective stories that influence the culture. This New Moon can be an opportunity to discover and live into some new stories.
  • One of the least-accessed assistants of Sagittarius/Jupiter is the art of conversing with the Universe aka prayer. Even spiritual or mindful people aren’t having that conversation (at least not actively). We may have loaded associations with what prayer is, but essentially consider whether or not you are talking to the Universe and if you are listening to the Universe responding to you. Sagittarius is where we learn how to point the arrow – when we ask a question, reality responds in some way. When we start a conversation, reality responds in some way. Having novel thoughts, a meaningful intuition, a dream, or encountering a meaningful opportunity or synchronicity are all ways the Universe can speak back to us when we’ve started a conversation (just to name a few). When we ask questions and are genuinely open and receptive, magic happens. New Moons in general are great times to ask the Universe things like, “what can I learn this month?” or “Are there any messages you would like to share with me?”.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I really appreciate you being here with me as I know that if you connect to this writing we have likemindedness and that is so special. Please share this article with a friend who you think would resonate!

Please let me know what you think in the comments – truly I want to know so leave a note! I love you and you are soul family to me, thank you for finding your way to these words and resonating with them in whatever ways you have.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness.

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