Mercurial Labyrinths: Astrology of 9/12 – 9/18

This week the current Jupiter-Pluto sextile exacts for the third and last time this year – a transit that has been highlighting the rewards of shadow work and finding hidden treasure in our blindspots. Mercury aspects Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio (a Pluto ruled sign), also bringing our mental attention toward depth discovery. Whether taking place in the realm of introspection or in the allurement of pursuing research or higher learning, this week has many offerings for a deepening of the mind. Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus, bringing a dynamic burst of sensuality and eroticism into this week’s air. But not only that, this latter transit signifies leaps in Venusian evolution & our capacity to love. This opportunity can be in dialogue with our blocks to love and trauma around self-worth, which can be looked at as dimensions of ourselves which if they should be coming up, are ready for transformation.

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Here’s our week:

September 12, 2018

Jupiter in 18 Scorpio sextile Pluto in 18 Capricorn: 12:55 AM PDT

(Images: Ren Hang, Josephine Rais)

  • This transit emphasizes luck and expansion when we: retrieve parts of ourselves from the unconscious/underworld; become aware of and address addiction; let go of attachments that cause suffering.

  • Consider the image of someone who is advancing in their life path, reaching significant symbols of success and recognition. As this occurs, the pressure to outgrow or release negative patterns becomes paramount. The edge is self-sabotage or evolution.

  • Self-sabotage can come from an underlying sense of shame or unworthiness, so to let go of self-sabotage is to adopt a more deeply rooted sense of value in oneself. This can be adopted on faith – there are potentialities that exist only if we are receptive to them.

Venus in 2 Scorpio opposite Uranus in 2 Taurus: 2:02 AM PDT

(Image: Caju Gomes)

  • New ways of internalizing and integrating the erotic emerge.

  • Desire and a sense of worthiness are interconnected; if we should be sparked by new desires we are also called to the task of believing we are worthy of what we desire.

  • Abandonment and rejection as forms of trauma – whether that is a current theme or a past scenario that is coming up for review, this topic might arise more prevalently. 

  • When abandonment/rejection feels like death, an individual is submerged in the underworld – which is a hellish-feeling place and also a place of transformation and reclamation of power and self-value.

  • This transit can signify a ripening within experience and consciousness around how to balance sovereignty with intimacy; how to be with desire without feeling lack; how to integrate the joy of Eros rather than to be lost in the pain of Eros; and how to bring love and understanding to dark/forlorn places.

Venus in 2 Scorpio sextile Saturn in 2 Capricorn: 8:57 PM PDT

(Image: Jean Alexander Frater)

  • Together, Scorpio and Capricorn can have a very calculating energy, such as calculating how or if one’s investment will have a return, or calculating just the way to influence another or get under their skin. Calculating just what footholds are going to be the most advantageous. This inspires a robustness or intensity in pursuing paths that seem to offer a return, and the will to not engage in paths which seem like they don’t. Of course, this varies from individuals having cynicism and too much defense to life, to an actual prudent caution and not investing oneself in toxic or dead-end scenarios. It is a very individual process to discern what values are being prioritized, what is being sought, and what realities are promising.

  • Trust and reliability are especially erotic here.

September 13, 2018

Mercury in 14 Virgo opposite Neptune in 14 Pisces: 6:31 PM PDT

  • Under Mercury-Neptune we might say “things are not as they seem”, though that is true so very much of the time in this mysterious universe of ours, and the various veils that obscure truth. A process that occurs with Mercury-Neptune is to develop a finely-tuned spiritual and mystical discernment. This can make certain ideas dissolve, and other ideas appear more lucidly.

  • Mutable signs (which Virgo and Pisces are) bring in very multi-faceted realities, where a small shift in angle reveals a huge shift in reality. And we are actually participants in these shifts, through our intellect, our thought patterns, our actions, our practices. 

  • Sensitivity is a virtue in that the ore sensitive we are, the more we can sense subtle shifts in energy and begin to develop discernment and pattern-recognition of what fosters and enhances life, versus that which throws us out of alignment. It is also sensitivity that helps us notice when these patterns shift over time, as they often do.

  • Under this transit, watch for/facilitate the subtle adjustments that create more enchantment in your inner and outer lives.

September 15, 2018

Mercury in 18 Virgo trine Pluto in 18 Capricorn: 7:53 PM PDT

  • With Mercury conjunct the Sun, and also in aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio, there is a lot of investigative energy here for Mercury and the quality of bringing things to light.

  • A mental laziness is possible here in terms of forming judgments and conclusions based on outdated/archaic standards. There is also the possibility of exceeding those limitations and entering territories of paradigm shift.

September 16, 2018

Mercury in 19 Virgo sextile Jupiter in 19 Scorpio: 4:50 AM PDT

(Image: Sol Lewitt)

  • With Mercury contacting Pluto and Jupiter in a Pluto-ruled sign (Scorpio), a theme of mental focus is heightened; and the nature of how mental focus is this precise laser that can cut into reality in a surgical-like way. This can relate to forms of mental power and intelligence as well as negative rabbit holes and disempowering thought loops.

  • Part of mental health and mental empowerment with these archetypes in mind is to learn how to engage the mind in ways that actually enhance wellbeing, rather than believing the conclusions that the mind draws under the influence of various engrained mental/neuro pathways that come from trauma or even just habit.

  • Mental focus and mental intensity can be ways of drawing new pathways, which is why mantra meditations and “positive thinking” can be so powerful.

September 18, 2018

Mars in 1 Aquarius square Uranus in 1 Taurus: 4:01 PM PDT

  • This was a transit in orb all summer with Mars retrograde (Mars squared Uranus in both Aquarius and Capricorn). Mars got juiced up! And alternately challenged with over-exertion or lethargy. Some of the advancements we made in managing our energy levels could have come from discovering forms of self-care, diet, rest, etc. that helped us recharge. Another pattern may have emerged of stops and starts: having immense energy and staying power and then needing to rest just as hard.

  • An esoteric quality/gift of this transit is to bring interruption to embedded patterns that result in stagnancy. We may have to find a rhythm that allows integration however, rather than creating too much change too fast in a way that cannot be maintained and is jarring to the nervous system. Instead, going slow at the process of unlocking blocked energy is like discovering an interior fuel source that has a slow, extended burn.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! Let me know what you think in the comments and please share this article with your friends and on social media.

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.


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