Full Moon in Scorpio: Astrology of 4/25 – 5/1

I used to think that some weeks were more profound than others, but the time has come, in sitting with the beauty of these archetypes, to recognize that life is constantly unfolding in complexity and profundity. So we are in another week of massive potential for personal and spiritual evolution – perhaps all the more so as we build toward a Full Moon in Scorpio.

First we move through our third Mercury-Saturn square as Mercury passes through the shadow of its last retrograde, a Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, a Sun-Saturn trine in earth signs, a conjunction of soul-contract Goddess asteroid Juno and the medicinal asteroid Chiron, and all of this culminates in the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 29th.

Building toward the Full Moon, several of our alignments involve Saturn and Capricorn, bringing us into confrontations with reality – the hardness of life, the limitations of life, which try as we might, win over us when we are not in touch with the greater forces of nature moving through us (and erect something like a dam, temporarily – and call that reality). While reality can meet us with hard edges; reality is still a mystery and the dance with reality is careful; at once offering us feedback and confirmation, while constantly offering us challenge to what we know and surprising us.

And as we touch these edges, these limits, or likewise some harvest from reality (life is going well and better than we had dreamed, or efforts of the past are redeemed) a Full Moon in Scorpio brings us in touch with our capacity to transform. What no longer works for us? What defenses did we build along the way that have now become deadweight? What parts of our personality are relics of past situations or similarly, keep us recreating the past? And – what are we actually deeply attracted to? What causes us to become more alive? Transformation often involves a little of both moving away (repulsion, death) and moving toward (attraction, merging).

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If it’s not the time for you, I understand, and I am so happy to continue speaking stars with you via the weekly forecasts.

(Top image: Okuda San Miguel)

Here’s our week:

April 25

Mercury in 9 Aries square Saturn in 9 Capricorn: 2:28 PM PDT

This alignment characterized our most recent Mercury retrograde, as Mercury stayed in orb of squaring Saturn throughout the retrograde. Now Mercury goes direct, and forms this alignment for the third and last time. Having experienced this energy for weeks and already two exact alignments of the same (on March 11 when Mercury was direct and then April 5 when retrograde), we have potentially gotten the hang of this. Now Chiron is in Aries and it is also in orb of conjunction to Mercury and square to Saturn. Here are some themes:

  • A crystallization of new ideas; careful thought.

  • Having to recognize limitations, and realizing where we’ve taken on too much out of naiveté or optimism, or where we’ve taken on too much out of self-imposed or culturally-imposed standards which we now seek freedom from.

  • There may abundant mental energy with Mercury in Aries, and working with Saturn involves incorporating that energy into reality, into strong foundations, into something that works.

  • The call to be judicious about speaking or sharing information, and likewise the call to speak and to share when the time and container feels right. Wisdom in speech.

  • Dysfunction and overwhelm reveals structural blindspots – we may have accessed data, if you will, on what parts of our lives need revamping in order to better streamline our flow.

  • Overwhelm, frustration, and chaos may have increased (or a sense of too much to do with not enough time), and likewise our capacity to just sit with that or be present with it and to move through it may have increased as well. Throughout this time, there may have been a realization that it is okay to be stressed out; but that there is not additional reason to be stressed out about being stressed out, or ashamed of having shame, etc… Saturn has its limits for that, too! Where you can curb this meta self-criticism and just patiently move with the discomfort, victory and Saturnian maturity is present. What have you gained agency to actually look at, rather than run away from, and how does that indicate your new capacity to show up?

  • This can be a good time to consider overarching structures and plans; while at once life requires us to show up for details and to be present with work at hand, it can be beneficial to zoom out and see where all the work is going. Especially in the case of feeling like the work at hand is a dead-end or is overwhelming, starting to consider how to direct it somewhere replenishing is a process that may take some time and patience, but is quite available with Mercury-Saturn.

April 26

Mars in 21 Capricorn conjunct Pluto in 21 Capricorn: 4:00 AM PDT

(Image: Detail from Hunting Party by James Jean)

  • A challenge, or transformation of capacity (of one’s energy and will). The desire (or resistance) to push past normal reserves of energy.

  • The personal and spiritual opportunity to recognize one’s own impact (in small situations and as an overall imprint); to take deep account of this and to change as needed as well as to share/empower oneself and others.

  • Forceful confrontations with reality itself; the frustration of realizing that one is hitting a wall, or the realization that one’s efforts are yielding fruit.

  • Because impact and force (Mars) is intensified at this time (Pluto), certain situations may call for extra care. Those who touch the edge, whether its now or regularly – such as by pushing your body or by handling dangerous tools – confidence is no reason to forget that you are on the edge & to get foolhardy. The edge requires attention in so long as it is an edge. Be in the zone.

  • In a larger picture way, this is a start of a new synodic cycle between Mars and Pluto which will culminate on March 22, 2020. If you have an attraction to the combination of these energies (perhaps those of you who are familiar with these planets in combination), now can be a magical time to honor their union and to consider your intentions for how you would like to best experience their cycle together. If you are attracted to extreme sports, pushing the edge, assertiveness/confidence that is empowering and not overpowering, and to feeling more connected to your warrior spirit, give it some thought.

  • As a much larger cycle, Pluto’s transit through Capricorn involves becoming deeply self-aware and accountable at the soul level – meaning we become more aware of the consequences of our subconscious and we develop self-awareness that enhances our free will. No matter how self-aware a person is, the psyche unfurls new depths. The path of Pluto in Capricorn is developing more accountability where before we had a blindspot. Mars brings a willfulness, enthusiasm, and also warriorship to this process. Evolving the impulse is part of this, as well as evolving the drive toward violence or reaction, such that we access a more enlightened ninja-like Mars.

April 29

Sun in 9 Taurus trine Saturn in 9 Capricorn: 3:03 AM PDT

  • Healthy decisions in regards to indulgence and holding off immediate gratification for longer term goals; the ability to go without in service of the future. Likewise, actually engaging in leisure and enjoyment from a place of inner-authority; knowing it is okay to receive. Different situations call for different medicines.

  • As Saturn is conjunct temple goddess asteroid Vesta, consider the ritual magic of commitment. Commitment and integrity form vibrational fields that degrade or enhance reality in accordance to the value of what is being committed to. Finding our sacred commitments and habits which enhance our reality over time is a creative practice.

Juno in 0 Aries conjunct Chiron in 0 Aries: 8:52 AM PDT

(Image: Nina Longshadow at Opus)

While I don’t normally go into aspects between asteroids, I wanted to note these two. Juno is a goddess of soul contracts, and I often find her as a compelling force in synastry. In a natal chart, she can speak to the types of people you are compelled by or the way you are when you attract important soul connections (romantic and otherwise). You can read more about Chiron in my archives here, and especially in the article Chiron Is Your Medicinal Property. It seems special that on the day of the Full Moon, they join up in the 0 degree of Aries, a degree in the zodiac quite full of possibility. Some themes:

  • An initiation into relationship or deeper relationship wherein possibility is abundant – the realization that you are only getting started and that something important and healing is happening.

  • As astrological events always constellate both in the field of an individual and in the collective, this can speak to your own relationship to self, as well – in which case we might consider autoeroticism; falling in love with oneself; acts of self-creation and of self-portrait. That the entire field of life around oneself changes as one falls in love with the self, or one’s destiny, as an extension of oneself.

  • Feeling something like a romantic commitment to one’s destiny or the destiny of a particular relationship. This need not be commitment in some dry, obligatory way – Juno often speaks to the way we feel compelled. What situations in life bring out your inner-knight? Your poet? And to reverse it, what situations in life are called forth by your connection to your knight, your poet?

  • These themes may already be apparent, or we have just entered a portal of possibility (0 degrees Aries).

Full Moon in 9 Scorpio: 5:58 PM PDT

(Image: @kitchenghosts)

The Full Moon axis forms a grand fixed cross with the lunar nodes in Aquarius and Leo! And while it is a wide conjunction (of 10 degrees), the Moon and Jupiter are conjunct in Scorpio! Some themes:

  • Big emotions incoming. The Full Moon generally points to this, but now Jupiter enhances and expands the lunar quality. This can cause our emotions to blow up (which may feel unpleasant if you are dealing with emotions that make you uncomfortable), but it also can bring buoyancy and optimism to how we meet our emotional life. In Scorpio, we can move through the underworld and the subterranean realms of our psyche; the place where our fears condition our perception, and the place where reckoning with these fears emancipates deeper parts of ourselves to come alive and to be expressed.

  • Perspectives can enter our awareness around what it is exactly (ideally, in practice, etc) that we are maintaining homeostasis with. What value, what vision? Does our way of cultivating life dull our senses, and limit our pallette in any way? Or, does our sense of homeostasis include change, flux, depth journeying and actual confrontation with ego death (so that parts of ourselves can die and make way for the new)?

  • A quick definition to offer on the ego before we move on: the ego itself is not a bad thing, but is rather a vehicle that the Soul drives through, a vehicle that supports the Soul’s incarnation in a physical, human, worldly way. This vehicle specifies how the Soul moves about its incarnational path, and so tending to this vehicle (the ego) is part of being alive. A simple way to look at it is that the ego is like the middle realm, which mediates the Soul (shadow, desire, depth) below and the Spirit (unity, unconditional love) above. Like car parts that stop working, functions of the ego can outlive their original use and become deadweight in our lives. So partial ego deaths are part of a healthy recycling of self, while sometimes in more extreme situations, larger ego deaths can occur.

  • But speaking to a potential indicator that partial ego-death is wanting to occur would be a sense of not deriving any or as much enjoyment out of life as you truly have the capacity to. How is your ego, your personality structured, as to limit your sense of wellbeing? How are you actually comfortable with that? What would happen if you let go of the attachments you have to a smaller self and a smaller life?

And a few other things to consider, in relationship to this Full Moon axis squaring the nodes…

(Image: James Jean)

  • How is your nervous system doing? Finding some way to totally relax (whether it’s meditation, massage, acupuncture, Kundalini yoga, hypnotism, etc.) routinely can reveal ways that a Higher Self is ready to incarnate through this life (rather than where the lizard-brain is driving). When a trauma or stressor is ongoing, it might be the awareness that it is actually graining on your nervous system and creating somatic stress signals that reveals that some kind of change is necessary (while the mind had rationalized it all).

  • There is deep, deep power in the heart. The type of consciousness that cuts and incises, that gets to the bottom of things, reaches a limit when it is only detached, and when it only deconstructs. A time comes when the answer lies in a space the heart knows, and when the mind catches up to the heart’s perception. The consciousness that can deconstruct and analyze ad infinitum is so sharp and still valuable, but it can be missing something. Continue to connect with joy and with the solar in your life, and the mind will sharpen according to that light of creativity.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! Let me know what you think in the comments. Are you new here? Sign up for my mailing list to receive the weekly forecasts straight to your inbox.


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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.

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