Full Moon in Libra: Astrology of 4/13 – 4/19

This week the Moon grows full in Libra, our sign of balance and of course, imbalance. This occurs in a field characterized by the current exact Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, where we are perhaps experiencing an expansion or blurring of boundaries, feeling more open, adventurous, and porous than usual. Pisces is often full-spectrum – all the emotions – the grief, the hopelessness, the joy and the ecstasy. Jupiter-Neptune conjunct in this sign highlights this emotional torrent. It is not just emotion, however, but emotion that confronts us with wisdom and spiritual evolution – profound changes of heart.

The Moon growing full in Libra may relate to our own reckoning with how we stay “balanced” in the face of expansion or spiritual growth, experiences which often re-design our equilibrium or our homeostasis. It gives me the sense of a more rigid/controlled person letting themselves have a wild night out, not because of throwing all care and concern to the wind, but because of a deeper soulful knowing that there is medicine in the “excess”, in the way it unravels our normal gripping for control or order.

This being said, the full moon squares Pluto in Capricorn, so our deeper psychological relationship with control is still in the picture, if not that it is being rearranged, or aspects of its calcification are dissolving. In some cases, our relationship with inspiration may be overflowing and calling us to consider some more structure, such that we can bring the vision down to earth in a practical way, instead of just letting it slip through our fingers.

One other important thing to consider – the Moon is very relational – I find it has so much to do with people and our connections. Perhaps the wisdom of this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is cultivated and sparked through collaboration and conversation especially in light of the Libra Moon – I know it was for me this week as I dropped in with friends on vacation this week and felt my heart blast open. Libra relates to the gift of true listening and the art of offering thoughtful reflection and asking questions to draw out the magic of the other.

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the zeitgeist feels like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox and be notified of upcoming educational opportunities, sign up for my mailing list here.

No YouTube version of the forecast this week but I’ll be back soon.

(Top image: François Boucher, Venus on a Wave, detail)

Here’s our week after a very important announcement!

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Pluto’s significance in the natal chart is as deep and mysterious as Pluto’s physical distance from Earth. Pluto is a gateway to dialoging with the unconscious/subconscious realm. It is a trapdoor through the veil – the way we find ourselves here on earth at some point without memory of where or who we were prior. Yet, life speaks to the deeper memory at the core of our being through our fascinations, desires, and struggles. We each have the opportunity in this life to awaken to our deepest inner truth and live from that place.⁣

Working with Pluto and the lunar nodes becomes a direct communication with the soul – the being who has been here before and will quite likely be here again.⁣

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Here’s our week:

April 14, 2022

Mars enters Pisces: 8:05 PM PDT

Mars will stay in Pisces until May 24.

  • As a Mars placement disposited by Jupiter (traditionally Jupiter rules Pisces), Mars in Pisces is an active vital nature that is also philosophical — we are very much on a quest, feeling the need to apply ourselves in ways that are expanding our worldview and consciousness as we go. It is like when the hero consults the oracle for direction. Mars in Pisces is open to information that will help the journey move forward in an inspired way.
  • Mars in Pisces relates to the convergence of the personal will with the divine will. It also relates to the struggle of separation (Mars) of the personal self with the divine. At lower octaves, there can be frustration and a feeling of being opposed to colossal forces (or colossal forces opposing us). Another lower octave expression is identifying too much with our gifts or capacities as though they come exclusively from us, as opposed to recognizing that we are a vessel.
  • At higher octaves, the alignment of the personal and the divine is an act of profound creativity – we co-create, we experience miracles, we are practicing magic, we are shifting the energetics of situations, we are dissolving layers of the self that are ready to unravel, we are cosmic lovers.
  • There is a challenge of balance within this convergence of personal and universal because while one can be too egoic and not receptive to inspiration or flow, one can also be too passive or falsely humble.
  • With Mars in Pisces, we do well with prayers (or conversations with the universe if you’d like to call it that) that bring together the personal and the universal. The very act of prayer is in itself, a way that the bridge between personal and universal is forged. Through actively making the choice to engage with something greater than ourselves, we are personally transformed.
  • As we move in an inspired direction with Mars in Pisces, we are less linear and “getting our way” and more being changed through the situation, like the path is itself a revelation that is opening and revealing ourselves and deeper messages about reality to us. It can call upon our willingness to be penetrated by the Universe and then to be agents/vessels of that which is flowing through us. If we think about athletics and Mars, we might reflect on how moving such power through our bodies and our consciousness takes finesse. Injury is possible, and here it takes the form of zealotry or inflation that is beyond the ego personality’s capacity to handle. So those on a spiritual path exercise their capacity to channel energy without being totally knocked over by it.

April 16, 2022

Full Moon in 26 Libra: 11:55 AM PDT

(Image: Tenderness for my wounded God by Laura Makabresku)

  • This lunation cycle began at the New Moon in Aries with the Sun and Moon conjunct Mercury and Chiron in Aries on March 31. We were very energetically sensitive, and a lot of us felt aware of threads of core wounding coming up and people were talking (Mercury) about it. It is possible that our awareness has continued to grow since this inception, if we’ve not also had breakthroughs or healing experiences.
  • The Full Moon has Pluto in Capricorn square the lunation axis in Aries and Libra. Pluto in Capricorn may relate to our deeper capacity to take responsibility for our emotions and inner-life versus our tendency to project blame at others as though they are the cause of our pain.
  • The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) relate to how we navigate our independence and relationship through boundaries and agreements we create and negotiate. The Full Moon in Libra suggests that connections and bonds are growing. Perhaps we are also experiencing a rise of contemplations around what is fair or what is desired in connection with others. But since this Moon started out with a conjunction to Chiron, we may be dealing with creating agreements or collaborative dialogue around places that are actually quite sore. We may be deliberating what is meant to be processed with another versus what we want to alchemize on our own – i.e. how we take responsibility for ourselves and how we allow ourselves to be connected with others in vulnerable places.
  • Within conflict resolution or creating deeper bonds with others, we may be meeting the hard lesson around it being futile to try to change someone’s nature – that there must be another way to effectively work with the situation that doesn’t involve a solution that is always out of reach. It might be more about boundaries and having realistic expectations.
  • On the other hand, we might be surprised that our concept of futility within connection with others is changing. When there is willingness, peopled do shift their agreements and patterns. When we have formed relationships that have a quality of depth or foundation or safety unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, it may re-pattern places where we have historically struggled more.
  • The lunation began with Chiron and has a peak moment with Pluto, which does suggest some level of angst within this entire lunation. It began with a Mars-ruled sign, also relating to struggle (and the overcoming of struggle). Our life experiences may be directly supporting us right now in overcoming internal or relational struggles. Our life experiences may be also simply showing us where our edge and capacity lies. Understanding our limitations is a first step to transforming and expanding them.

April 17, 2022

Mercury in 13 Taurus sextile Venus in 13 Pisces: 6:09 PM PDT

  • This harmonious Mercury-Venus contact can bring some ease, reconciliation, and connection to our communications, which is definitely soothing in tandem with the emotionality and thematic quality of the lunation.
  • At an inner-level, Taurus and Pisces deeply relate to sensuality and our receptivity to it. It can be the way that certain sensations are emotional and spiritual portals. Taurus can relate to an inner-orientation of (at best) showing up for ourselves and having a rich relationship with ourselves and our bodies. Movement or embodiment practices (guided or intuitive) can be a place of spiritual opening when we bring together Taurus and Pisces.
  • In connection with others, this sextile may highlight love and compassion within our relatedness. It could relate to the inner-orientation we bring into connection (self-esteem, curiosity, openness) that creates flow or ease as well as encountering such things in the external world and feeling moved by them.
  • Taurus-Pisces contains a lot of receptivity codes – have you ever lightly thought about some abstract theoretical circumstance thinking, “that would be nice”, only for it to manifest in your life shortly after? Sometimes we want something so intensely we actually repel it. But finding the place within us where we allow ourselves to desire what we desire, and to dissolve our resistance — can be magnetic and magical.

Mercury in 13 Taurus conjunct Uranus in 13 Taurus: 9:51 PM PDT

  • Uranus in Taurus relates to awakening through the body, and while Uranus is in Taurus for around 8 years, the conjunctions of Mercury and Uranus all occur in this sign – so the convergence of the local mind (Mercury) and the higher mind (Uranus) are meeting in the gardens of Taurus.
  • At a basic level, we might experience body sensations and just see it as a local phenomenon – something to do with our stomach, or our heart, etc. At a higher level, body sensations can hold messages that are more systems-oriented in nature. A body symptom is connected to other organs/tissues. Or more complexly, a body symptom also corresponds with emotions and memories, or psychological patterns we tend to run.
  • Learning about the body’s intelligence puts us in a greater position to have Mercury-Uranus in Taurus downloads, or if we already have an existing movement/embodiment practice this might be a place of current (and continued) downloads/insights.
  • Uranus relates to the myth of Prometheus. For anyone who has received a lot of dis-embodied conditioning – conditioning that favors the mind, conditioning that tamed the body’s impulses/wisdom/instincts, a lot of people are currently getting back in touch with embodiment codes through others who have Prometheus’s touch here. Or we are that figure, inspiring others with our less-conditioned ways of being.

April 18, 2022

Venus in 13 Pisces sextile Uranus in 13 Taurus: 12:15 AM PDT

  • Mercury, Venus, and Uranus are all in contact this week with these transits, emphasizing both a flow and ease in our communications and relationships as well as electricity. Again with the Full Moon landscape, this could be that we are having breakthroughs or revelations in places we previously felt stuck. In some cases we might be constellating other people and other conversations that open our paradigm.
  • Mercury-Venus relates to pollination, and the phenomenon that none of our relationships exist in isolation (though some relationships are more intimate than others). A conversation we have in passing with someone we never will meet again might have a profound impact on our romantic or primary romantic partnership, for example. Ideas like to circulate.
  • Our closest relationships may be feeling the stress of Uranian caginess (and desire for freedom or change), or we might be having revelations and openings and breakthroughs in those relationships. Uranus transits that contact the inner planets, I’ve noticed, relate to contacts with “strangers” or new people (in whatever capacity of depth is desired there) because material is coming up in our inner-world that may need reflection or interaction from someone or something outside of our normal world. In existing connections, we often have or crave the experience of being pleasantly surprised or stale/stagnant patterns shaken up.
  • This can feel insecure for people when it comes to attachment, but it can bring electricity and dynamism into connections as well.

Sun in 28 Aries square Pluto in 28 Capricorn: 8:14 AM PDT

(Image: Frank Finn)

  • Sun-Pluto contacts relate to strong personalities, or people who have a directorial consciousness who in a sense direct the play and the players around them, either with natural magnetism (people want to follow them) or with some power battle. When Sun-Pluto is a transit, there can be dynamics in the field around people trying to manage the field or the people around them – whether we find ourselves trying to manage others, feeling managed by others, or a combination of both. Management is not bad inherently, but it can be a place of power struggles especially when there is no clear boundary or hierarchy or agreement. Here we would find something like a fiery person whose expression bothers the sensibilities of others and you have people trying to repress them. Many people manage their own expression as well for fear of how it will be responded to by others, and so we internalize this repression.
  • Aries and Capricorn are also very dominant signs that seek power.
  • With Sun in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, we might be working with themes around having authorship or inner-permission to be ourselves, despite some blockages we’ve experienced in the past due to conditioning (Capricorn). We might also be needing to observe the ways we are attempting to control others for our own security or preferences, and to take greater responsibility within for the things we are attempting to make others do. For example, sometimes people spend a lot of time trying to fix other’s problems instead of looking at something they are personally avoiding – fixing others is a projection or an avoidance tendency. A Sun-Pluto transit can confront us with such projections, where instead of taking responsibility for our own path or creativity we try to direct another.
  • On the other hand, if it is TRUE to direct or support another (consensual roles, etc.) we may be experiencing deeper initiations along that path. Literal directors do exist, as well as guides, teachers, and/or people who are holding a container with many people in it and are responsible for *directing* the flow of energy. To be in a position of authority naturally draws in projections of others (such as how they related to their parents or other authority figures in the past) and brings in Aries-Capricorn themes around youth and elders, initiates and initiated, new guard and old guard, etc.

April 19, 2022

Sun enters Taurus: 7:24 PM PDT

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! If you would like further guidance, I have been increasingly focused on longer-term experiences in the form of the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive, higher level course METEORITE for alumni, and 1:1 mentorship (mentorship re-opening at a future time) – helping people form a depth relationship to their natal chart and personal transits over time, to develop themselves, to be in their power, and to reach their goals, all through the soul-making lens of evolutionary astrology. I would love to support you in building your relationship with astrology. The intensive is currently open for enrollment and METEORITE 2022 is currently in session.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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