Jupiter in Taurus: Touching Ground & Dreaming from the Body

A collective mood shift is upcoming with Jupiter entering Taurus on May 16, just days before a New Moon in Taurus and thus the end of this eclipse season we’ve been in.

Jupiter is leaving Aries and its co-presence with Chiron in Aries. Jupiter and Chiron together in Aries (wherever we experienced that in our own natal charts and lives) related to being in deeply new adventures where we got to meet our own courage and boldness. We probably also felt confronted with new fear (or else, where is courage) and certain impasses where we legitimately couldn’t decipher if we should push on forward or retreat. As Jupiter leaves Aries, we may be gaining greater insight and perspective on these particular impasses and how we grew from them & the choices we made inside of them.

Jupiter will stay in Taurus for one year (May 16, 2023 – May 25, 2024) bringing expansion, fortune, and good-spiritedness to the Taurean domain of life like: embodiment, sensuality, money & resources, self-worth and self-esteem.

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Archetypally, Jupiter’s inherent flavor is visionary – it can relate to major leaps we take in vision and in space, such as a philosopher or mystic having a revelation. It’s moments we take in the bigness of the truth and our whole lives rearrange as a result. Even if that is sometimes challenging, we often feel carried by the buoyancy of truth – we sense the real adventure of our life is unfolding and we feel the energy to say yes to it.

In the sign of Taurus, Jupiter’s visionary quality takes a more on-the-ground approach. Some of the things we’ll want to be growing will simply ask for our steady cultivation. This can be a time of deepening our appreciation for the intimacy of the process, rather than being solely focused on outcome or results.

The higher evolutionary purpose of Taurus is to cultivate a loving relationship with ourselves. It is easy to think love is primarily about how we relate to other people or at least that’s where it counts the most. But we have parts of our ourselves and sensations in our body that we might be in deep rejection of (and that ripples out into our relationships too). Jupiter in Taurus could potentially lend some grace and good-naturedness around befriending aspects of ourselves we are not in approval of and have chosen to ignore, neglect, punish, judge, etc. What is that actual wisdom of these parts when we come into friendship with them?

This approval for these parts does not mean that we will degrade somehow in some complacency – more it just allows for energy to move. Jupiter in Taurus might bring us in touch with the virtue that is not bypassing what currently is. We overlook our current experience or internal state in longing for something beyond it, but Jupiter in Taurus may show us that the way to greener pastures is actually just to be in connection with what’s already here and start from there.

When it’s true for us to receive a new influence to the world we are cultivating (to take in resource, essentially) we will also be expanding our capacity to do so. There could be large acquisitions with Jupiter in Taurus, too.

Jupiter’s transit in Taurus is co-present with Uranus in Taurus. They will exact their conjunction April 20, 2024. Jupiter-Uranus transits relate to major & quickened advancements, such as in technology or personal awakening. If we are cultivating and getting to know the energy of our bodies, we can anticipate having embodied breakthroughs. This could be deeper clarity around how we are accessing our vital life force energy & how we are spending/directing it – maybe resolving an energy leak, or gaining deeper capacity to hold big sensations that directly impact our capacity to have real boundaries or admit what we really desire.

More on Jupiter in Taurus after a few announcements!

If it were just about fun, it’d be easy to do.⁣
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The seed husk remained until the conditions were right.⁣
It’s not just about life gifting us this peak state randomly or through luck.⁣
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Which is to say it’s about fun⁣
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What if it weren’t just a grace in life we meet by chance or the right circumstances,⁣
but we remembered the expansive, seemingly out of control ECSTASIS of that part of us who originally said yes to life?⁣

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More Jupiter in Taurus themes:

Another theme I anticipate is that we will be shifting our relationship with fantasy. Saturn is in Pisces, currently in Jupiter’s (traditional) domain and is already a process of coming into right relationship with dreaming, which includes becoming sober of illusions and dreaming from a place of power and truth, rather than from addiction. Saturn in Pisces answers to Jupiter, and Jupiter will now be in Taurus, a pragmatic earth sign.

While Taurus is pragmatic, it does also have its aesthetic preferences and it harmonizes with Pisces naturally by sextile. The two can make a compelling vision board, they certainly can flesh out a dream and its aesthetic.

The combination of these planets may be pointing to a process where our dreams are undergoing the evolutionary pressure of becoming more grounded within our actual essence, as opposed to fragmentary or wounded aspects of self who are also dreaming.

And I’ll leave us with the theme of expanding somatic awareness. Taurus invites us into the realm of sensory feeling, which is not all about pleasure and sensuality as gets highlighted as one of Taurus’s beautiful qualities. If we stop and tune in, we might notice some micro-sensations become available. 

Different activities, settings, life experiences, etc. will also create sensation. One person might love going fast and start to feel anxiety or sadness when the slow down. Another person might feel really spacious and open when alone, but nervous or disassociated around groups of people. One person might like to fight and avoid feeling their grief, while another person might be so nervous or brought out-of-range by conflict that they bend over backwards to please people.

 It’s possible that we’ve oriented to these types of discomfort by trying to fix them or avoid the situations which trigger them – and this has contributed to our own habits and limitations. If we learn to open inside of sensations that are an edge for us, we also expand the territory of what we’re able to live in the world. Largely our conditioning may have us aware of our issues at a more mental or story level as opposed to recognizing where it lives as a pattern in the body. But Jupiter in Taurus is about on-the-ground learning which includes our own earth, ground, body.

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Sabrina Monarch

(Top image: The Roses of Heliogabalus by Lawrence Alma-Tadema)

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