Week of June 21 – 27 Horoscopes


Week of June 21-27 2015


Aries/Aries RisingWith the Sun shifting into Cancer at the beginning of the week, and Mars following into Cancer at the end of the week, the vibe considerably changes to a cozier pace than Gemini season. But this is not a time to get defensive suddenly about your identity – (lower Mars expression) – it’s a time to fortify yourself. It literally just feels good to become a better version of you – and you’re taking some care of your emotional world, when you’ve been so business. The two are in relationship. You are feeling the power and becoming – beginning an exercise plan is epic for you right now, with Vesta still in your sign as well. Your emotional body will feel happy if it gets to move within a freshly strengthened physical body.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: You’re beginning to feel more communicative and engaged with others after a period of internal evolution. While Mercury is still in your house of self and personal resources (money, values, etc..), the Sun and Mars move into your house of communications. You are still rooted in one sense, but the energy and motivation for exploring new ideas is very present. As the week kicks off with the Jupiter – Uranus trine happening in your house of home and house of spirit, you may find that treating yourself to relaxation and comfort allows for spiritual insights to trickle in in the same way that adventuring out of your comfort zone does the same. Either way, you win, but which one really calls you? Maybe it’s simply inviting romance into your personal world that mixes the both!


Gemini/Gemini Rising: You are beginning to root more, and you get into a groove with what you have been learning through initiated experience. Adventures are coming into focus as what they mean to you – based on recent experience you are learning about yourself, what you like and what you don’t like, and what you are going to perpetuate in moving forward now. This is a great time to solidify and cultivate projects you have already begun and/or focus on endeavors of lasting impact. Expressing yourself authentically brings in fresh energy in the form of friendships and like minds, and also has you questioning deeper ingrained structures of the self-identity… yet, the transition can be gentle if you listen to your heart and know it’s all for your own evolution.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: It is now the Cancer Solar season! You love the Sun passing through your own sign, it’s a time of feeling renewed relative to your purpose and how you externalize your inner-self. With Mars too now in your first house. The impulse to get out of your comfort zone and explore new things is strong, and supported right now. At the same time your natural values and abilities about comforting others and creating safe spaces for people is in the spotlight. Your motives are important – it’s about love and there’s no lack of it. The more heart you put into everything, the more you will see enhancements and upgrades regarding your career.


Leo/Leo Rising: Encounters with greater senses of meaning occur now – skip the disillusionment broods if you can and keep the faith. Your creative essence is valued – and as your ruling planet travels through the house of Spirit you are taking a giant bath through the Source of that creativity. Exploring your spiritual sensitivities is enhanced now. Attending to your emotional needs with an attitude of unconditional love is also a good idea for these transits as a lot of growth and healing can occur. The love you cultivate here will water every aspect of your life. It’s a lot of water energy, but your fires are strong still with Jupiter and Venus in your sign. Your lovin’ is spiritualized and it enchants. Use it for good. 😉


Virgo/Virgo Rising: The Sun moving into sensitive Cancer cools down the general atmosphere (except for people taking things too personally, which can happen too) and adds a sense of peace for you to… think. The Sun and later this week Mars, enters your house of the higher mind, and so waves of insight reach and nourish you, and you’re able to sort out the information naturally or with a little effort. Eating well and staying active physically can help clear your mind and make space for the new. It’s easier to be a witness of your emotions than a reactor to them, which sets you above the waves and cruising.


Libra/Libra Rising: Now the Sun moves into your house of career and is the time to show off what you’ve been learning – which is about emotional responsibility and emotional fortitude… now you are becoming a beacon of light and strength for others because you’ve already gone through your own struggles and have emerged lighter and lighter in spirit and brighter in valor. What you have wanted for yourself, you are able to give to others because your empathy for it exists. And right now, it’s all about authenticity of self, you are attracting the right friends and connections just by vibrating fearlessly who you are.


Scorpio/Scorpio RisingThough the Sun in Gemini was technically in your home court (your solar 8th house) it still feels like a release and a load off to have the Sun in a fellow water sign. You navigated some trickier waters and purified parts of yourself and now you get the reward of lightened spirits as far as the Sun and Mars go. With Saturn in your sign and Jupiter in your career house, you are still attending to matters of responsibility and import.  Getting creative and locked down with the details helps immensely – planning, envisioning, and taking care of business like you do. The pay-off is a greater and more resonant structure to design your life with, financial increases, lifestyle upgrades.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: The shift into cardinal water is a lot of water for your fire to handle… if you feel ‘put out’ by the emotional waves, it helps to not just be attached to the old feelings you prefer. This is an educational space, too. You settle into insights and let certain things come to light – so that when your fires return, they have a greater foundation and depth than you did before. The Jupiter – Uranus trine (awesome innovation and creativity) happens in your fire houses though (of truth and philosophy and of creativity), so the momentum of your destiny and creative energy is in full force. You’re the adventurer and the mama packing lunch for the adventurer.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: After a half year cycle of your own inner-development, the Sun now enters your sphere of relationships, and the upper arch of how you interact with the greater environment and world. This is like a graduation, and one to be celebrated! Expect more ease and grace as far as moving out into the world, and this includes your ability and sensitivity for tact and cooperating with others. Leadership is part of your identity – it’s deep – and as long as you are fair and account for the genuine needs of others, you’re golden. Your heart is consistently warming with Jupiter in Leo in your soul sector, and as it trines Uranus this week your own internal evolution sees marked amounts of innovative zest.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: After a burst of creative and romantic energy, the vibe slows down to one of detailed cultivation and self-improvement. But it’s not of the hermit variety – there is still active and dynamic social energy and luck through interacting with lots of people and exchanging new ideas that turn your gears in totally new ways by the inspiration (as you do that for others too). A general overlook for any changes you make now would be to do things that increase your happiness in PRACTICE – the ideal of the future result doesn’t matter if the process isn’t vibrating with the desired ends. With much blooming in your heart right now through relationships, the inner-relationship is in bloom too – now it’s the tangible details.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Momentum relative to your creative endeavors is increasing – things that you have been putting steady work into are showing fruit. With the Sun moving into your house of romance, and soon Mars, you are now at the start of romance season. Whether it turns into a relationship or not, you’re feeling extra inspiration to develop yourself and to cultivate your creative endeavors further. You’ve got a boldness in reserve at the ready and now would be the time to lay out your seduction… you love fantasy, and seduction is a vehicle to meet the fantasy. Or seduce yourself, and watch dreamy types come out of the wood work like magic.

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