Astrology of 12/13 – 12/19: Realizing the Vision

The astrology of this week is all Sagittarius – a Mercury-Venus conjunction in Sagg and a New Moon in Sagg. That is until Saturn, at its very last degree of Sagittarius, transitions into its home sign of Capricorn. It’s like having a wisdom review before things get a little bit more real. Think about what you learned about your beliefs and worldview from 2015 to now while Saturn was in Sagittarius. Were your beliefs challenged? For many – yes – especially in 2016 with that disillusioning Neptune-Saturn square! The point as Saturn continues on into Capricorn may be to build from what we’ve learned, what wisdom we’ve earned both gracefully (bless it) and the hard way (bless that too – impact carries gifts of its own). This week, feel out the vibe of 29 degree Sagg before the transition into Capricorn happens. It’s like a time where wisdom, so saturated in its fullness, falls off the tree like ripened fruit – we can be apt to make connections about the intelligence of what has occurred in the last few years.

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Here’s our week:

December 15

Mercury in 17 Sagittarius conjunct Venus in 17 Sagittarius: 7:08 AM PDT

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Mercury is retrograde, and has not formed an exact conjunction to Venus since March of this year when Venus was retrograde in Aries. Venus-Mercury contacts involve many possible expressions: beautiful communication, the ability to communicate our love/values, anxiety about our relationships as we become increasingly aware of many specific nuances, the desire to speak our hearts, being able to adjust ourselves or our relationships for the sake of harmony.

  • In Sagittarius, anything can get bigger, can get extra. Mercury involves in its archetype the drive/capacity to be small or to stay out of the way; it can relate to nervousness. It might come up in our relationships that we feel inclined to speak or say more than we feel is appropriate (Venus – social graces) but our effusiveness and sharing may also be a pathway to novel connection. It just becomes a matter of discernment. Do you feel compelled to share more than normal? No blanket rule/dogma on whether you should or not really applies – but just note the weather pattern. Mercury relates to currency/commerce, and Venus our sentiments/our heart. Do the words of your heart want to be put into circulation, and if it causes you nerves, is this a moment to heal that? Would your candor actually be valuable to others, as well? And what are our social graces or relationship patterns around this, really? Are they stale, or relevant? It’s interesting how candor can change a social circle or relationships while silence might maintain what already is.
  • Events in Mercury’s realm change reality – they change the direction, they open doors. It is just the simple act of expressing something and thereby putting it into reality that sets an experience in motion. When Venus and Mercury contact one another, we may be more inclined to speak the language of the heart, or we may be so discerning or picky about how we go about doing so that we don’t share at all (nerves). If we are to verbalize and make external an otherwise internal experience, it does change reality – it becomes an invitation for others to relate to us.
  • One kind of love language is the capacity to have a map of the other’s experience: to remember details about them. When we share details (Mercury) about ourselves, we expand the maps through which others can relate. Likewise, an act of love during this transit could be to pay attention to the details that people are sharing with you and incorporate those details into your interaction with them as it is relevant to. (“You remembered!”)
  • Candor is a love language of Sagittarius. It is often said that Sagittarius can lack tact, though Venus is a master of tact. Venus in Sagittarius does sometimes express as sentiments that are loving in intention not coming through with tact – or people who have this placement being the kind of partners who can say things to their significant other designed for that other’s betterment though the message is not always received that way. Do you modulate your expressiveness to not step out of place or to please? But simultaneously, have you experienced the pleasant affront of hearing/reading sentiments that are out of their polite place but somehow just artfully done or really authentic? Sometimes this more unhinged form of relationship is healing for the long-domesticated human.
  • Left-brained information (factual information) is either taken as a given or is seen with a critical/discerning eye and then can strengthen one’s discernment. Right-brained information like oracle or symbolic info (like myth, astrology, tarot, etc.) tunes the intuition. Something resonates or it doesn’t. It’s a different faculty than fact-checking, because we’re working with ‘soft’ information. it’s a different kind of listening. It builds relationship to the intuition, to become practiced in feeling when something rings a bell or doesn’t. With Venus and Mercury both in the sign of intuitive knowing, Sagittarius, we are moving through how we value/resonate with intuitive ideas which can be experienced or known, but perhaps not explained unless we possess the maps or words for it.

December 16

Sun in 24 Sagittarius trine Uranus in 24 Aries: 4:27 AM PDT

This is a gentle transit, setting the stage for the New Moon, which is out of orb of this Uranus trine. Some things to consider, however:

  • A potential for our experience to reveal something of its nature to us if we are able to see into it, either through a lens that helps us to better see, or through the removal of a lens which obscures our vision. Worldviews, philosophies, cosmologies and social orientations for example, are lenses which afford certain approximations of reality while barring others. Sagittarius has different facets of its nature to consider here: one is the desire to be right, to be a moralist or a philosopher who knows the truth. Reality fits in neatly to its parameters. The other is a desire to experience, to quest, to voyage out into the frontier – which is a place of not knowing. We negotiate our bearings (what we know) and our mysteries (what we are yet to know); our bearings help us to see further into the mystery or they blind us partially, distorting the mystery. Our lenses of choice are capable of distorting our vision as much as they once illuminated us; and so we might consider being more liberal with our switching of lenses every now and then if we’d like a breakthrough or a fresh mental/experiential vista.

December 17

New Moon in 26 Sagittarius: 11:30 PM PDT

This New Moon is part of a stellium with Mercury, Venus, and Saturn in Sagittarius. This stellium squares Chiron in Pisces.

  • Our stories/myths aren’t always sufficient to depict our realities. If our stories are draining us rather than inspiring us and giving us courage, maybe it is time to reconsider them. Sagittarius is a fire sign, related to the visionary; and a good story invigorates the soul and gives it the vitality it needs to walk its path. I say story, but we may also say there are some truths which are stories, that stories communicate truth, and it does so in a way that vibrates with the interior mysteries, the psyche, the soul. With this New Moon in a last quarter phase square to Chiron in Pisces (Saturn as well); it suggests a turning point in which in order for our stories to become medicine, our imagination must be stretched to encompass a vision which would do just that job. Since stories birth realities (they inform real decisions, institutions, etc.), they do matter and do have impact. We owe it to ourselves to strive in our imagination for better realities – not to be attached to the outcome even, but simply to open up the channel. Sagittarius pushes boundaries outward.
  • Sagittarius does not work by logic in the same way that its polarity, Gemini, tends to. It is a right-brained, intuitive faculty – a visionary quality. Since this Moon is conjunct Saturn, we might also think of containers that we set up for ourselves. A high goal pulls the individual up towards it. A rigorous course of study pulls the student farther. A commitment for self-compassion massages out the inner-critic. Whatever the container is, it shapes the waters it holds within it. Do the work of creating that container (or align with one of the many that already exist if it resonates with you) and watch the visionary soar on its own in turn.

December 19

Saturn enters Capricorn: 9:48 PM PDT

Take note of the vibe shift around this time to gain some direct experience with this transition. Here are some points:

  • Wherever Saturn transits, it benefits us to be diligent, disciplined, and attentive toward that area of life – its a place where things slow down, get more real, and where consequences (positive and negative) become more substantial. Whenever we are looking to the sky for support on how to “make things happen”, Saturn is an ally, though we will usually be forged in the process. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and relates to structures, boundaries, roles, public self, responsibility, and maturity. Both Saturn and Capricorn relate to the value of things earned/developed over time. Other associations include: architecture, rules, parameters, bones, authority (and real authority versus posturing), responsibility, gravity, history, teeth, learning from failure, learning with time, accountability, tangible reality, cold hard facts, function and dysfunction, taking on burdens or knowing how to let burdens go, parenting, adulting, ‘doing the thing’, patience, the grind, social status, climbing, upward mobility, worldly ambition, contracts, agreements, clarity, exactitude, judgement, tyranny, oppression, constriction, hard choices, fortitude, solidity, things which take time to build, rigidity, work ethic, morals, superego, conditioning processes, social conditioning, social mores, hard time, gravitas, robustness, dry humor, dark humor, grief, shame, duty, obligation, authority figures, role-plays, exhaustion, Sisyphus, achievement, accolades, acclaim, fate, rising to the occasion, pressure, dependability, consequence, grit.
  • We may be tasked to obtain deeper understandings of the above themes: such as what purpose boundaries have, how we might ‘get it together’, or how we are undergoing a maturation process.
  • This can initiate us into a time of deeper learning around what responsibility and authority means to us. Many of us have a distaste for false authority – but we also enjoy real and true authority; or we find security it in – we want the people driving us on public transport to be solid, we want our doctors to be solid, we want our partners to hold true to their word and to be solid. We were just learning about authenticity through Saturn in Sagittarius – we know that roleplaying just for the sake of adhering to a structure is not enough: it has to be authentic and mean something. But what now, do we do with that which we know? Through Saturn in Capricorn: forge it into reality; make it real. Explore the meaning of touching your own authority and the hard knocks that come with that. Whether you train on your own or get some letters behind your name, it’s not about your presence/costume exclusively: its about the energetic shift that your labors have resulted in and the natural authority it bestows you. The externals influence the internals, like if you were to wear a brace that changed the shape of your bones. However you do it – just think about your conditioning processes and about what consequences you are anticipating.
  • People have different areas of life for which they hold more responsibility than others – responsibility serves a social function. For each member of the social fabric holding a position of responsibility, they are also positioned to undergo an individual alchemical process: that of discovering their actual authority, that they are not an imposter – that of making mistakes and learning how to deal with failure – that of achieving and learning how to share power. Look to the house that Saturn in Capricorn is transiting for more info on what areas of your life you may be called to step up.
  • Saturn and Capricorn both point us to conditioning processes – whether that is how we are passively conditioned by society, or how we enter into conditioning processes willfully such as by enrolling in school or a training. Conditioning can be hard. It is somewhat New Age-y to want to make everything easy and in many cases, these life hacks and spiritual upgrades are great! Be all for them where they’re legitimate for you. But in other areas of life, the grind may present itself. It does not have to come easy to be worth it.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! Let me know what you think in the comments! And sign up for my mailing list to get the weekly forecasts straight to your inbox.

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.

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    Hi, I have jupiter at 0 capricorn 9th house, could I ask what I should expect from this transit? Much appreciated.

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    December 19, 2017 at 6:37 am

    Muchos thanks Sabrina. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and I’m so glad I came across you from EA zoom meetings. Your erudite reflections give a lovely body to the weeks as the come and go. Delving not just into the aspects, but through them to offer up tangible interpretations of how things may play out, but from an angle that allows one to look inward or at themselves first before the external ‘what does it all mean?!’ cry or just simply looking only at the external.
    Simply, I really love your writing. I hope I can one day offer thanks through patreon, but I’m not there yet (all me haha). Please know though that your work is appreciated very much.


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