Thursday July 23, 2015

July 23, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: Don’t be surprised (or do be in awe) that talking to people today yields epiphanies, urges, and strong emotional fodder for thought. It’s like carnival. Life’s a party and like most parties there will be at least one person in the room who compels you and helps something CLICK for you. It holds exciting potentials. There is a temptation to act on emotional urges through the mirror of others… so beware for long term effects of your exuberance now. Unless of course, that’s just what you need.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Today initiates a flourishing of feeling and the willingness to express it. Talking to people about what’s been on your mind that hasn’t before risen above the crest of a wave (has been developing), is one effect of this transit. And so for whoever you happen to share these things with, a feeling of connection is created because it is intimate, yet can be very light and playful. Your ruling planet still in shadow phase – there is something coalescing in you coming to a peak.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: As long as you are not worried about business staying as usual today should be exciting. There is a push now toward finding creative expression in new ways – it will be more active, dynamic and yang than this previous cycle you are emerging out of. The general environment is more fast paced now – kind of like you, so watch for moments where you get to share your skill sets just because you happen to be in there right place at the right time.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Focus on yourself and your needs today – this is an especially high running day for emotions. Instead of acting on them though, it’s more about feeling into it/talking about it with others (and that is in a way action, of a kind). So if you should find yourself as the listener, you may actually be situated to receive relevant synchronistic info relative to your own situation. Respect what comes up for you today – even when in difficult packages, there is a powerful message within it.


Leo/Leo Rising: So much chattiness today – at the least a lot of mental activity, but the kind that is fruitful for exchange. Take advantage of this window by drawing out today the details for something that has before only been a broader concept. Also anything to do with writing – making a record of what is coming up for you – is worthwhile, as the origin of a lot of these ideas is unseen or unknown right now, but you can connect the dots backward later.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: Today spans concepts of security through the self-image – so ask yourself where you are sourcing your sense of value and your values from as you find them coming up in your mind today. Are they yours? Were the once yours but are they still yours? Your wellspring to draw from is abundant, so you don’t need to be limited by past models. There are no limits except those in practice. As soon as you can ground your ideas, you can run with them.


Libra/Libra Rising: Today can have the feeling of readiness to really take action that challenges the current status quo of your job or life for that matter. So, some things to consider before making a huge decision – are you acting out of rashness/compulsion? Is this a change that has been a long time coming and now you have the courage? Are you motivated by faith in change, or subconscious fear? Go ahead and make decisions – but from a place you want to stand by. New is okay too.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: The “if you love someone let them go” modicum applies today however metaphorically – the reason being not actually separation forever BUT the kind of non-attached love this turns into, and the humility in the self that is evoked (“I can want something/someone but survive on my own… perhaps even become a better version of myself”). Whether or not what you want comes back to you, if you really make the space something good is bound to fill it.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: You can find empowerment and mobility in groups of people today – either groups that are gathered to develop something you resonate with wanting to develop, or being around people you can simply be your true self around – growth is happening with a team. It is a short transit, so whether or not there is what seems like progress, necessary awarenesses about what kind of people you need in your life will be brought to the surface.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: Activate your leadership through example, equality and being relatable. Where you have been enmeshed in lower drama, there is a way today to rise above it by putting up a kind of boundary – one made of tact, good graces and the solid commitment to take accountability for your own self as you what you do like seeing is part of the mirror – ‘until you deal with it with grace, it stays in your face’.


Aquarius/Aquarius RisingWhere you have become overly myopic, today your vision can expand, especially in weighing options. So this is not necessarily decision-making transits, though the impulse to act will be there. You also can grasp bigger picture, cohesive insights relative to things you have just been developing in parts here and there. This is a great time to experiment, but watch for the long-term implications and weigh them!


Pisces/Pisces Rising: This is a kind of shamanic day – you can expect to travel somewhere far and deep doing something you expected to have an ordinary experience with. People you meet spark intensified self-awareness or creative impulses. You may also zero in on your own flaws or paranoias by what your experiences draw up for you, but you think or yourself as capable of letting these go, as in their entrance speaks of an EXIT, they’ve only just risen to the surface for review.

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