Your Most Vivid Life Moments


Your most vivid life moments probably involve planetary transits – at that moment where something brilliant, illuminating, strange, surreal, etc. is playing out, something is also aligning harmonically, geometrically between planets – either on their own, or how they are transiting in comparison to the natal chart. Transits also tend to make headlines for the news – for groups of people, governments, and individual as well. So do you know how to look up your transits on astro.com? It is always a good point of reference to see what’s happening out there.

Venus retrograde into Leo coming up this weekend. One thing it can do is have the affect of bringing up memories of past experiences of enjoyment, pleasure… fond memories/key life moments. Watch memories from the past call to you, or people from your past reach out to you/run into you out of the blue. The review of Venus, as filtered through Leo, reminds us of the grandiosity of certain times, even if didn’t seem like all that then. Does retrospect make the heart grow fonder?

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