Weekend Horoscopes July 24 – 26, 2015


July 24 – 26 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: Very classic astro moment to not get ahead of yourself. The Soul Moon coincides with TWO more retrogrades in addition to Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Your ruling planet also squares Uranus this weekend before the rx. Let this weekend be a PAUSE. The arrow is being pulled back before it can be shot out. Otherwise, it has no power, right? So you too, no matter how eager you are to get something started or going, are called to go within. The most action you are taking is likely the active choice to sit still, to look within.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: This weekend is one to be conscious and intentional about what kinds of commitments you are making, in the sense of are you committing to something that represents security (for the sake of security) or are you committing to your growth? However other people factor into this, it can come down to something along this spectrum. Your ruling planet going retrograde in the sector ruling over your emotional body means you will be feeling your decisions. What kinds of choices inspire a grounded pleasure and enjoyment of life, which cause stress and dis-ease?


Gemini/Gemini Rising: This weekend can hit like a wave that takes you inside of it before you come back up – simply in the sense of going underneath, and perhaps being quiet. The trip back up? Sagg Moon on Sunday. Until then, the Scorpio Moon dominates and is present during two new fresh retrogrades – one of which, Venus, occurs in your house of communications. The impetus, whether you go there initially or some communication sets off your introspect-mode, is to talk with yourself. What are your desires? How do you want to be seen, and what does that mean?


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Making a change – yes. But do consider your timing. Suavely. And with enough time to have went within and really discerned what YOUR values are, versus what values you have taken in through other means – people, culture, dogmas? This is an ongoing process right now that doesn’t need to be rushed, though the emotional drive for something new can compel you. So when making changes, if it feels supportive of your life path, sweet. If it feels like a hot decision just because, hold on.


Leo/Leo Rising: Why am I _____? is one catchphrase of the weekend. Questioning, stepping back, reassessing, your impulses and how they correlate in turn to what you value and what you are becoming at every moment. NOT an impetus to become self-conscious in the terms of the negative connotation of the word, rather more self-aware. Stay inquisitive, open and humble… and you will be in for a treat of knowledge and peace. Not second-guessing. But acting from a state of awareness, having done the reflection/centering needed.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: A theme for this weekend is what of the intellect arises from emotions. The transits of this weekend inspire deeper investigations into how to communicate from those depths. Also what kinds of conclusions (if any) to draw from the subjective information that is gathered when being introspective. Don’t feel that drawing conclusions are necessary this weekend, a lot of this astro is about experimenting with ideas. So with that also comes not making excessive commitments, understanding that some of these moods and motivations, however compelling, are temporary.


Libra/Libra Rising: This marks a beginning of a new phase of taking what is like, pie-in-the-sky dreams of creating something and laying down something foundational for it to really exist. So whether you are going to get into actual details and planning, or if you are just readying yourself emotionally for whatever change or evolution this brings, feel free to dig deep. The question becomes what you really value, innately, not as a conditioning or a reaction to conditioning, but just YOU. Play with it – have fun and feel alive doing what you’re doing to know.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: To just want to be you – to do what you really want or what really urges you – despite what appearance, image, or structure you have carefully (if not even artfully) built to facilitate something else. It’s not to say you weren’t being yourself – but maybe that the creative structure or guidelines that have been set up have now become more of a prison than a house. However, it may not actually be THAT dramatic. It can seem that way until shifts are made that facilitate more room to move and be.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: For you the seeker, the quest of the weekend is deeper emotional integration from vision to purpose. WHY? is the question begging to be answered. Does it mean you answer it right away? No… because you are actually just feeling into it now. Why act on the creative impulses? Can you separate fixations and compulsions from true callings and honorable endeavors? The answer is of course yes. But self-awareness and an introspective gaze are called for. Ready the heart and honor the process – the integrity of the results is well worth the inner-questioning and revising of vision.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: You have recently shined yourself up in the darkest of places – on sheer willpower, courage, and determination. And probably made it look easy. Now if there is anything left to look into – this weekend begins a Venus retrograde in the Soul sector. Take care of yourself by truly acknowledging/allowing the external acknowledgment from others of what you have accomplished, and keep up the good vibration. Is there something of your experience that can be shared with others for the sake of their (and by nature, mutual) empowerment?


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: This weekend the exuberance of this new Leo energy lighting up in your house of relationships is challenged by the Scorpio Moon in your Saturnian sector. Watch for judgements and imagined/projected reactions you think other people will have to you. This is a soul refreshing epic moment to objectively see those thoughts coming up and to see where they are just figments of the imagination not worth perpetuating with your mental energy. More room for love as the shadow is lovingly graduated into a more evolved form. Challenges maybe, but powerful realizations/adjustments and deeper ability to love and be loved in its stead.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: The really awesome thing about this weekend for you is the power of being able to see far beyond imagined flaws/hang ups. There is something really to be said about coming out of hiding where you have hidden your light. You can still be wise and find the desired channels, but at some point the world opens. When the limitations of the subconscious hit the light of your will/your love/your determination, they change forms in the light. Listen to what is bothering you – it is an invitation… you will see the better side!

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