Venus Depressive


Venus square Saturn transits (where we are currently, with Venus in the very beginning of Virgo and Saturn at the end of Scorpio) can manifest as depressive. Venus square Saturn is not always that into free time as a space to relax – free time is just another series of moments to stare at the wall and wonder what we’re doing with our lives. ‘Free time’ during Venus – Saturn transit better be like time at a resort, somewhere specifically *structured* for enjoyment. A well-planned party would do it.

The Venusian aspects of the transit are felt almost more through structure, or in relation to structure. Hard work paying off can be a theme of Venus Square Saturn – since the square is like a collision, you can think that if you do one (Venus or Saturn) you will meet the other.

It’s not just about staying busy for the sake of it either- but it’s more about feeling pleasure through industriousness, feeling that you’ve structured your time to support your values. Overworking could also create depression. It’s just a matter of how the life structure (Saturn) relates to what you value. When they don’t align, the depression tones of Saturn kick in, like a message to take a look at what isn’t working.

Venus – Saturn, though, is good support for planning and getting serious about vision, ideals, and values.

How are you holding up? Working? Ennui? Feeling the fusion of love and work like a boss?


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    Rachel Fishman
    July 28, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    So I definitely think that these health issues that have been popping up in the last couple months are due to Saturn creeping back into Scorpio talking to me about things in my life that I can’t control…but in a way I can…by taking better preventative measures in my health so that issues like this don’t seem to pop up out of nowhere. They have taken away my energy, motivation and focus. A Tarot card I have been getting quite often in my daily card pulls has been the Page of Cups. There is my Venus Rx, telling me about the creative re-birth, renewal and reset to come. Allowing me to use the time to recover not only physically, but mentally thinking, planning and preparing for the creative reboot.

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