“Love Is Not A Thin Line You Need To Walk”


With Venus retrograde just about to leave Virgo and go back into Leo, this came my way and it feels good to share:

From Alice Frank, poet:


Love is not a thin line you need to walk.

If you are holding your breath, sucking in your tummy, or walking a line,

You have been pulled over by the cops while intoxicated. And, while perhaps drunk, you are not in love.


Rather than a tight rope,

Love is a floor, beneath you, unconditionally expansive.

It is the foundation of your very being.

Stop juggling behaviors and

Gracefully exit the circus.


Poem found from the entry titled “UNDER a WEAR e n e s s .

Isn’t that a good Venus in Virgo insight? This is a placement that promises a lot of mental processing. But it doesn’t need to be processing relative to self-worth or not — self-worth can be a given.

(Image – artist unknown, except that it was a Wyeth Laboratories ad. It feels like something apt to find on my tumblr feed when the Moon is in Aquarius/Venus in Virgo.)


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