Weekend Horoscopes July 31 – August 2, 2015

July 31 – August 2, 2015

The horoscopes this weekend are extra long because of all of the exciting astro… enjoy!


Aries/Aries Rising: You get the amplified Venus in Leo rx for it coming into your solar house of romance – the retrograde part makes you feel or appear a little rebellious, a little bit like you don’t care… which is not the truth. You care about what you care about quite a bit – but are not making grand appearances otherwise which turns out to be part of the allure. The Full Moon is a great think tank for any of your projects that are related to your becoming, whatever it is you do to step into your truest self. Leading with your heart is easy – you’ve been here before, you have the information and of course the courage. Watch for self-judgments. The more aware you are of the ones that are surfacing now, the easier it is to realize WHY they are on their way out.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: A lot of your outer work – in relationship especially – is now moving forward and fueled by an inward gaze. Confrontation of the self is a good phrase for it – really getting into the depth and mystery. Each encounter you have with others that brings up some kind of judgment, disharmony, etc… can easily be softened and let go of through the active heart. Venus retrograde does not mean anything bad – on the contrary this is a magical time for the truth of the heart to come out. Your rx mastery comes from sitting with thoughtfully ALL that comes up, and knowing that with engaging others with it involves the element of time, tact, and choosing what is relevant for your evolution.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: This weekend brings in the start of some final pushes of empowerment in areas of your life you have not quite felt ready or good enough yet. It’s about deepening the inner-authority, which does not also exclude true humility (they very much go hand in hand) but you can knock out negative self-talk with the knowledge it is no longer serving your evolution. Meanwhile a whole bouquet of juicy, succulent, lovey ideas comes with the Venus rx into Leo. Mercury also in Leo in your house of communications trines Uranus/higher mind – so your creative explorations may yield some visions literally beyond you, yet in your realm of access, so this is a great time to make some space to be creative and to get in tune with your ideas by having the space to explore and delve into them fully.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: A Full Moon in the Soul sector for you – WOW. This is a beautiful moment of fruition and also of excess coming to the surface. The key is that certain downloads and realizations you receive may challenge what you’ve solidified and created for yourself to stay stable. So consider a radical perspective on what comfort means. You are always home, and the Universe is always providing for you. The initial insights are worth just witnessing without feeling the need to immediately use them. The path where these deeper realizations make sense in the scheme of what you have already been developing comes after the Full Moon – the Fullness just brings into view what is the next step to integrate.


Leo/Leo Rising: The Full Moon can bring you into a lot of perspective regarding current desires and ambitions, dreams, etc. The choice where there is indecision will seem clearer later into the weekend. If you are being called to do something new – somewhere you’re not quite sure why you are motivated to head, but here the calling is thumping in your heart — the courage and sureness taken into the unknown can unlock what is like a deeper reverence for all things. Ultimately you are empowered to make the most out of life and to follow your true calling, and life is always just about aligning and adjusting to that calling. This weekend supports healthy courageous change.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: The Full Moon occurs in your solar house naturally associated with Virgo. Very much a think Moon. The potential for the most grand of sentiments to enter the landscape of the daily life is exhilarating, yet the Moon filters the experience objectively enough to glean information from it. Watch for the ways that symbols and synchronicity that appear speak to an entire flow of beautiful creation unfolding for you right now. Your ruling planet Mercury is linked up to Uranus this weekend – think evolutionary insights and epiphanies that may bring something to the surface and/or allow you to step into greater expressive and creative empowerment in a place where you had before been more dormant for whatever reason.


Libra/Libra Rising: You are inviting more resonance into your life the more you step into following your passions and allowing yourself to fully individuate within those passions. With Saturn turning direct, a few last themes in your house of relationship to the self – inner Venus – come up, while Venus rx encourages you to engage in your most radical of personal/creative objectives — the effect this can have is that if you do the self work of defining (if not first constructing) a personal value system to align yourself to that matches with the values of your work, you can find extra resonance and luck in the world of attraction and money. If you feel the harmony, it exists. You embody it, and others will come to the sound.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Great innovation this weekend comes from getting the alignments within that you need to be back on track with yourself. The conditioning of time, even just the last month, is ready to be examined. The insights can come in the form of advancements in personal awareness where before you were pushing for results externally. Saturn going direct in your sign Sunday means that you will have the opportunity again (reminiscent) to take sturdy action that is necessary or important in some way. With Venus Rx in the house of Saturn, looking at how you structure your life is also assisted… as is amplified the impulse to take your plans in a new direction that reflects what has changed, what has been learned.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: The Full Moon brings a harvest of information relative to a vision or philosophy you have been putting in motion so far with the Leo cycle. Watch for a LOT of expansive information to enter your sphere. The Venus Rx into Leo will support a re-examination of value systems tied into greater philosophies – keeping a notebook or some other recording device on hand would not be a bad idea this weekend, as the channel is OPEN intensely and can be vaster than what can be contained by ordinary memory. Consider it a blessing and an auspicious happening if you come across symbols or information that show you there is far more to the story than you originally thought.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: You can just be getting comfortable and settled into all of the things that aren’t comfortable to you – the unknown, the moments of disillusion – all like embers that can once again ignite the soul, when you can see that fractures are just places that let the light in. There is an ability this weekend to be very objective about what is occurring for you right now. Look to what depths you are called to individuate within – you have by now with Saturn having completed a round through your Solar house of innovation and triggering it again, seen how you can align yourself to a higher set of values according to the ones that call you most urgently within. The objective of any struggle is not the struggle itself, but the gold that is reached in the process of facing the dark.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: The Full Moon in your sign can come as a really strong call to bring back to your current endeavors a sense of what you need and want as an individual, where before you may have been more concerned with the impressions it was making on others (hey it happens even for you, in Leo season). The reminder will just be to continue doing your thing and being yourself, and that you will attract and meet resonant people. Saturn direct signals a final push for overcoming limitations in the form of psyche structure and fixations that have run overdue. To keep it fresh, always remember the outer life is a reflection of the inner – take it *personally* by owning it, finding the soul jewel, dusting it off, and moving forward again with new wealth in knowledge.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: The Full Moon adds a very spiritualized element to your process of creating stability in the earthy kind of way… there is the ‘invisible supply’ after all that precedes this visible supply. Have you heard the phrase there are no new inventions in the Universe? They already exist, and someone just pulled them from the clouds of Higher Mind. You are often called to do just that. And with this weekend Saturn goes direct in your house of philosophy. It will be here for a little while yet, but begin to see how you can apply discipline to your gathering of knowledge or dissemination of knowledge. Are you dream journalling? Writing? Making a practice somehow? Very beneficial if you do.

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