Monarch Forecast: February 2016


February 2016

Saturn in Sagittarius is in a close trine to Uranus in Aries this month. The Uranus-Saturn cycle is about bringing change and innovation to society and consensus culture, especially types of change that empower the masses. Uranus is like Prometheus bringing fire to the mortals. When Uranus touches Saturn, the collective has a window to see parts of reality it hadn’t known to exist before. The trine is a harmonious contact; so this will be a subtle influence. This is a ripe moment to begin moving forward personal and social change. The square between Uranus and Saturn will occur in 2020-2021 with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, and will be more stressful in nature, however, work done during this trine will positively impact that time period.

Earth lovers can be excited about Uranus in Taurus – as this will be a time where Earth technologies will be made more available to the masses. While this can manifest as green technologies as we tend to think of them (renewable energy), I’m also talking about Earth Consciousness; the ability for people en masse to understand their connection to the Earth as though the Earth were sentient (as it is) – for more and more people to be able to receive messages from Earth. If you have had the pleasure of speaking to plant people who are really connected and passionate, you may know some people who hear plants. Imagine that being normal instead of being considered wacky.

Uranus is not yet in tender, rooted Taurus – Uranus is still in Aries, a placement that speaks to instigation. Those who were affected by the Uranus-Pluto square personally experienced deep shifts in consciousness, radical shifts in self or personality. You are part of this category if during the years of 2012-2015 you emerged a radically different being, think phoenix risen from the ashes. During this transit we also had Saturn in Scorpio for much of this, and so there was also a feeling of deep, overbearing limitation. A lot of the instigation of Uranus in Aries came from an urgent need to start change in areas of life that are devastatingly out of balance, and Saturn in Scorpio was all about digging it up, like the debris at the bottom of a swamp. But then what? Just more analyzing of the detritus. But not anymore-

That has since changed with Saturn in Sagittarius – the planet of building and construction is now in the sign of the seer and visionary. There is finally that support to implement in a real way the changes that need to be made; the things we discovered were at breaking point back with Saturn in Scorpio. Add a harmonious aspect to Uranus in Aries and the atmosphere around constructive social change is actually electric. This is an aspect around having a vision and taking the first step to make it happen, before you are being forced to. Being an innovator before your life is on the line. Yet as soon as you do get the ball rolling, it does feel like life is on the line, you can see and taste the future more and more each day and it’s easier to work hard because your work is around something that truly lights up your soul, not just something you’re doing to survive.

Let’s broaden the definition of “work”. I’m talking about your life’s work – not your job or day job. To have those be the same thing is a type of luxury in a world that a friend recently and poignantly described to me as a world of slavery. A lot of people in my generation struggle with survival work – they do not want a job that kills their soul, and they’ll be resourceful and crafty to survive. Different from the Pluto in Leo generation, for example, who had a fairly simple time making it in the world, like getting a job was just an inevitable and easy part of life and not an existential crisis. So Pluto in Scorpio people (and eventually Pluto in Sagittarius people as they come of age) are coming into a world in which soulless labor to survive is at a height of soul-crushing and there are multitudes of ways out – yet these ways out are individual and untrodden paths a lot of the time. A lot of us are not actually in life or death situations, we are able to live well enough – yet the prospect of living a lie, or living a disempowered life feels as dramatic as death, and it’s the fire at our heels that forces us to innovate.

Saturn-Uranus trine is about the throw down. This is the time to really throw down when it comes to your life’s work. The thing that excites you. Your vision. And not to get bogged down with linear type of consciousness that feels as though one instance of failure is a sign that the job is over. Sagittarius is the quest; and Saturn in the sign of the quest means that’s where all the ‘hard’ and formative lessons are – the quest always comes with almosts and near-misses and devastations and triumphs alike I was sitting down with someone recently who was telling me that people who scoff at the Tarot or forms of divination as not being “real” are really just missing out because they have missed the point of these arts in the first place – that they are gateways to an expansion in consciousness; that they do create altered states of consciousness from which one can see themselves in vision. As Martin Shaw puts it, “We are in a epidemic of the literal”. Give yourself some permission to see your life as an epic; and learn the language of epic, the Hero’s Journey, the stages of self-discovery of the Fool, the Empress/Emperor, The Wheel, etc. Whatever cosmology (Sagittarius) allows you to view your life with a filter of added vision is a support here. You are not a mundane creature. The mundane is artificial. Nature, itself, is a sweeping and glorious masterpiece and we are part of that.

How Uranus in Aries plays into this is that there is an acceleration in courage and the ability to set off on the path of the unknown. Aries is not brave because Aries knows all the risks and has calculated them, Aries is brave because Aries doesn’t know the risks and does it anyway, knowing that they will become who they really are as they go along and are tried and tested.

We may not have rites of passage or initiation experiences in this culture, maybe not ones you identified with because the concept of prom or getting married or buying a house was already a cliche and didn’t like, spark your soul. Yet that time in your life where you kept seeing a certain animal and later learned that the shamanic qualities of that animal echoed a theme that was playing out in your life initiated you into the consciousness of tortoise or eagle or horse. Maybe you truly fell in love, maybe you saw behind the veil, maybe you started having dreams that tell the future. Whatever it is, something of the wild wet Universe spoke to you directly, rather than it being something you were “supposed” to feel excited about. You really were excited.

This is the time in life to get initiated, to start getting your universe merit badges from the school of direct experience with life itself. Do it now, while it’s gentle supportive. Form your thick skin where it’s needed and your soft belly where it’s needed, too. 2020-2021 may seem a little far away (or not, depending on how you orient with time), but know that this time period is planting seeds for that one in this very vibration of Uranus-Saturn – the ways in which we allow our life structures to be imbued with electricity and ingenuity. That you really begin to exist outside of the box, but able to interact with the box’s resources and matrix. In 2020-2021, the harmonic between Uranus and Saturn will be more stressful (squaring) yet formative. And if you do the work for it now, you will be all the more fit to handle it. Think of that time period like a marathon and now is the training. Remember this is not necessarily your day job – this is your life’s work. And while your day job will pay the bills as long as the matrix supports it, your life’s work pays the bills in form of Universal support and magic – like things clicking into place, luck, being in the right place at the right time, having what you need exactly when you need it. If the Machine dries up, the money does – but your life’s work is different than that. That’s being on the path of your very Soul – and it draws from a much deeper, vaster, and more permanent resource than the kind of resource that is commonly elevated in this culture, now, today.

New Moon in Aquarius on February 8

The New Moon occurs just shortly after the Venus-Pluto conjunction of this month. Aquarius is the sign of radical individuality; at its height that is the blueprint of the Soul as it exists beyond any external conditioning. And this is echoing of course, to that Saturn-Uranus trine… that as we begin to discover our inherent individuality, it need not take us entirely away from the culture we find ourselves in. We find that we are actually a meaningful part of the whole, whose function is best known when we know ourselves and what we came here to offer.

The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, will have just received a conjunction from Vesta, who will only have separated by a degree at this New Moon. Vesta in Aries is about tending to the sacred flame that is our inner gutsiness, daring, our inner child who is not afraid to take the leap or try something new. Uranus and Vesta additionally sextile the New Moon; so at the same time that our consciousness is planting seeds for what we want to intention for this entire lunar cycle; there is support to give it some momentum in terms of a meaningful or bold first step.

The ruler of Aries, Mars, will be in a quincunx aspect to Uranus; so this is the vibe to watch out for. This speaks to a kind of jilted urgency about taking action or radical action. Some small action may be the piece of the puzzle for a stagnant situation to light up and have movement again. It will just be important to tune in with the inner motivations and make sure that you’re not making impulses without having cleared the runway. At this time there will be more of a desire to just DO something – be sensitive to what that something is. Change is wanting to be initiated – but the quincunx is a harmonic that has to do with self-accuracy. Use your wits.

Full Moon in Virgo on February 22

Neptune is in on this one – conjunct the Sun and illuminating the Moon in Virgo. Full Moons and oppositions as a harmonic are about FULL illumination of a given planet or archetype from the light and lens of the other. This is going to be a time of month where we can experience spiritual visions or spiritual illusions (always par the course for Neptune). Remember we are going to be in a feeling or watery, emotional realm, which means that a lot of the information that is coming through is going to be true on one level or plane and perhaps not true on a more regimented, linear, or logical plane. Not rational. But perhaps, deeply intuitive.

Pisces and Virgo are both about purification and devotion – Pisces can experience spiritual ecstasy in the gutter or in an ashram, yet the quality or sustainability of it all is going to depend on the structure or the practice. Virgo is where we are in practice, and also where we can become neurotic about practice. How many of you have tried a diet – either for your weight or for your health, only to discover that it wasn’t the right diet for you? It seemed organized and tidy enough, but put into practice maybe it felt too austere or too restrictive, and made you want to impulsively eat all the things you weren’t supposed to.

Our health is illuminated this Moon, and not just our health as it exists in a vacuum but as it exists on our spiritual continuum. That certain parts of the body will hold emotions or our baggage from this life or prior lives. That when we experience something that physically ails us, there is also an emotional or spiritual correlation.

This Full Moon brings heightened emotions in this arena of life. Paying attention to your spiritual and physical life and how they intertwine can bring pleasure this Moon. And where there is something that feels off; know that problems feel very magnified in Virgo because Virgo consciousness is so aware of what could be better. Take care to witness and integrate lessons that are coming in urgently (like a baby crying) – receive it as a messenger of a place in your life that is needing more tenderness and attention. Virgo is about the process – and there is healing in the discovery of how to address any dis-ease.


(Image: Julia Lilard)


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