Astrology of 11/30 – 12/6: The Chill of the Firewalker


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We see a really resourced (perhaps amped) Mars this week, as it links up harmoniously with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. With Mars in Aquarius aspecting each of these planets exactly this week, the personal will becomes a focus of transpersonal attention. The world at large is exhibiting some massive shifts, crises, and headlines, and through the perspective of Mars, we can get some downloads this week on what exactly to do about what is happening in our lives, in a way that simultaneously harmonizes us with the whole. But the process can be tense – Mars in Aquarius is not the chill of someone daydreaming and listening to music tranquilly, but instead the chill focus of a firewalker traversing a bed of hot coals.

When it comes to taking any kind of action, we are anchored to an alignment that consists of our unconscious, our psychology, and our conditioning. Mars is the tip of the spear; everything that precedes the tip of the spear is our anchor (who we are at a deeper level, where we’ve been). With Mars in Aquarius we have the ability to become detached enough to witness our impulse as an external observer; and if we go another step to gaze out to the anchor, it is more likely that we can see our deeper motivations.

It comes into focus that our will is tapped into some greater, higher lines of thought. Not necessarily “higher” as in better, but like a thought cloud ‘up there’ that we draw from. It’s just a social construct that ideas and thoughts are a purely biological process housed in the brain and are totally contained to one person. Thoughts and other communications flow freely between people psychically and collectively all of the time. You could arguably contribute to the liberation of humanity with your thoughts, without saying a single thing out loud. In Aquarius, we have the potential to pull from a multitude of thought clouds. We pull from thought clouds distilled and collected by other people or organizations such as when we go to read or study at an institution. With the collective mind, we see group think, where individuals gather around an ideal that a group is perpetuating. This can be a conscious choice to build community and solidarity, and this same archetype is also accessed as an unconscious mechanism of psyche for survival or security based on fitting in. A process within Aquarius is to become radically individuated and tapped into one’s direct connection to Higher Mind. Uranus is like a maker of holographic matrices; but it doesn’t determine for us which selection of matrices we navigate.

To start out with Mars in Aquarius, we are looking both at the anchor and the thought clouds of which Mars, the impulse, and the will, are informed. This week consider where you resource your thought clouds, all of which have the potential to empower you. Consider what your own will and vital nature is trying to tell you. Notice how your thoughts or impulses change depending on your anchor (how you are rooted and grounded) – you literally have access to different thought clouds because of your positioning within the earth element (what you eat, how you are postured, your fitness routines, sex, etc). Notice as well how listening or simply being open to your experience allows you to access more and more thought clouds ‘up there’.

Here’s our week:

November 30
Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces


  1. A belief of who we think we are reaches a moment of critical mass – it becomes larger than its container, larger than reality (no longer reality). The confrontation of dissolving an identity construct occurs.


  1. A process of self-expression occurs wherein we start to communicate with our actual essence, versus a mirage of essence. Often this comes after we have finally let go of an identity construct that was difficult to say goodbye to. Communicating/radiating one’s actual Spirit essence makes life an intensely delightful paradise & yet a poignant drama when conflicts inevitably arise.

December 1
Mars in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Libra


  1. The possibility of completely disassociating from a situation that is presenting conflict rather than to have presence with it, and to “listen” to what it is saying or asking.
  2. Being too reactive to the responses of others (and performing to maintain desired responses) instead of allowing time for unusual ideas or behavior to make a new imprint. Or in other words, fear around innovation because it is not immediately received.
  3. An assumption that one is better than, more cool, more aware, or more intelligent than another (etc.) – not listening to the potential camaraderie that could exist – and then when it doesn’t (because one already assumes it doesn’t exist and is therefore not open to the available thought clouds) it reinforces the pattern of heady isolation.
  4. Miscommunications that create a feeling of alienation.


  1. The ability to really pay attention and to hear what the Universe is telling you via your direct experience, and where you find problems or feel tripped up during your direct experience.
  2. Conflicts are actually vitalizing and fun – we may feel more inclined to speak up and be assertive when previously we would have chosen to be “nice”.
  3. Paradigm shifts emerge around conflict when we see that they are inherently opportunistic moments of growth and learning. Problems become a great adventure because the solution is a given – it’s a matter of how one reaches it.
  4.  Buoyant, joyfulness at a moment of resolution or honesty alone.
  5. Paradigm shifts around how being assertive in relationship builds intimacy rather than threatens it. It can become more and more apparent that our own process/healing is synced up with those around us, and that when we are ourselves we open up the whole Universe. When we lie to keep the peace (to ourselves or others), we are simply not being open to the greater expanses of love available to us.
  6. A new understanding of timing within relationship: allowing a new dynamic, more natural spacing between communication especially when some next level magic is introduced and people need time to integrate it!
  7. Taking initiative around something you’re genuinely really excited about inspires others. (You are simply making your Aquarian thought cloud look like the fun it actually is, which makes other people curious about it.)

December 2
Mercury enters Capricorn


  1. We enter a Mercurial territory related to constructs, so there can be a greater likelihood of the thinking “this is just the way things are” going around.


  1. We start to access some more pragmatic ideas after several weeks of being inspired, but scattered or thinking about the future in ways that’s too far in advance to really act on. Now we get more of an idea of what the steps between A and Z are.
  2. We start to solidify concepts or ways of communication in a way that allows it to be more “real”.

December 3
Mars in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Sagittarius


  1. Using the intellect as a weapon, or having a limitation in consciousness in which this seems like the only way to make a point be heard.


  1. Following an impulse because you intuitively know that it will lead to some personal growth or expansion.
  2. Fine-tuning the relationship between the arrival of a new thought in your consciousness and the lucky moment to act on it. The possibility of receiving a download in advance that prepares you to take formidable action in the moment it is beneficial to do so.
  3. Receiving an insight that relates to how to strengthen your vitality based on making a choice that is by appearance a constraint, but in effect, a source of expansion.
  4. Deepening into sexuality in a new way, such as seeing more threads of connection between partners, thoughts you share, psychic information you share, and the ability to engage in a new level of passion that comes from connecting with the innate intelligence of your body (solo or partnered). In another more literal way, higher technology of sex (Mars in Aquarius) becoming more of a real, lived reality (Saturn in Sagittarius). No need to wait for the Gods to drop the info on you though that is a possibility – listen to a tantra podcast or read a book or talk to your sexpert friends. There is the possibility that accessing tantric states has an additional magic at this time around all things Saturn – for really connecting that way you find yourself feeling successful in other seemingly unrelated areas of life, or more tapped into a natural flow of timing – being in a zen flow with time itself.
  5. Also take note, that Mars is burning through a lot of conditioning and soul memory with these aspects this week. As you expand, you also expand in capacity to deal with stuff you could not before. Though this as an opportunity, it might certainly be felt as a difficulty or shadow.

December 6
Mars in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries

These planets are in mutual reception also (in each other’s ruling signs)!


  1. Having more energy or specific forms of energy than one knows what to do with – being juiced up past one’s typical capacity or without a direction. Question of relevancy. The feeling of going too fast.
  2. Feeling really lethargic or taxed due to being in communication and close contact with things that drain your energy, especially regarding any situations of stressing oneself for the purpose of fitting in.
  3. Difficulty discerning between ideals/ideology and truth – being heady about how to meet a conflict and missing the heart piece.


  1.  A powerful idea or vision for the future enables the will to step up now – streamlining one’s process.
  2. New perceptions emerge of one’s place in the bigger picture as a member of the human collective and what actions are part of that process. The specifics may come as a surprise or seem odd, but can be really vitalizing and help prepare a person for the next step and then the next step, etc. Data and action sync.

Thanks for meditating on the planets with me this week! Later this week I’ll be giving a talk on Scorpio and cynicism, what cynicism is on a soul level and what it signifies, how we can move past it and use the cynicism itself as a signifier that we are ready to become more deeply self-aware. I’ll post the video to Facebook and send it to my mailing list subscribers. If you’d like to receive the forecasts to your inbox every week and receive occasional astrology articles and special offers, sign up for my mailing list here.

Please write in your thoughts in the comments, I love hearing from you!

~Sabrina Monarch

14095872_10154532336829312_605006490544395441_nSabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer and psychic who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys yoga, hiking and creative writing. You can subscribe to receive her weekly forecasts by email here.


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