Through the Lens of Scorpio: Moving Past Cynicism (Video)

I gave a talk this week examining the experience of cynicism through the archetype of Scorpio/Soul & how cynicism really is at the threshold of imaginative, liberating ways of thinking and being. I go over some ideas on how to accelerate the process in which we move away from cynicism and into the imagination and soul dimension of our realities. There’s a short Q&A at the end too. This is inspired in part by the current political landscape and the how we are collectively engaging in discourse about how deeply flawed our systems currently are. This is a critical moment, and it is revolutionary to be claiming our radical autonomy as beings and sharing innovation and creativity from that depth space. ?This is not at all to escape or “transcend” this reality, but to discover new solutions that we can apply to our lives.

~Sabrina Monarch


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