To Rearrange the Clouds or Watch Them Disappear


…The great Piscean insight here is that once the clouds of misjudged self-concepts evaporate, our true nature shines forth like the Sun.

One of the core mistakes here is thinking that rearranging the patterns of the clouds is a true creative enterprise in and of itself. Real creativity emerges when we can watch those clouds disappear through the progressive realizations that deep surrender brings. As an approach to healing, astrology can either serve the blue sky or it can spend hours rearranging the clouds. Both fall under the realm of Pisces/Neptune/12th house. The latter can be entertaining, and may indeed entrance people for lifetimes. But the former serves the nature of what is was and ever shall be.

-The Soul Speaks by Mark Jones, page 96

With this Full Moon in Pisces, take note of ways in which you may surrender more deeply into presence. Surrender is like a paradox, in that it seems like something is being lost or given away, but we are really more moving past veils and clouds and getting in closer contact. The things we desire are part of us, but sometimes our union with those things requires us to not grasp at them, as though a receptor within is only open to receive when we are not clutching.

Pisces’ natural sextile to Capricorn, the sign of construction and moving large amounts of energy on the Earth plane, shows us that we are in constant dynamic of creating, effecting, and willing, but that also our structures dissolve and reform. In the process of creating, may it be like a breath – there is a rhythm of what is moving out and what is moving in. Sometimes to receive what we are moving outwardly to get, we find the realization of truth and desire when we are in deep pause within.

A prayer for this: I surrender, I let go, I give into the flow.

(Art: unknown – do you know the artist?)


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