Innocent Mars


“When Margaret grows up she will have a daughter, who is to be Peter’s mother in turn; and thus it will go on, so long as children are gay and innocent and heartless.”

The Aries offense is innocent. The first sign of the zodiac makes often innocent errors in judgment when it acts from impulse, as it is oft to. With Uranus in Aries conjunct the South Node, and earlier eruptions in the last month from Mars joining the Uranus-Pluto square by making a conjunction Uranus after conjuncting the South Node… a certain theme emerges of innocence and offenses by innocence, whether we have been initiating it or receiving it, or both.

Being on the opposite side of a situation, such as having done to you what you once did to another – is not just some type of karmic retribution. Sometimes looking at it that way, like, “well, I deserve this,” allows us to experience it in good humor. But there’s something deeper beyond that. There’s a chance to integrate something from the past. Also, a chance to exercise compassion, to see that people are in different places and that certain phases are to be experienced and worked through. We can witness and love the part of ourselves that made a mistake (not that there really is such a thing, but for lack of a better word, suggestions welcome) from a place of innocence, and we see how we’ve grown. When we are experiencing karmic downloads from the other side of a situation we once found ourselves in, this is such a strange, awe-inspiring gift, like living in a surrealist film. Did it not take us some time to learn that same lesson ourselves? And maybe part of it involved too, the people around us thinking “one day they’ll understand.” But would you have listened even if you wanted to? Probably not, because you had to learn it yourself.

The other beauty of this is the gift of understanding – of a story coming full circle, such that in your memory you see yourself not understanding how your actions were causing upset in someone else – you just couldn’t understand, maybe you laugh it off, but now you are seeing something new.

If you are at the receiving end of someone’s innocent aggression – they don’t mean harm but they are doing harm, and they actually cannot understand what they are doing – sometimes the lesson here is just to let them go on their way. Self-perceived innocence does not equal a free pass. It’s not expecting that they will understand if you explain it in the right way. And in letting them go on their own way, you gave yourself a chance to learn what it is you actually need and expect from the various relationships in your life… what you accept, and what you find unacceptable – what merits a parting of ways.

And if you acted in aggression innocently, it does have a rebound, but with valuable lessons if you listen for them within.

(Quote from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie)

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