Full Moon Eclipse in Libra


The repeating story of very famous musicians who are adored by millions of people often includes early life experiences in which these figures were alienated or widely disliked in school or the town they grew up in. They were different – outsiders. By necessity, they developed their own identity and emerged from the limiting social group by following their impulsive sense of destiny, and at the end of it, they find themselves loaded with public approval and accolades after all. Had they just engineered a way to hack their social environment to become liked, they wouldn’t have launched. They would have been stuck.

This Full Moon in Libra on April 4 occurs in tight aspect to the Uranus-Pluto square and the nodal axis, so it will highlight for us where we stand with the changes and shifts that have been occurring. Chances are, things aren’t making it easy for you to stay stuck. You’ve been riding these changes out and discovering your authenticity along the way. You’ve been supported to make changes that align with your path, and anything other than that is excessively difficult. Systems and relationships that don’t function were/are at breaking points (Pluto in Capricorn). This Full Moon offers opportunities for emotional integration of the events that have occurred. You may notice or may have noticed already intense dreams that are processing through the dramatic events either of late or within your Soul memory (or both at the same time).

Full Moon is exact April 4 at:

Los Angeles: 5:05:33 AM PDT

New York: 8:05:34 AM EDT

London: 1:05:34 PM GMD

Tokyo: 9:05:35 PM JST

The separation stage/the launching stage (think of this as Aries, also Uranus in Aries) in which one leaves the familiar path and initiates a new path, can bring a temporary solitude. For those of you who are here: before imagining that it will always be this lonely when setting out alone, think of yourself as simply on the new threshold. At the new threshold, you’re the new kid. Your future, solid, best friends are sitting at a round table, having drinks and sharing stories and laughing. But you are at the first stage of the journey, just building your own story which in time, you will be sharing with others. But you have to make your own way to have something to share.


(This came up on my newsfeed on Facebook while I was working on this… so perfect!)

When your gifts for peacemaking or accomodating are turning into a penchant for self-sacrifice, that’s the time to invoke the inner Aries. You do you – and the friends who see you (not just what they want to see) will appear. You’re not just doing your own thing because fuck everyone else, you’re doing your own thing because you know you thrive on and need relationships, but to attract the resonant relationships, you have to be in your element too. Also, you do your own thing because you’re in charge of your life, no one else is. Allow your relationships to vibrate with your destiny, rather than compete with it. Find what you are seeking from others within (where it does live, in greater abundance than it can be supplied from without) and it will be magnetically attracted to you. You have the power because you are. (“I Am”) <— whatever I wish to be.

Use this Full Moon Eclipse to visualize how you are going to engage with the world from a place of authenticity. What is ripe for you right now that requires nothing more than just taking a first step toward it?


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