Mojo Shift Via Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo


(The Potter Of The World by Bhajju Shyam)

Pluto goes direct tomorrow and Mars (lower octave of Pluto) enters Virgo. Both are in Earth signs and we can think of Mars as the instinctual or more impulsive executor of Pluto’s deep-seated desires and compulsions. Pluto retrograde, and recently the slowing and re-stationing of Pluto has had us look deeply at our internal motivations. The more that unconscious matter is made conscious, the more diamond-focused the will is, not diffused by forces it does not seem to grasp or understand…

To new momentum in the realm of manifesting desires on the Earth plane a la Pluto in Capricorn & vitality in Spirit while doing so. With Mars in Virgo especially, we are being asked to keep showing up. It’s not about things happening magically for us, but we are certainly MET at our efforts.




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