Pluto Retrograde Visualizations


Pluto Retrograde

+ Noticing the underlying motivations in others —> but then noticing that perhaps it is a projection of the self after all. Taking a moment to observe internal judgments and perceptions not as the truth necessarily, but as an opening to the internal landscape.

+ The internal landscape is made of fertile soil, it grows what we plant but also grows things unconsciously. There are two basic types of unconscious “plants”-

1. The ones that feel right, instinctive, propelling us toward where we want to be

2. The ones that don’t serve us/block us/inhibit or clutter us

When we touch root with the first kind, we move forward in that discovery. There is a feeling of empowerment, or maybe a deep sense of peace. When we touch root with the second one, we are confronted with the choice of change, and the ease of that change is up to us.

+ Noticing where our lack/discontent is and/or receiving returns on what we have desired in the past. Where there is lack, tend to the self with love and tenderness. Imagine the internal/external spheres as mirrors. Each have influence over the appearance of the other, however, we are the captains of the internal world. Pluto in Capricorn does like authority in the world, but what kind of boss or manager would you work with or would like to be? The one who is accountable for their own self, or the one who turns a blind eye to their own shadow and thus projects it onto others?

+ When plants are not looking so well, the gardener discovers what it needs. The internal landscape’s soil is perfect for growth. Every time we check in with ourselves we are tilling the soil. It is responsive because it is as alive as we are. The cultivation of our bliss, desires and dreams is readily available, we only need to go along with it/support it/allow it.


Top photo: “Character of the World” by Brooke Shaden

Pluto went retrograde yesterday and will be in retrograde until September 24, 2015.

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