The Taurus Epic


A repeating Taurus Epic is the one of RAGS TO RICHES.

Far from being superfluous or simply materialistic, this particular quest is one of spirit as well. To drastically alter one’s material resources in life is a journey that that takes commitment, drive, endurance and hard work. The rags to riches saga denotes a person who took serious accountability for the progression of their own destiny. When we think of it only in terms of the results on the surface, we lose the story that occurs underneath, which is one of becoming, evolving, and materializing desire. Once Taurus in in motion, the inertia of this fixed Earth energy is palpable.

A lot of rap/hip hop speaks to this story. Iggy Azalea is a great example, having grown up poor in Australia and leaving on her own “sixteen in the middle of Miami, no money, no family”. Her Venus is in Taurus, and a lot of her lyrics have to do with her love of material wealth, her journey to get to that place, and about being self-sustaining, able to buy nice things and pay her own way in life, and that she continues to work and not settle (Mars in Aries may account for all of this forward motion).

In Taurus we learn how to love and value the self – the accumulation of wealth represents, beyond the physical, a high regard of the self, such that a person chooses to adorn themselves and their environment with quality or rare luxuries.

I met a man once while Venus was in Taurus opposite Saturn in Scorpio. I had just worked a full work week in which I worked more hours than I ever had in my life. I was feeling exhausted and energized by it. He was a traveling salesman and I didn’t want to buy his stuff but I liked him, especially cause his birthday was April 20th and I had just seen the date April 20th 10 minutes before meeting him. He asked me right away if I was a Taurus and I said no – are you? And he showed me his ID with his birthday on it.

So he took me out for a drink, and told me he was born poor in the projects and that “it wasn’t his fault he was born there, but it would be his fault if he died there.” His life mission had been the accumulation of wealth. He was wearing expensive clothes and had made quite a bit as a salesperson and a trainer of other salespeople and he wasn’t stopping. He foresaw yachts and private jets/wouldn’t stop till he got there.

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