Squared Taurus/Scorpio and 2nd/8th House Nodes

In the second of a teaching series, I gave a presentation for EA Zoom Meetings on planets square the nodes. Specifically I’m looking at how the nodal axis itself expresses in the chart when there is a planet or planets squaring it. People with squared nodal axes have developed both nodes before this lifetime, and are now working on an integration between the two. I’ve noticed that the person with a squared nodal axis expresses like a ‘hybrid’ of the two nodes.

Planets squaring the nodes and squared nodes themselves have been by far, some of my deepest fascinations with chart interpretation! 

The main themes of integration for Taurus/Scorpio nodal axis is the embodiment of personal power and the capacity to exchange energy with others in an empowered way. Before this integration is reached, individuals may self-isolate and not be open to collaboration, and thus get stuck in ruts often – or conversely, individuals may be so toxically enmeshed that they are needing to develop a sense of autonomy and self-esteem. These two archetypes Taurus and Scorpio are so potent and I love talking about them and diving into their mysteries!

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You can watch the video here:

And if you haven’t caught it, the first of this series: Squared Nodes: Aries/Libra and 1st/7th House.

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