Horoscopes For The Week of August 17 Are Up


This week includes Venus retrograde trining Uranus in Aries again, Mercury in Virgo in opposition to Chiron, a Sun square to Saturn, and a First Quarter Moon in Scorpio. Then the Sun moves into Virgo at the end of the week. If that sounds like a dynamic week, it’s because it is! The FQ Moon in Scorpio is essentially the Moon moving out from Leo into it’s first juncture of confrontational energy with the Sun in Leo, this is of getting into a DEPTH orientation of how to orient oneself to the Leo frequency. This is happening in close timing to the Sun in Leo – Saturn in Scorpio square as well, so the theme of commitment is really strong, such as how we are committing to our vision and our creativity. Venus in Leo trine Uranus is helping us be light and airy in our expression, and helping us to detach from the reception, but the motivator behind the expression can be a little (or a lot) sultrier.




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