Venus in Leo Trine Uranus – Radicalizing The Heart


This current transit of Venus in Leo trine Uranus in Aries can equal shocks to the heart. The heart function (Venus in Leo) is being radicalized by Uranus. I have been working a lot with the heart and heart healing as huge themes lately, and it’s come to the point where my heart will ache when something is off, when I move out of love. It does not even have to a be a huge thing. Sometimes it is just holding a negative thought that will trigger that heartache. When I figure out how to get back in alignment with the source of love, my heart will settle but even feel stronger as a result. I really enjoy the way that the body will support emotional or spiritual intentions. This kind of thing has only begun to happen for me since I’ve been in continual practice, or made larger commitments that require adjustment and growth over time.

Going through this process has been teaching me some things that feel really relevant to this Venus – Uranus transit. I think shocks sometimes can have a way of distancing someone from the heart, but they also are an invitation to strengthen the heart’s resilience. The same way that people exercise cardiovascularly to strengthen the physical function of the heart, there must be an emotional and spiritual parallel.

I was watching a movie with my parents (visiting them currently) last night and there was a very heroic sibling figure that had died tragically. I was upset they involved that plotline at all – that they went to the length to get the viewer to feel so much love for the character only (and for me, totally unexpectedly) to have that person die. I had a really distinct feeling that I didn’t have the room to feel disheartened, that a movie was actually just forcing me to hearten up.

So cardio for the emotional and spiritual heart? It might be following the urges of the heart more and more often and, taking the risks implied with that. It might be about creativity, and making it a point to have room and space in life for following and developing passions. It’s about choosing love over fear whenever fear arises. Do you have any ideas? How is your heart doing? How do you come back to center in the heart?



(Image: Hajime Sorayama)


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    Kris Merrick
    August 19, 2015 at 9:42 am

    There is a true diagnosis in medicine called broken heart syndrome and it happens when the cornary arteries spasm,I’m a strong
    Leo and happen been diagnosed with it.Your article really resonated with me,I think ur on to something!

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