Weekly Horoscopes for August 31st – September 6th Are Posted


This will be the last week of our current Venus retrograde cycle, as Venus goes direct on the 6th. At the start of the week on the 31st she forms a conjunction to Mars. We’ve been feeling this influence already and will continue to throughout the week – there is energy for projecting outwardly our values, our love, and for sharing our heart and ideals. On the lower side of it there is also the tendency to defend one’s values or needs, so watch that you are not creating problems that don’t exist simply by preparing for them and making space for that which you actually don’t want. The retrograde cycle did herald an end to some relationships, because of a shift in values or a greater internalizing of those values, therefore requiring us to make change in our outer lives where there was a disparity. With Venus in Leo still trining Uranus in Aries, the dynamic of fearlessly radiating our heart’s truth is highly connective and life-shifting. The pieces fall as they may, but according to new, updated truth, not old and calcified obligations and patterns.

Also this week: a Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune, and Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn. See Week of August 31st – September 6th Horoscopes for insights.



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