How Are Your Dreams?


“Could Mercury in Libra explain some of the difficulty of putting things into words sometimes?”

I was asked this today and this is timely for the Mercury – Neptune inconjunct that is occurring now and going exact tomorrow.

Mercury in Libra itself does not seem like a communication barrier. The air signs are all good with communicating ideas. But add in the inconjunct to Neptune and there is an element of difficulty in translating. Mercury is the function of language and communication that is data-oriented, such as being able to look at a chair and call it a “chair”.

Neptune is reality as it actually is, reality as you would say behind the veil. Neptune also corresponds to any illusions that are held as what that ultimate reality is, and so is at the same time a force of deeper connection and also of obscuring connection by associating Source with something else.

The inconjunct aspect speaks to adjustments, and becoming in greater alignment (through crisis sometimes, or other times just something feeling off).

Neptune also corresponds to dreams (and altered states of consciousness, but that invites us to wonder if the daily social life is really an altered state as well?). I’ve noticed the last week I’ve been having dreams I can’t translate upon waking but I’m left with feelings and impressions. Tonight I was speaking to someone who was explaining her dreams of late and it was only her articulation that reminded me I’d been experiencing the same. So it’s led me to reflect that had I not heard this feedback from people around me (Mercury in Libra), I would not have made these connections.  With the current alignment of Mercury and Neptune, it seems that dialogue and talking to other people is a particularly fruitful way to come into greater contact with articulation of elusive themes that are playing out currently. People are attracted to us or we are attracted to them in timely ways. There is something like an invisible thread pulling us to explore what the other has to offer.


(Art: RLon)


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