Neptune Retrograde is a Good Time to Dream

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This Neptune retrograde coming up (June 12) is a great time to go deeper into dream explorations – starting and keeping a dream journal, asking for guidance in dreams.

Neptune retrogrades are not frazzling like Mercury retrogrades can be at times. Neptune retrogrades are softer, and the most potential drawback is simply the experience that would come out of resisting the truth – wanting to hold onto an illusion once it is time to let it go. Experiences of disillusionment are possible, but disillusionment is¬†ALWAYS followed by a deeper sense of meaning in the next phase. We all know that just from looking back at our lives and seeing how there have been times where we’ve really wanted to give up or have felt hopeless, but then these times passed and in most cases, were replaced by deeper knowledge and understanding.


(image: Hiroshi Nanomi)

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