Week of June 7 – June 13 Horoscopes – Info on Neptune Rx!


Week of June 7 – June 13 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: This week is as good as any to stop identifying with words and ideas that limit you. What you want to do is actively construct the language that will help you in accomplishing your goals and taking actions that represent those goals in smaller pieces. Write it down – draw it out – and see it all from a distance, as in, time is part of the equation too. This Neptune retrograde for you pertains to where you are coming from – what your instincts and impulses are originating from. You may think about connecting the dots back to a more spirit-oriented origin of why you have these dreams – and meditate on ways to connect your actions with a sense of connection to All.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Embodiment – there is a connection between the way you comport yourself (i.e. posture, body language) and what you draw into your experience. The urge for regality is here. All of the nice things, the wealth, the ample room to thrive. Mercury now goes direct after being retrograde in your house of resources – at the beginning of your week, take account again of where you are at and where you want to be headed, make a plan, and let the Mercury direct wave take you to that plan, along with Neptune retrograding through the house of higher mind. This house is also related to collective consciousness – and this Neptune placement can bring you closer with many people.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: Your planet goes direct this week. What a relief. It does not go direct before, however, you have a chance to download a new outlook on how you are executing your ideas, to add some oversight to the impulses. In a way you have been connecting the dots backward – and this is helping you move forward more solidly. Next place for psychic revision is Neptune retrograde moving through your house of career, also associated with the structure of time, order and authority. This placement supports really well structures built around values systems relating to service and love – more specifically, there is not needing to be a separation between your work, and the way you are in the world, and your spirituality.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: This week you are thinking a lot outside of yourself. People, society and its values, governments, systems of thought, – they are helpful in your process of discerning their values and bringing back to yourself what you need to hear or know. This week is good for those kind of travels. There are things to be seen and not missed out on! Neptune retrogrades through your house of knowledge. You may even be returning to some Universe-directed travels that connect you to things you hadn’t formed full connections about the first time, but when a pattern appears, you will know it better.


Leo/Leo Rising: In the particular lies the universal – you are bridging this gap closer and closer. When you lack understanding for yourself, you can look without and see what it is that is surrounding you and this will help you make the connections. And when you want to understand others, you understand yourself. When there are discrepancies, it just means you are in separation from the network. Get amongst the network – it has vision for you! Your deepest inner experiences draw close to the experiences of many – Neptune retrograde is in your Soul house – the place of transformation and depth-seeking. This is where you may examine the spiritual sustenance you are in exchange with or not – and to look at who and what you are merging energies with, and also what you are able to provide for yourself so that you are not overly yearning but in harmony with what can be offered now.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: A romantic shift has begun for you (partnered or not). Venus highlights your house of Spirit, while at the same time Neptune (spirit) retrogrades in your house of relationships. Relationships can be taken to higher levels, forgiveness of others can occur where grudges have taken root, and deeper ways of loving people (unconditionally – which in no ways means martyrdom. Separation can occur if necessary, but the point is loving without attaching security to the other person). As with any influence, there can be lower/higher expressions. Lower expressions would include codependency or seeing one’s spiritual sustenance as only provided through a person. You are choosing the higher road of Spirit, and allowing relationships to follow suit.


Libra/Libra Rising: Your well-developed thoughts and ideas are of inspiration to others capable of igniting sparks. It’s all about what you find to be true and what you know directly – that is what is exciting for you and for those around you. With Mercury going direct you have all the more energy on your side to communicate and move forward on the discoveries that are unfolding right now. Neptune retrograde through your sixth house can help with spiritualizing your work practices and your habits as you are developing sensitivities to how your habits and ‘mundane’ activity brings you closer into alignment. The details matter – you will notice improvements.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: After a lot of things to do outside of yourself, out in the world, etc… you have a moment to focus inward again and regain equilibrium that will only help you in what it is you are seeking to accomplish. With Neptune retrograding in your 5th house, you are becoming so aware of how much creative influence your thoughts, prayers and affirmations have in a real sense. So much is possible, you nearly only need to think of it in detail and know in a defined sense what it is you’re aiming for (which circumvents any possible Neptunian confusion). Then download the plan, which will come to you the more specific you are on your end, as you subconscious/deep self can solve problems better when a specific question or task is named.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: The week begins with ample opportunity to access information that is just what you need to know so follow your inquiry-based impulses please! You are feeling generous about sharing this information as there is really an enjoyment to having people excited about the same things as you – you share your ideas in entertaining ways that invite people to see things the way you do – it’s about the fun of it. Improvements can be made now to spiritualize the home environment so it is more of a sanctuary that invites in more easily that which you are seeking.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: The functionality of your work life benefits from Mercury going direct this week… loose ends have been tied. Neptune retrogrades in your house of communication, but this is not like the Mercury retrograde – this is more about reviewing the spirit underlying your ideas and communications or it could be a matter of a yin phase spiritually where you access more information through dreams or meditation, and any flimsier ideas you have assigned truth to will be up for your own review in exchange for new perspectives and deeper connections to Source.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: In the background of what is a romance packed month for you with Venus in your house of relationships and a packed house of romance – this week Neptune retrogrades into the house that defines your relationship to yourself. What your values are. While at the same time, your experiences with others can be heating up (in a good way)! Altogether this can be really healing. A psychic rewiring (a la Neptune retro) during good times rather than bad ones. The other way it can work out is that the Neptune retrograde helps you let go of negative self-image or negative self-values that are blocking you from attracting the right friends or lovers. Overall, it is a good time to transcend stagnant energy.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Mars in the home sector is not always easy – that’s the place you want to feel secure and relaxed. But with Mars there, conflicts may arise as a necessity to sort out tensions between differing value systems. Relationships that can withstand the truth spoken are supported – results may be very quick too. But relationships that are struggling may not withstand the very personal Mars energy here. At the same time with Neptune retrograde, you are examining your impulses. Some feel worth it and there is enough faith to trust and leap – and other times your intuition says it is an impulse to let go. Think of your actions and how they vibrate on the spectrum of fear versus love. Fearful impulses can be dismissed easily, and love takes it place. Love will also guide your positive instincts.

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