Depression Through Scorpio’s Lens


“I invented myself, Lady Gaga—I curated my life to be an expression of my pain. This is how I overcame my depression, is by creating somebody that I felt was stronger than me.” – Lady Gaga, Moon in Scorpio

Besides Saturn returning and doing some serious truth-talking (Saturn in Sagittarius), Lady Gaga is also having a Chiron transit right over her Mercury in Pisces – which creates an ability for her to be a messenger of healing. Can you get more Mercury-Chiron-Pisces than this picture?

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 3.34.02 PM

Pisces takes Unity Consciousness from Aquarius (which can become a subculture, and therefore, not unified with ALL) a step further to “I am you.” (Watch the video from her Emotion Revolution Summit here.) So she’s going over her process through depression and revealing more about herself on a personal level so that she can empower people… right on Gaga.

Depression through the lens of Scorpio makes me think that the Soul (deep Scorpionic waters) itself KNOWS what it is before the ego-consciousness does. The Soul knows it is going to be famous or knows it is going to be a major player on the world stage… (and at least, the person knows the desire) and so I think when a person is not yet where their Soul knows they are headed, they can feel terribly closed in and depressed because they are not in their truth yet. And it can manifest as a mysterious depression, but the Soul knows (and then we know, if we listen). Lady Gaga is also a Pluto in Scorpio – and we find in Pluto, but in this position of all Plutos especially, growth that comes from revulsion or dissatisfaction where one is at. We want so much more. And we tend to become ourselves along the way of discovering how to get the thing we were wanting. Scorpio is all about merging: the closer we come to getting what we want, we could say we are actually just closer to discovering it within us. When the magnet is strong enough (within), the desire is realized.

So depression in Scorpio’s land is a gateway. It’s the threshold – a certain kind of stagnancy reaches the point of agony, and something from deep within must emerge.



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    November 7, 2015 at 7:00 am

    I loved this post immensely. I haven’t watched the video u linked here, but shared another one on my Facebook timeline recently that was amazing.

    An interesting synchronicity is that someone dear to me also has Chiron retrograde conjunct her Mercury in Pisces just now, although she has Pluto in Libra, not Scorpio. Perhaps a similar healing is unfolding.

    Thanks again!!

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