Is Trust A Commodity?


The Moon is in Scorpio and I was reflecting on the ways we talk about – and build stories around – trust. We “have” trust, we “lose” trust, we “gain back” trust. Scorpio is the archetype through which we exchange energy and exchange power, and to do this involves some amount of trust – and when these exchanges fall short of expectation, the experience of betrayal or “loss” of trust is possible.


Taurus, the polarity sign of Scorpio, is about material possession, and Scorpio is about psychic possession. The arch of Scorpio includes identifying with higher frequency sources of power so that ultimately power is not something we give away – it’s just something that we access and can share.

Trust, and issues around it, its loss, betrayals, could be more heartily experienced, I wonder, if it was a verb and not a thing. “I trust”, “I am trusting” — and using the Taurus polarity to assess self-value in the situation, i.e. not giving away trust in departments where it’s not a good idea. Like trusting someone else to make you happy, or trusting someone else to never do something you would count as a betrayal. The more we show up for the Taurus dimension of life – building a love connection with the self, the more the external world shows up wanting to connect (Scorpio). And the deeper our roots are with what we value and what we want, we can make positive decisions about how we exchange with others.

Also looking at the other fixed sign, Aquarius, put them all together and… on a side note-


When there’s no actual security that trust can be honored or not, it’s not a hook any longer (a conditional form of love), but just a gift. Vulnerability. Scorpio forms a natural square to Leo – the sign where we engage the heart. When you’re in deep, Scorpionic, about anything, love and vulnerability takes courage. It also takes courage to be the gentle, regal lion about it, and not the raging, offended one ~ except when that is the case, you end up engaging the Scorpio realm too, of psychic death and rebirth. You could not trust again forever – or things could change, as they do.

What do you think? Would trust be more reasonable… empowering… more of a process, if it were not a commodity?


(Top image: Bart Nijstad)


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    May 20, 2016 at 7:36 pm

    Trust as an action word is so much more fluid, it gives it the opportunity to change, as things often do. Rather than a possession that once gone is gone forever, or just randomly shows up at the doorstep again, or returns because the other has done something to “Earn” the trust.

    I think you are spot on.

    ~Scorpio rising

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