May 23 – 29, 2016: Love Under the Radar


This week Mars and Venus form an opposition – a rarer aspect between these two planets that is now occurring due to the Mars retrograde in Sagittarius. A few days after the opposition of Mars and Venus, Mars will retrograde back into Scorpio. Whatever polarization that is occurring in relationship comes to a head, and some kind of inner-change must be initiated as Mars descends into the realm of the deep Soul – while Venus plays on the surface lands.

(Image: Artemis [detail] by Violet Adams)

May 24

Venus enters Gemini: 2:45 AM PST

At the moment Venus enters Gemini, it will be forming an inconjunct to both the Moon in Capricorn and Juno, goddess of Soul contracts, in Scorpio. The Moon and Juno will be sextiling each other. This formation is called a “yod” or the “finger of god”. When this aspect forms, the energy and momentum of the transit is being pointed toward the apex planet, which in this case is Venus (and the Sun and Vesta). See:

Venus Yod

When a planet enters a sign, we can look to the existing backdrop to see what the whole transit will be flavored with. So even though the Moon transit will be ephemeral, changing sign within a few days, this imprint means something for Venus in Gemini this cycle.

The Moon in Capricorn and Juno in Scorpio sextiling like this speaks to a potential for a deep commitment. Venus in Gemini is a very light energy, not necessarily loyal or fixed on one partner or one outcome. While the Moon in Capricorn seeks security through a clear structure, and Juno in Scorpio wants intimacy through deep, interwoven connection, neither of these energies work easily with Venus in Gemini, who cannot really be pinned down. Elusive, contradictory messages in the love realm, if we look at it from the point of view from the Moon in Cap’s M.O. or Juno’s.

However, the actual ability for the Moon in Capricorn and Juno in Scorpio to work together comes from focusing on Venus, Vesta and the Sun in Gemini. The Sun is greatly heating up these energies, so there may be a lot of extra light burning up the issues at hand. Focusing on these three planets could look like something along these lines:

1. Identifying the ego’s stance on a particular romantic situation or question of value about the self or others and being open to flexibility or adaptability on what is actually available at this time, without attachment to that being true.
2. Not needing external validation for one’s ideas – finding the place where enjoyment is intrinsic and one’s essence can be radiated out and inspiring to others… no permission needed.

When Venus is in air signs, connection happens through the intellect and through conversation (versus water, where it would be emotional closeness, or fire, where it could be a shared vision).

From Venus’s point of view, entertaining the idea of commitment or of extreme soul-merging intimacy is just not that comfortable or exciting for her. If that IS what you want, see if you can put those ideals aside in favor of lightness, chattiness, maybe even… small talk? Connections with strangers. Exploring the network. Exploring new ideas. Finding something that fascinates you. And if you are happy just going along, breezily, from one amusement to the next – don’t be too surprised if it seems to evoke the fascination and attention of others around you.

Venus in Gemini opposite Mars in Sagittarius: 7:38 PM PST


(Image: Marina Abramovic)

Now Mars in Sagittarius opposes Venus in Gemini from 0 degrees each of their sign – for a sliver of time (until the 27th) the opposition will remain in naturally opposing signs, until Mars retrograde retreats further back into the sign of Scorpio. So let’s just look at that picture for a moment:

The active/masculine dimension of love and relationship opposing the receptive/attractive/feminine dimension of love and relationship (energy, not gender specific in terms of human gender). Politically this will be interesting regarding conflict and diplomacy. In our personal lives, which is what I look at —

The mode of chasing another person, courting, etc. results in some deep internal movement, a whole re-envisioning or re-grouping around how we are extending energy outwardly.

Any kind of ideology from Mars is deflected once it hits Venus in Gemini. And Mars feels this – the valor of what is “true” and “not true” doesn’t even matter? Whoa. So it retreats back into Scorpio for some major soul searching – all while Venus can shake it off, get on with her life, etc.

You may identify yourself on either or both sides of this polarity (maybe in different relationships). If you are wanting to project your vision of how something should go onto someone you are in relationship with, if they are for whatever reason not on the same page, it might hurt a little bit.

In general, the energies of masculine and feminine through Mars and Venus are in polarity right now, which can translate to eroticism and mystery, or discord. Bring yourself some peace by keeping an open mind and being open to receive new information, and whatever you are wanting to project outwardly, take some deep consideration about what that energy is really looking to do inwardly, since Mars is about to descend into soul-land and the like. If this is all a waking dream, what are the symbols telling you on a deep, internal level — and what changes within may be initiated?

May 26

Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius rx: 5:28 AM PST


(Image: Matthew Quick)

This is the last exact Jupiter-Saturn square for a while – The last two were March 23, 2016 (Virgo and Sagg) and August 3, 2015 (in Leo and Scorpio). Jupiter-Saturn squares are like growing pains – stop and start, the feeling of freedom and growth meeting restriction, and vice versa. Going farther back, this cycle connects to the time that Saturn and Jupiter last formed a conjunction, in late May of 2000. If you can think to any big life seeds that were formed at that moment, this is time when those are being revisited, but in the sense that what has grown from those seeds is now being broken down, and the start of something new – more visionary, is taking its place, something that has resulted from the wisdom and knowledge of this last cycle.

Right now, on a local level – this transit can result in the feeling that in order to grow and expand, there is something needing to be purged and purified. Alignment needed. Boundaries that enforce growth, rather than let our energy seep into all directions at once. Whatever that is unhealthy for us that has reached a point of excess will be meeting a strict sense of restriction – so this can bust certain kinds of addictions, even.

So, growing pains. If you can sensitize to what is being rewarded or energetically opened up for you, versus what is causing you to feel like the walls are closing in, listen to that. Jupiter-Saturn makes the road and path pretty clear, but often by going to excess and finding where those edges are. If nothing is happening or moving forward and that’s uncomfortable for you, examine what is collecting around you that you no longer need, whether it’s an attitude, a dietary thing, a belief, a habit, etc. Consider if there are any solutions that are large enough to make the initial problem irrelevant, rather than simply dealing with the problem. Overcompensation is sometimes what it’s called… but that’s Jupiter.

May 27

Mars rx enters Scorpio: 6:51 AM PST

Mars will go back to 23 degrees Scorpio by June 29, the day it turns direct. The last dates Mars was in 23-29 degrees of Scorpio were February 16 – March 5. So this initiates an energetic review of the Martian themes of those dates – think specifically to your ambitions, sex life, and any kind of undercover/below the surface operations – whatever you did under the radar.

Acting under the radar is not a problem – manipulation and lies are a different story – but going deep and quiet is part of a circular process with being active on the above-world.

This transit can bring magic to sex and other forms of energy exchange. If that’s your aim/desire and that’s not available for you apparently, then the under-the-radar work for you may be around deepening your relationship and investigation of self – engaging the energy of seduction in your life on the lower, unseen level, before it manifests above. If you’re not thinking of other people right now and are in a self-place, this does not have to apply just to relationship, it can be about anything external you are seeking to form union with such as an ambition. But with Scorpio, it’s not just a place you GET to – it’s an energy you become one with.

~Sabrina Monarch


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