May 9-15, 2016: Venusian Life Upgrades


Week of May 9-15

May 9

Jupiter stations direct in Virgo: 5:16 AM

Jupiter is the most powerful planet in the sky right now. It’s the planet of the bigger picture, expansion, in the sign of the microcosm, minutia, Virgo. So very small things are going to be blown into larger proportion. This is a time where worries can seem more intense or consuming, or, small positive changes or upgrades can have a huge, beneficial effect. See that whatever you are spending time analyzing is bringing more happiness or clarity in your life. Are you analyzing something based on an inherent sense of lack or not good enough? (One manifestation of Virgo) Or are you tuning into the sensitivity between intention and manifestation, or matter and spirit? (more lofty Virgo)

Consider the difference between figuring out what’s wrong versus studying/embodying wellness.

And because of the nature of Jupiter switching directions, you may also be switching gears in terms of what you believe in, or what beliefs are informing your choices. If you think of beliefs as gateways into the everything of the Universe, certain gates expand and other gates limit what you will access on the other end. What is on the other side of the gate may always be “real”, since we are talking about infinite potential here, but is it what you really want?

Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces: 5:41 AM


(Image: seanislewis)

This energy can be sweet! It’s a sextile which means that the energy harmony between these two planets can be accessed consciously, whereas a trine would be effortless. So, since there is choice in the matter, you can intention clearly how you want to combine these frequencies.

Venus-Neptune itself is intoxicating, high love.

Venus in Taurus brings in a more hermit-like energy, and there is good medicine in this momentary hermitage. This transit is offering us a chance to connect with ourselves more deeply and open a channel for deeper compassion and unconditional love in our lives. A lot of people have an easier time giving to others than they do to themselves, be it because of self-image or the social conditioning that self-love is somehow frivolous and not with real positive effect in the world.

This transit is a chance to embody something in your energy field, a value, an identity, a look, an aesthetic, a way of life — that connects you to feeling like you are the dream. Neptune is where we long for things, and so often we are longing for something outside of ourselves, when really those qualities and feelings we find outside of us are more like dis-embodied parts of ourselves, something we can only recognize because we have it within. But it’s been so long since we’ve felt or seen it that we forget it’s really us, in the mirror.

The love magic of this transit is finding out how to be content, how to feel amazing and good with yourself and the resources you have at hand. It’s so simple, yet surprisingly difficult at times. And in its simplicity, it is profound. The vibrational shift of it is real and can be felt externally, too.

Sun in Taurus conjunct Mercury in Taurus: 8:12 AM


This transit lends vitality to our words and communications, in the theme of Taurus which relates to self-worth. The sun can warm or scorch. This is a great time to shed some light on what we do love about ourselves, and receive well that solar download. Where we feel out of touch with ourselves can come to light too, so be aware of what impulses are calling you. Do you need some more alone time? Or more time with people who share values with you? This transit can also show us the effect our habits, environment, and diets have on our vitality – so when I talked about scorching, I meant when something’s off with Sun-Mercury, the nervous system feels it. Enhance your internal world, the types of thoughts you are having even, by embodying choices that line up with a positive vision for yourself. Taurus creates great momentum when we’re cultivating positively – and it stops itself and wallows when it’s in its own dregs. Mercury enhances the speed here of which we can change our minds or adapt our minds to new values or choices that reflect higher values.

May 10

Venus in Taurus trine Jupiter in Virgo: 12:00 PM


This is just a transit worth enjoying. Love is amplified.

Consequently though, not-love can be amplified, like of the self-doubting and self-critical variety. Or maybe just a limited perspective. With this transit, watch out for laziness that translates to sinking into limiting constructs or really just a blah way of going about life. When you feel yourself getting into some kind of rut, Jupiter will enhance the drama and depth of the rut. But you get out of that by changing the momentum in some physical way, since we are talking earth signs. It can be about food or herbs (such a beautiful transit for medicinal herbal teas), something active like a change in scenery or working out.


(Image: Krassimir Kolev)

No matter how intellectually sound you are, these are Earth signs, and it’s playing out on the sensual plane of reality. This transit is felt through food, touch, smells. And it’s tied into self-image through Venus in Taurus – so if your physical environment reflects your self-image, you’ll feel fabulous. And if it doesn’t, this transit has good momentum to make some changes. It’s like having every reason in the world to be in a good mood on paper, but you just don’t feel it until you address the dirty dishes lying around your room gathering mold.

Embodiment – getting into the body – helps. Exercise, yoga. Kundalini. I like Kundalini because the meditations contained with it and the mantras are super powerful and embodied, not just mental or emotional adjustments. Venus-Jupiter contacts invite us to go to excess with pleasure, which sometimes translates to binges – but if you use the discerning energy of Jupiter in Virgo, you can go to excess with wellness. And you can’t really go wrong with that.

May 12

Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn: 7:51 PM


(Image: Tobias Arboleda)

Mercury is staying close to a trine with Pluto for the rest of this month. It translates to having depth-insights bubble up effortlessly, so basically a look into the shadows and the depths whether or not you wanted it.

So I’m saying, you could be living in the gutter or in paradise, and you still are going to be having downloads about your stuff. You just get to choose how well you are resourced to receive them with grace.

The point of realizing our various false-selves, things about ourselves we don’t want to look at or that cause us to feel bad or guilty or any of those other Pluto in Cap things, is not to continue feeling bad. It’s to evolve and shed skins. If these things about us aren’t real anymore, or are like deep skeletons of the past, why validate them by embodying them?

This transit is going to be significantly easier if the needs of the body and sensual life are attended to. Mercury will be more solid and grounded amidst the depth insights coming up if it’s being taken care of, well-fed with real food.

On the external level, like for work and responsibility in the world kind of stuff, the more you take care of yourself (survival and thrival Taurus), the more you will be attracted to and connected with opportunities of moving up in the world. It can be a direct manifestation or a vibrational one, but make no mistake, you may choose a better life this week. You just have to know you deserve it.

May 13

Mercury in Taurus conjunct Venus in Taurus: 12:11 PM

Expression is enhanced and beautified this week. If there’s something you’ve been needing to say to someone you love, or express in art, that you haven’t been able to yet, now is a good time to work it out. You may also have an easier time finding information that resonates with you about something you’re interested in. Your language of choice (verbal, bodily, art, media, etc.) is a gateway into love, and lofty feelings of love and pleasure will also translate well into your language. It is Mercury retrograde – so the focus could be even more internal than you may expect with Taurus. This inward gaze is connected to a source of love and passion – let yourself receive that inspiration and psychic-love-tune-up.

Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn: 7:18 PM

This is similar to Mercury (in a Venus-ruled sign no less) trining Pluto in Capricorn, but all the more so since Mercury and Venus are conjunct. The slight difference with Venus here is that it’s more focused on the realm of pleasure and love. There’s a desire to evolve our circumstances in love, whether it is with another or how we are treating ourselves (and how we treat ourselves directly influences what kinds of relationships we attract and engage in). The focus, because it’s Taurus, is inward, about getting clear about what our values are in love. Pluto is inviting in change somehow, and in Capricorn, it can have something to do with getting to the next level, rising up. Whether this is very ethereal to you and it’s about raising your vibration, or it’s literal and about making more money or experiencing wealth (however that manifests for you), it invites us to do the self-work that allows us to excel. Effort applied goes a long way.

~Sabrina Monarch


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