May 9-15, 2016: Venusian Life Upgrades


Jupiter stations direct, Mercury and Venus conjunct in Taurus and each trine Pluto and Capricorn, and the Sun trines Pluto. So it’s a Plutonian week – which lends itself to deep breakthroughs, growth, and the shedding of old skins. You’ll meet Pluto, planet of desire and change, this week through the world of the senses, the body, the amorous dimension of life, values. And that can lead you to deepen into things you already enjoy, or realize it’s time for change and that you’re feeling pretty stuck. In both cases, there are lots of potentials for upgrades.

Though the energy is harmonious and Venusian this week, it will highlight places where we’re ready for change – the trines just make it easier to work through the Plutonian angst. There is evolution through the realm of the senses this week, even indirect, intellectual and existential insights come through the material plane with this earthy astrology. I have insights on how to embody, ground and cultivate this energy for positive impact. Read the full forecast for details on all the transits, strategies, & exact transit times (1,636 words).

~Sabrina Monarch

(Image: Grand Budapest Hotel)

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