A Breezy Walk Thru The Underworld


Pluto is currently trining the Sun, Mercury and more distantly (but approaching), Venus in Taurus.

Trines are harmonious aspects and implies ease of energy exchange and influence between planets. However trines to Pluto don’t just make for objective ease, necessarily. Pluto is a planet relating to the most intense of inner-transformations (and outer triggers to motivate that inner work). Trines are just there, operating whether its conscious or unconscious. So the ease of a Pluto trine is like, getting to commune with the unconscious whether you wanted to or not. It’s just there, bubbling up. And maybe it’s in a pretty form, since it’s coming through with Taurus-transiting planets.

The insights and downloads can be potent and resourcing you for your growth. Sharp, too.

So because the astroscape involves multiple trines to Pluto right now, contending with the shadow, with power, with attachment, loss and rebirth, is just part of the landscape, like a walk in the park, but… the underworld.

Pluto relates to the Soul, so this is also a time of ease of connecting with soulfulness. Beauty comes the from deep, deep places. Great for cathartic release, writing, art, introspection. The earthy energy between Taurus and Capricorn makes it lush.


~Sabrina Monarch

(Images: Jirapat Tatsanasomboon)


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