Full Moon in Pisces 2015


The Full Moon in Pisces on August 29, 2015 is a harvest on the emotional and spiritual level of our current alignment with the Earth plane (Virgo, the Pisces polarity): how we organize our lives and how we have attended to our wellness and health. With this we are going to see where there is a deeper connect between the actions we take on the daily and maintenance levels, and the grace or spiritual bliss we feel in turn.

A way to miss out on that bliss is to have not felt resonance with our practice through life. If there is a ‘mundane’ in our world to contend with, we are invited to look into why we consider it mundane. The planet of expansion and philosophy is in Virgo conjunct the Sun during this Full Moon. Jupiter in Virgo is said to be not a great placement for Jupiter but I have other ideas on this (see my video about Jupiter in Virgo here).

So can we be absent of the mundane? Surely yes! That is the route to paradise. Throughout our lives as we perform the ordinary tasks of living we are also telling ourselves stories about what these tasks mean. I have a friend who told me once that all of his actions are prayers… and “you can do this too,” he said. He explained how every time he opened a door, he could associate it with anything – inviting more opportunity into his life, making or attracting more money, etc. He told me it didn’t matter what the action was or what the prayer was, as long as the connect is made, remembered and thought of each time the action is performed.

I felt a hesitance to say that this Moon will be like a harvest of the alignment we have set up for ourselves via the Virgo function (Virgo being how we organize the Heavens on Earth, but without a personal concept of what the Heavens are, Virgo can feel very overwhelmed with Mundania. Virgo is also about the purification and cleansing of the vessel, be it the body, the mind, the spirit, the house, etc, and doing this brings it closer into reception with the divine.). The reason I felt this hesitance was because I didn’t want to feed the self-judgment that comes with Virgo and the ensuing despair with Pisces. We are free at any moment to begin making new patterns and new decisions in greater alignment with true self-worth. Any self-image that involves not being good enough or being inherently less than is simply not true, but a lot of cultural and philosophical threads of thought subtly or explicitly facilitate this.

With judgments aside, and some objectivity, the Full Moon is a Harvest Moon. Where we have been on point in our practice (Virgo), we tend to enjoy the fruits of our efforts. Where there has been neglect, a longing or a yearning is formed. With Pisces we find delusion, illusions, disenchantment, and disillusionment, all along the way to the continuing removal of veils that obscure actual truth. Beneath all of the stories and conditioned structures of living, there really is just love. A deep, vast, unconditional love found in Pisces on the other side of the arch. This Source, from which all things come, co-creates with us and meets us where and as we show up. It meets our vibration, and it meets our karmic storyline as we write it. And then there is also the element of the Tao, and the flow, and that we are not the ones in ultimate control. So it would also be an inflation of the ego (though it seems a deflation) to think that when bad things happen we “deserved” it.

We are never in pain because we deserve it. We find ourselves in pain because we’re at the threshold of new spiritual knowledge and awareness, and new wholeness within ourselves. The pain precedes the key that unlocks an unlimited perspective and waters it with the nourishment of God(dess) just behind the gate. We’re learning here that the gate doesn’t exist, and that our state of separation doesn’t either.

There is ecstasy through consciousness in feeling it all, and moving through all of our pain to transmute it, and to receive with open hearts all of the joy, the peaks, and the in betweens… all the while seeking happiness, and discovering through our process honestly what will facilitate our living in Paradise, versus our living detached from Paradise.

This Full Moon is an opportunity to embrace the truth of our nervous system. Our emotional body tells us our truth all the time. We practice ways of strengthening and maturing the emotional body so that it is not swayed by every little thing or brought out of balance by something external, but at the same time we don’t need to deny when we are not feeling well or when we feel off. This is a time of opening in which we are seeing that there is a place within that is becoming conscious of its own need for growth and spiritual sustenance. With Virgo we engage in practice and we show up to create a better life for ourselves. Pisces is the grace, the dream, the immaterial beyond the veil. Pisces is us, as we are going to sleep at the end of a full and busy day, and dissolving into that sleep with a pleasant montage of memory lulling us into a deep and oceanic realm, where we are to come back up the next morning and do it all over again. Let your actions through life be devotional and connected to the whole, and see the ways in which grace and boundless love permeates the inner and outer spaces of your being.



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    Rachel Fishman
    August 28, 2015 at 6:26 pm

    So, I can’t help but feeling this moon is like a “check-point” on my progress to some health issues I have been facing. And weirdly, mundane incidents that have happened that would on the surface seem to make the situation worse…I feel are actually signs from the universe that I actually AM improving on them. For example, I have been dealing with TMJ symptoms, jaw tension and ear problems. And in the process of working consciously to find remedies for these symptoms, exercises, crystals, massage etc…I seemed to have misplaced the bite guard I use nightly to help reduce the grinding in my teeth. Although this may seem counter-productive since the guard does help (and I do hope I find it!) I can’t help but think it was a message saying “You are in fact improving on this.” Weird! But that’s just what my intuition is saying. I think this Full Moon will be a good time to pause…consider what has been happening in the recent past, assess how the situations are being handled, what progress has been made, and how to proceed in the future!

    • Reply
      August 29, 2015 at 6:37 pm

      When I’ve been dealing with worrying or anxiety, the number 6 appears a lot (also related to Virgo, the 6th sign). I noticed your comment was at 6:26 wordpress time, anyway, and I looked up the angel number. It says ““No matter what is going on around you, keep the faith that it will all work out. Your faith makes a positive difference in the outcome.” And that reflects back to your feeling that things are getting better for your health. 🙂

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