Calendar Magic And Full Moon in Pisces Approaching


In a dream the day after this last New Moon, I had a dream I was telling someone I was going to rewrite sections of the book I had completed (but is not actually finished). The landscape of the dream then became a giant digital calendar and rewriting the book was scheduled in as a long yellow line spanning across weeks, and the major insight from that dream was that it was going to be a concurrent project, not something I was going to devote myself to singularly. That was empowering to know because I had almost thought the project was only possible if I could devote everything to it. (Jupiter is in Virgo now – so multi-tasking and expanding through simultaneous processes is highlighted here.)

Now we are a few days before the Full Moon in Pisces. It was only today though, almost two weeks later from the dream, that I created on my calendar a long yellow line for the next few months with that task. And it felt amazing to build that bridge between the image from the dream and the real image right before me in the waking life. And isn’t that what our dreams are for?

Calendars can be like a very literal form of co-creation with Time as an entity. I am thinking of this relationship along the lines of this Full Moon in Pisces, and the way in which the Virgo realm and the Pisces realm connect: the particular and the universal, the tangible and the ethereal, the daily process and the overarching dream. For the calendar metaphor, the flow of Time is Pisces, and the conscious planning and organizing of that Time is Virgo. Without the Virgo side of the polarity which maintains and shows up for process, Time can seem like this confusing force we don’t know how to keep up with or catch up to, but without the Pisces side which dreams and sees behind the material and into the immaterial, all of the busy-ness and running around from project to project doesn’t seem to align with a purpose or sense of meaning. Together they form the execution of dreams in reality.


(Gif: from The Wind Also Rises by Hayao Miyazaki)


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