Mutable Landscape – Nature Rules

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Trying to be grounded? the astrology of right now is pretty ungrounding – Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn in Sagittarius squaring both of them. Routines and being grounded are only as effective as they ultimately are: and the link-up between these three planets is like a platter of gourmet food that is supposed to be epic – what dreams, what virtuosic cuisine and culinary vision – being swiped off the table in one fell swoop because it’s not the right recipe for this very moment. It could actually feel that disillusioning and wtf-inducing. If it doesn’t function with the Tao – if it’s not with the flow – it gets cut dead in its tracks.

yet the more present you get and when you find the opportunity or meaning or purpose of this very moment, the more this astrology works to shake up old routines and create new, more in tune ways of meeting life — and how wildly exciting that could be.

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What if it’s all supposed to be a lot more fun? easy?

Saturn is only as punitive as we make or perceive it – I think of Saturn also like the bumpers for bowling, the boundaries of nature happen to be strong with Saturn in Sagittarius, and going with nature is shall we say… not the cultural norm of the moment. And I mean objective nature, beyond how it is perceived or defined, just how it functions as a force. So what gives now?


(Images: all Eugenia Loli)


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