May 16-22, 2016: Truth Bombs


Mars retrogrades are not easy – the action planet’s energies turned inwards reflects the appearance of more internal conflicts, or situations in which there is nowhere to really go or nothing to really do – but deal with the energy within. The astrology has been very earthy with the Sun-Mercury-Venus in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn (at times forming a grand earth trine), and overthinking anything has been detrimental, despite what Mercury retrogrades are typically about. Thoughts need grounding right now, and so getting into the body is super important. (With this astro, you really will feel your thoughts and inner-dialogue shift when you get embodied, versus when you are being led by the thoughts.) Amidst the drama of these larger squares in the background – Uranus-Pluto, Jupiter-Saturn, Saturn-Neptune, Mars retrograde — it is so easy to fly off into crazy parts of the mind, building castles in the air out of anxieties and fears.

So, the stress is on. These dramas continue this week with the Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Mars retrograde. The heart of the Mars retrograde (when Mars conjuncts the Sun and is at the midpoint of its retrograde cycle) occurs just before Mercury stations direct a few hours later. Expect some messages to come through then that are at the same time that the Moon (collective mood of Earth) is tinted with a sense of urgency and the need to break through limitations.

It’s a storm report this week — and the details for this week’s challenges and opportunities can be found in the full forecast here, for subscribers.

~Sabrina Monarch


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    Megan Rose
    May 15, 2016 at 10:34 pm

    So much truth in this wisdom! Thank you for the update and the reminder to go within <3

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