June Horoscopes

June 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: Though your M.O. often involves having a one-tracked mind and going straight toward that one goal, this month invites you to pursue a bunch of different interests. You’ll find your energy preserved more this way, as the variety will keep your fire stoked. When you find yourself distracted from your main objective (if you have identified one like you know, the avid pursuit of your destiny), keep in mind that the messages that come to you while you are out doing other things may be necessary parts of the puzzle for what you are aiming to accomplish as you bring it back to center. Romance is big this month especially as it relates to you shining unabashedly in your element. A key thing for keeping your fires happy and strong this month is respecting the value of your own instincts and impulses as something for you to tend to and grow to understand yourself, not to carelessly project out to other people, unless you can stay objective about their responses, or can trust them to value your ideas without being overly conservative toward them because you are pretty daring, after all, and sometimes your ideas don’t even make sense to you before you’ve had the experiences and the resulting knowledge. The more you vibrate with peace in your decisions that truly feel right to you, the easer it is for you to move. This month is great for communicating the downloads you’ve received from Uranus’s transit through your sign, and communicating = “translating” in a lot of cases.  Let your speech be for the sake of connection, friendship and building bridges between ideas. Mid-month when Saturn retrograde moves into Scorpio and your 8th house sector you will have a chance to reassess any ways you have given power away to your detriment, or ways you have been a source of empowerment, a deep inner-wellspring of I can do it & so can you. But you lead not just by your ideas or words, but by example. And it takes Time (your good friend, Time.)


Taurus/Taurus Rising: It’s been personal. Despite outer appearances, there’s been a continual process of going within, and the transits this month reaffirm this for you. The inner-world is being plumped with some color and romance, however, and you’re also coming across some opportunities to be recognized and appreciated in your element… perhaps your knowledge of your craft, or anything you’ve laid down consistent groundwork and foundation for. Also to creatively enhance whatever these longer term projects are. A lot of this month is about your personal world, and what you are spiritually/mentally/emotionally feeding yourself. The opportunity here is to fill your cup… feel joy and express it, whether it stays very internal or you share it with close friends, family, like-family. Some dynamics that are occurring for you have to do with assessing how you are in exchange with your social environment. On the one hand, a lot is happening for you on an inner-level and you are learning about who you are. It makes it so that things are a little close to the chest maybe, private. But then, mid-month, you may find yourself reassessing ways that you have been isolated in relationships by your own doing… that self-reliance kick, empowering on one hand, until it becomes a source of limitations and therefore wearying. Before fruit ripens and is so full it is ready to drop… it collects sustenance from the root. That’s what you’ve been doing and are doing. It’s not a process that needs to be rushed, but it is one that benefits from a little knowledge of what is to come – fruition. When you are ready. So, as you go about this month adorn that temple that is the self. If you come across difficulty, low morale, or bad feelings – all you really need is a breath of fresh air.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: You’re not typically thought of as “intense”, Gemini, but if there is a time of year to challenge that, then it’s now. Sun and Mars in your sign for most of the month, and your ruler Mercury in your sign ALL month point to you being Qi-ed up. Phases are ending, and new ones are beginning – so there are both energies of closure and insight after a cycle, and upstart, uncertainty, and generally excitement at the start of a new one. As the insights distill from the last phase and you enter the new phase, you are feeling enterprising, motivated and powerful. Your communications also make an impression, and are further graced by Jupiter and Venus in your natural house of communications. Gravitate (though it may happen serendipitously on its own, but it will also meet your efforts) toward ideas and modes of communication that enliven and expand the heart, and the envisioning of possibilities. Your own love language! You are feeling bold this month in general, and your sign is in the hot seat, so romance is definitely heightened. Courtship in the mood of cleverness and wit. You still may feel discerning (as the bird dance continues), and rightfully so with Saturn retrograde moving into Scorpio into your house of refinement. You are aware of what is worth getting into and what is worth passing up. Nonetheless, take advantage of the adventure phase out as it is: adventure – the initiation of new experiences based on your instinctual urges that arise at this time. You don’t necessarily know the”why” before, only after. Because of the bountiful feelings of newness and excitement, attention to self-accuracy is highlighted as something that is in your service to account for. By the end of the month you will be thinking of ways to integrate the new experiences and ideas into your life in a more rooted sense.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: It’s a magical month for you. Your best way to play this month’s energy is to take amazing care of yourself and to really put some loving and creative care into your inner-world. The relationship between how you treat you and how others treat you is so strong this month, that if you happen to be craving more romance in your life, you just become romance. You assess the values you have about yourself, what you believe about yourself, and what people in your life are mirroring back to you, and adjust accordingly – you are essentially playing the part of who you would wish you already were. Manifestation is in your court. Your creative potential this month is in redesigning or adding to your internal value system such that your outer circumstances can meet you where you are at inside. Though this particular kind of magic always exists, the links are strong and favorable this month as Jupiter and Venus transit through your house of self-values, the house of relationship to the self, and the Sun and Mercury transit through the house of Spirit, Source. Also, relative to any relationship funk that has accrued for you, the love you cultivate this month internally is meant to reset your standards and thus, what you attract, and what you accept. If you’ve been accepting circumstances and relationships into your life that are dragging you down or disempowering you, they are going to feel like they are *finishing* this month – you’re starting to sense another way, an abundance of positivity awaits instead. Insights bubble forth. Then as Jupiter trines Uranus in your house of career, you can expect your inner work to yield cosmic bonuses. Just situate yourself in its realm… know your worth, and be open to receive the blessings. The focus is very internal this month until the last week or so – give yourself the chance to recharge and plant some seeds… and when you’re ready to sprout, you will grow that which you planted. So do plant something beautiful – it’s all up to you.


Leo/Leo Rising: This month is packed with evolutionary potentials for you Leo. In your personal life, you are feeling urges toward expansion. Your beliefs are powerful, so be open to new ideas and new perspectives that broaden, rather than limit, your horizons. These urges you may feeling this month toward something new, great and exciting are the tip of the iceberg for what is happening right now. Pay attention to the details and do take action to be practical and grounded. This will benefit your adventures this month, because your fire houses are packed! So come prepared… have your ducks in a row, so to say, and then you will find that your life runs smoother. This month favors creative innovation and a more expansive look into society as a whole, it’s needs and desires, and an analysis of how you fit personally into it. You naturally fit perfectly so the more in tune you become with your deep natural self, your spirit, the illusions attached to self fall away, and the truth of your gifts and the space for them remains. The key is to merge your creative strengths with that which serves something larger (and of course, love ultimately), if you haven’t already. With Athena in your natural house of creativity and self-actualization, you have the Goddess of Strategy and Courage in your court. If there seems to be a channel between what you would like to offer the world of yourself, and the place the world has ready for you — the integration and merging is coming. A process is happening in which you are refining. You just show up. This month offers you powerful insights into the mind of the collective to be internalized and shined up by yours truly.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: The place before you formed was one of spotlight. The self in all of its grandeur, feathers unfurled in the full light of day. At one moment in time the peak was reached, packed away like a crystal and from this, another version of you formed outside around it – one that knew how to peer back within, instead of only radiating outward. Each pocket illuminated and seemingly infinite in depth. This consciousness sought to perfect what had already been created. Yet you are not to forget where you came from, Virgo. This place is your jungle drum, however quietly or loudly resounding. And it’s not the same as before; but it comes advanced in its next evolution. It is at the root, simply that feeling of knowing that you are creating, and that you are creating with the Universe and being supported by the Universe. This month the Sun highlights your career sector. So does your ruler, Mercury, and so does Mars. There is an authority that comes with communicating what you know, and showing off, essentially, all of the information you have collected over time in your field. No bravado necessary, just raw competence. There is an opportunity here to really be recognized for what you have already accomplished. Keep your integrity golden and may your heart be in your work. And if the light is too much, too bright this month in the public sphere, not to worry. This month (especially with your ruler in retrograde until June 11) also supports retreats within for the renewal of your spirit. You may initiate privacy when you need it. The home within is fertile and extra full of wisdom this month.


Libra/Libra Rising: You are the company you keep. Certainly something is osmosing. Things are set up so it is quite literally exhausting to be around people you simply don’t resonate with (but maybe have history with). So feelings of loneliness if you are to separate from the fold are possible, but it is not a sign to cave! It’s been more of a call to develop yourself and your inner-fortitude so that you totally level up relative to what kind of relationships you have. You are developing your unique sensibilities, and the more you individuate, the more you attract people resonant to your cause. There is a curiosity this month around what people believe – how people orient themselves to their reality and as a result, what is attracted to them. It’s a good time to consider your philosophies and to communicate it somehow (especially if it seems incommunicable at first – this is gold) partly because your ability to articulate large ideas is in the spotlight this month. Naturally these intellectual travels lead you to lucky, exciting, and expansive encounters when you are out meeting people. You are articulating well-thought out ideas that inspire others with their marked complexity & expansive objectivity. Whether its about your creative process or about philosophy or comparative religion or whatever topic it is that regularly enchants you, you pull the lens out so far, past the stage of separation, of nihilism and dissociation, and toward the heart of it all, objective truths that actually make people happy to be alive, when they hear those ideas and make connections for themselves in relation. At the end of the month when the Sun moves into Cancer, your focus shifts toward career and construction and fortification therein. Among it all, it is your sensitivity to others and their needs and feelings that is part of what makes you an effective leader, and if you can conceive of or design systems that help and nourish people in some way, you are ON.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Fixed water does not only mean ICE, but it means that you can melt and reform, and then freeze into a new shape. The process that is undergoing melting and refreezing right now involves your ideas and the ideas you surround yourself with. When the form stops serving you, stops being true, stops yielding the kind of results you would wish for, all you do is melt and start again. Of course, unless you forget when you’ve turned into ice, that this is totally and entirely possible, not to mention in your interest. This month challenges you to be flexible more than not, in the realm of your mind, thought processes, and the assertion of your will. This requires you to examine your attachments and their actual merits. In cutting the deadweight, what finds more fortification, more expansion, is the world of your career, also being bumped with a dose of romance. You are operating in style. There’s something robustly authoritative about your love and your values this month, if there wasn’t already. Integrity and responsibility breeds luck. That massive boulder (also kind of like a labor of love/baby) you’ve been pushing uphill is about to start gaining some momentum of its own, graced with Venus this month. Part of your own empowerment is empowering others… the information to be shared… but first refined, by you personally of course, through your own process, because before you speak, you’ve gone down the path first, faced the ultimate of intensity, and come back up, glowing like you do after a rough go. Especially at the end of the month, you only gain in levity, after whatever spelunking you were called to do.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: There are two sides to every story… whether or not you believe the other story wholeheartedly, it is here this month to offer you some perspective, and maybe even challenge you. It need not be overly combative, but the impulse or tendency may be there simply without knowing (as you like to) that it is a phase, and part of its purpose now IS to expand your horizons, even if it seems to be in opposition to you. Not only this, but this engaging exchange of ideas and flurry of mental activity in relationships this month will inspire you to learn more diplomacy and how to work better with others and how to listen better, and if interpersonal conflicts do arise there will also be support to resolve them. Another support here is to osmose the myriad opinions, ideas, and ideals of others without feeling the need to react. On the other hand, if you are looking to develop your rhetoric and communication skills with grace in real time, passionate-speed, this month certainly supports that. Then, when you take within yourself these new ideas from perhaps a variety of sources with a variety of viewpoints and meanings, they have a distinct purpose of shaping and refining your own philosophies and ideas because of the self-knowledge they naturally induce. When you speak of truth from this place of peace within you, it is an oasis of creativity and a source of light. Time is working in your favor to solidify the things you care about and hold as valuable. You are surfing the flow that comes to you when you see beyond the initial or surface appearance.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: With some of your relationships (to others and yourself) freshly come into focus, you are ready this month to dive into the next level, that being a greater depth of intimacy and abundance in your life. The next level of your expansion increases in beauty and wonder the more that you tend to the small, practical things in life. You are militantly efficient, getting lots of little things done that you need to, and taking care of things you’ve missed in the past, perhaps didn’t have time for or have put off for any number of reasons. You’re knocking it out now. Each unfinished task that gets completed this month is like an energy blockage released, structurally improving the content of your entire life like you purified the well that waters the whole city. Keep your focus on the cup being more full than it is empty, by choosing not to be overwhelmed with what hasn’t been done yet. You get to enjoy the process unfold as it upgrades. It’s about loving attentiveness, and it is okay to multitask. Also, this is the long game that you don’t actually have to wait that long for. Within weeks, the fruits of your efforts will begin to show even more than they will initially. You will take comfort and feel pleasure in the solid structure you built for yourself, and along with your steady vibe of deepening existing relationships, you may also attract into your life new energy and experiences, that just sits right and cozy with you because it came right through that well you loved up. Focus on wellness.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: Seduced with ideas, or seducer with ideas… this month is heaping with romantic and relationship potentials for you. Your joie de vivre is literally amplified. Innovative capacities expanded. The month begins and ends with some cleaning house – self-refinement – in between these two short periods is an expanse of flavorful, passionate, creative activity, and you bring with you to this expanse, any gold nuggets you happened to have sifted out from the sand. You certainly may feel like sharing, and others will be curious. You’ve been deeply receptive lately – maybe past your own thresholds at times – but this month may hold just the right energy for you to sift through and then creatively utilize what it is you’ve been receiving. Your experience of intellectual objectivity is direct, remember this. No group of people can offer it to you (they can lead you to it within yourself, though), nor can they take it away. You, and some others like you, may have had the experience of pretending to be ‘normal’ and making appearances when necessary. When Saturn retrograde moves into Scorpio mid-month, it highlights your house of career, and external, societal authority. We need new thought. It matters. It sets off other people’s ability to form new connections, by your example. Your task is balancing socially through the heart – with the transits this month, it is supported – you beam from within, and by virtue of radical authenticity, find where your way of being enhances the reality around you (and you feel it inside, too). Community. Joyful friendship, authentic exchange. All you have to do is be yourself, as you would love yourself, as you really are. You instinctively find – and are found by – the right avenues where your being is celebrated.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Yet more symbols coming your way this month, Pisces. Sponge them up. For the first three weeks of the month, you are internalizing. The new shifts of consciousness. As you are one of the most likely to know, Heaven and Hell are places on Earth. While you have definitely made some changes to your inner-compass and value system, this month is kind of like a meter for measuring what is left for you to sort through. What is buzzing around you? What are people talking about, what ideas are circulating? Your reactions to them are necessarily pointing you to insights about how to improve your life on a structural level. If you find yourself coming into contact with awesome, inspiring things that are making you excited about life, that’s the right track and keep going. Or, you are supported to initiate that path by getting yourself into the language and symbolism (such as what kind of media you consume or how you decorate your living space) that represents and induces your good feelings so that it builds in strength in your life. Anything that’s dragging you into the mud calls into question the weak spots in your fortress, i.e. life decisions and boundaries.. because you know how mutable your experience of reality is, so you’re wondering why would I still dealing with this if I know bliss exists? Likewise, you’re on Cloud 9 with how radically pleasant and aesthetically mesmerizing your life is. When the Sun shifts into Cancer, others will be especially receptive to your dreamy vibes and ideas you’ve steadily cultivated just by seeing the world through Pisces-tinted glasses. Consider your honest expression of self a service – just your being speaks to the world of possibility you have peeked into or happen to know, very very well.

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