Transmuting Your Process


Angst can be part of the process right now. The emotional body is heightened because of Mars, Mercury and the Sun all being in Cancer – so there’s that, not to mention the hard aspects being formed to Pluto and Uranus.

The other part is Saturn squaring Jupiter and Venus still. Saturn in SCORPIO – meaning the angst is more likely to resolve when you discover why it exists.

I have tended to see that with Mercury in Cancer, writing down your emotions helps you see the labyrinth of them in much clearer forms than when they are not projected onto something for you to directly look at and review. Also, there is something of discovery happening, where the emotional content that comes up is not necessarily final, but it wants to be experimented with (Mercury), to find resonance, and to give up what no longer resonates.

So don’t give up. Process through what is coming up for you with compassion. Because it is emerging, that means it is ready for evolution.

Cool synchronicity of the day – I saw an episode of Pokemon with some kids today. One of the Pokemons was feeling sick and they were very worried about him, until they brought it to a Pokemon doctor, who said that nothing was wrong – the Pokemon was simply about to evolve. And it’s not to say that the process is easy, the little Bulbasaur was resistant to evolving, and seemed to be in a lot of discomfort. But all part of the process – the next evolution would allow for literal blooming (of a flower on its back.)

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