Preparing (Or Getting Stoked) for Uranus in Taurus

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(Image: Michelle Anderst)

Uranus as an archetype is about being ahead of its time. We have until May 15, 2018 for Uranus to enter Taurus so now would be as good a time as any to reach into the future and think about this transit. Uranus will be in Taurus into 2026. What excites me the most about Uranus moving into Taurus is the way that Higher Mind will be interacting with the Earth plane, the realm of cultivation and gardening and consistent efforts over time. How nature is full of fractals and symbolism which advance human consciousness just by focusing on them. This could be an amazing renaissance of green technology and earth based economies – studying the way that bees operate for example, for metaphors into how to cultivate an abundant and harmonious lifestyle.

Uranus relates to hivemind, and the way that our thoughts accelerate in gravity based on how many beings are collectively thinking about the same thing. For this reason, I’m going to continue to hypothesize the heightened qualities of Uranus in Taurus so that we can accelerate meditation on these positive realities. I can also dissect some of the fears or harsher possibilities around Uranus in Taurus and work on those astral muscle kinks too. Being prepared for Uranus in Taurus is like having a backpack with all you need in it for a 3-day hiking trip & then finding additional resources magically in the woods because the hivemind has your back. And you make a bunch of friends on the trip. I think that is part of Uranus in Taurus’s vibration; an acceleration around feeling resourced and abundant.

I got excited about Uranus in Taurus when a friend of mine started teaching me about plants a few winters ago. That winter and into springtime we’d go on plant walks and she’d introduce me to the plants like they were her friends because they were. I felt her connection to them to be of a similar intimacy to how I feel toward planets and it was so illuminating. She’d show me which ones I could eat, and then by night I’d have incredibly vivid dreams about those plants which I’d just become friends with. She took me out to harvest dandelion root and I remember feeling like, “…this is the revolution,” as I was grinding the root up with a mortar and pestle which she had also given me. Of course there is a lot more to unpack here but it was the sense that plants and the natural world are full of messages and downloads and friendship.

When Uranus is in Taurus, the more beings who connect with their bodies, with sensuality, and with plants, the more it will accelerate this earthy love for humanity. Uranus in Taurus also speaks to me of the possibility to develop a more grounded economy, one in which money is still around as a form of currency but it is recognized more for what it is, a resource among many and one that is more illusory, mercurial, airy and receptive to our projections — and we might tune into all the types of resources there really are as well as how our concepts with how the matrix work re:money affect us. I’m working on writing more about this and crystallizing my ideas a little more.

Email me your questions about Uranus in Taurus if you have any. Let’s make this one fun and medicinal for the sweet Earth. With Uranus in Taurus, positive and grounded preparation could create excellent seeds and gardens.

~Sabrina Monarch


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