Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus 2021

In lieu of the normal weekly forecast (the exact transits were pretty minimal), I decided to reflect on the Saturn-Uranus square that is currently active and is a defining transit of 2021. The planet of structure, standard, status quo, convention, boundary, crystallization (Saturn) meets the electric, erratic, revolutionary, awakener planet Uranus. All. Year.

In this video, I share thoughts on what Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus each signify individually, and then what happens when they come together. I discuss things like somatic awakenings (shifts in our relationship with body, earth, food, etc. as huge this year) and mental/vibrational discipline and devotion with Saturn in Aquarius (becoming responsible for the mental frequencies that we tune into and invest in).

Watch on YouTube here, and see announcements below!

New episode of Magic of the Spheres!

I interviewed Mychal A. Bryan @theoraculospodcast, a friend and astrologer, and we discussed Uranian Astrology and some of the trans-neptunian archetypes that factor into Uranian astrology chart analysis – this is definitely a rarer form of astrology that I was curious about!⁣

Mychal is an Astrologer, counseling hypnotherapist, and broadcast journalist with a history as a radio host based in Nassau, Bahamas. He has studied Astrology, Divination, & the Western Esoteric Tradition since 2005. From his childhood, his life has been spent becoming an Astrologer and a modern mystic. He combines these eclectic traditions into his concrete astrological counseling and hypnotherapy practice. He speaks Spanish, studied French in University, and is currently studying German.⁣

Mychal is the founder of The Oraculos Podcast where he interviews Astrologers, Mystics, and spiritual leaders from all around the world on how they are contributing to the spiritual landscape that enriches all of our lives.⁣

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Starting soon!

Study Evolutionary Astrology with me in January 2021 – enrollment is now open! It’s always an inspiring group of deep thinkers that gather for this class. If you are wanting to learn karmic soul-centered astrology, and go deeper into the astrological craft in both an intuitive and a structured/guided way – and you resonate with these forecasts, you’ll love this live course. 

This course is all levels. Have that click where you *get* astrology at a more intimate level and can begin to form your own interpretations, or profoundly deepen your existing awareness. Learn how to read charts as a whole from the perspective of reincarnation – what past life themes have you brought into this lifetime that you are still working with? What is your purpose in this lifetime, and what helps you to evolve? Gain a personal mythos and a soulful context for a deeper understanding of any area of your life – and learn wisdom teachings of depth astrology that you can engage to empower your soul’s potentials.

Learn more, read testimonials, and enroll here. Deadline to enroll is January 8!

Need-based scholarships available for the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive: apply here. (by January 4)

Introducing a new program for alumni of the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive (a level two training)! METEORITE is an Astrological Embodiment Accelerator, a deep nine-month dive into building skill and voice as astrologers. Expanding on what we’ve already learned in the intensive, we will practice our interpretive and delineation skills, continue to explore the transpersonal mysteries of the outer planets, work with the material of our own charts and transits, and create something (a work of astrological scholarship or art) by the end of the nine months to share with everyone. Call it an initiation.

Astrology has always been so fun and magical to me but also something I see as worth being dedicated about, which means training! There are many hours that go into studying, practicing, and then there are also the attunements of how to live astrologically (how to track the transits, how to evolve your expression of your natal placements in daily life, discovering learning opportunities everywhere, etc.) – so let’s develop skill and interpretive acumen in community. This is a space for astrological devotion, and for bringing this practice into earth – i.e. materializing it and making it a reality. Open to alumni, with potential special exceptions to people well-versed in Evolutionary Astrology. Learn more and apply here.

Astrology Reading Bookings FULL: My books are currently closed, but I am still taking new clients for ongoing mentorship/coaching (6 month – 1 year commitment). If you’re interested in working with me in that capacity, send me an email at sabrina@monarchastrology.com.

With love,
Sabrina Monarch

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