Monarch Forecast: January 11-17, 2016


We are building up to First Quarter Moon in Aries on the 16th – this will mean crisis in action: taking risks, making new choices, getting on the path even when we don’t know where it is leading us, but we are feeling the impulse to, like the Fool in the Tarot first setting off on the path. As this relates to Capricorn, where we have the Sun currently, it will have something to do with not being able to get to the summit of the mountain we desire to reach unless we take the first step, unless we leap by doing something bold, engineering, inventive, ingenious, or risky. Look for clues and hints this week as to what is in development for you… and use the Uranus-Pluto square (tight again) by making space for the new.

Whether it is totally a conscious choice a la:


Or it seems out of your hands – some external situation is triggering your will:


You can still rule this vibe.

A force of evolution is change – and the astrology of this week is emphasizing that. If you are needing to move forward in life but you don’t, it tends to happen that something external comes along and pushes us. While we are always navigating both internal choice and external circumstances, being proactive about choice-making is one way to stay ahead of the curve.

The mediator between the head (the idea, the conception of an idea) and the hands (how we are to cultivate this idea) – if I am to bring in a Metropolis reference, is the heart. Strengthen and improve the capacities of the long-term affect of this burst of Aries energy with this balance by tuning into, and activating, the heart center. This is what sparks joy within you, this is your warm steady fire, this is the side of you that can tell people how you feel. This is the place where you can connect to the inner-child and see the child in others, where we are not scared to just be ourselves, as we don’t really know any other way. The power of doing this in adulthood is that the heart and the inner light can shine through and despite the conditioning that quells it. There is so much healing and remembrance in this.

Tune into the way that your boldness does actually excite and empower others when the boldness is no one else’s problem (not a projected “do this for me now!!”). Aries loves companionship and camaraderie, but Aries will go at its destiny alone. Hone the patient knowledge that you will be noticed or recognized when your heart is true to your cause, but not when your cause is distracted by lower motivations.

This week, Mercury and the Sun conjunct and both will trine Jupiter. There is much potential here for our plans to grow when we put in the work. This storyline is all occurring in the earth signs of Capricorn (Sun/Mercury) and Jupiter, so tangible efforts are required with this. Saturn/Capricorn can have a principle of “pay upfront” – you do the work before you get the reward. Jupiter in this relationship can cause laziness and neglect around tasks, an ease around distracting oneself with other indulgences which are not actually healthful or supportive for the larger picture. Track how your time is being spent and in what categories – create an excel spreadsheet around how much time you spend on your goals (or you know, something else and epic in the world of visionary micro-management). Organize your time and endeavors for the most support here. Don’t leave it murky and ethereal, don’t just play manifestion games or spin your wheels, *see* it by tracking your progress.

Venus is also an active planet this week, trining Uranus and squaring Chiron. This will affect quick, rapid changes in love life and in people’s sense of values. New feelings are coming through. There is a remembering of old wounds and old trauma – and also seeing a new way out. This week it is likely that old patterns are on the forefront either because they are happening again (business as usual… yet… at the forefront of awareness instead of only subconscious), or because something new is happening and the comparison feels very real.

With Uranus we are wanting liberation, and not just liberation from something but objective liberation. It is natural that we compare our current situation, current love life, etc. to our past. Venus is in Sagittarius heightening a sense of wanting to talk talk talk and project outward all of these feelings. This is excellent for strengthening relationships and friendships if channeled wisely. If you have a lot to say — allow there to be the supportive time and a loving vibration behind the words. It’s more important to  be having a direct experience with the nature of the relationship itself rather than to project an idealistic screen over it, and trip up over the dream.

Keep it in mind though, as well, that sometimes your truth, as vulnerable as it makes you to reveal, is a gift to others. Such as in terms of romantic advances in which you are not sure if they will be received. This week does hold energy to elevate relationships in hyper-charged ways. If you can give of your love generously and without attachment, the medicine that is coming through you will be able to felt, versus having manipulation coming through (in the form of conditional love). When you express your desires and your needs as an offering, you are being generous. When you express it as a requirement or an ultimatum, this invokes the more shadowy aspects of these transits. If you want the manna and nectar of these Venus transits, give freely and without expectation. What offerings you offer another that are not received, the Gods still hear you… (and maybe your lesson this week is about receiving! And how receiving can also be saying no.)

And, there is sexual healing vibe to this week to be sure! Get true to what you really want to let that love in. Even if you are not partnered/involved – a realization of self and sexuality can be just as healing and attractive on the energetic planes.


(images: Sam Wilde, Wayne Unten, Dans ta Guele)


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