Full Moon in Cancer & Growing Appetites

To approach the Full Moon in 4 degrees Cancer occurring December 26, 2023 at 4:33 PM I want to circle around a mood board, to start. ✨🦀✨

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You can watch this forecast (with added commentary) in the YouTube video here or read it below.

For inspiration on this upcoming Full Moon in Cancer, I looked to Austin Coppock’s 36 Faces and the decan of Cancer which the Moon will be full in (the first). He explores the fertile, motherly themes of this face of Cancer & also its devouring hunger. The decan is also associated with the very sweet 2 of Cups tarot card.

“There is the intimacy between mother and child here. It appears that the mother nurtures the child, just as the earth nurtures the seed, but there is a hidden reciprocity to the relationship. The child is an extension of the mother, her accomplishment, just as the seed is the fulfillment of the earth’s desire to bloom, the mineral lust for greater animation and dynamism.” – Austin Coppock

“Though thoroughly romanticized, the actual dynamic entailed herein is a mixture of hunger and sweetness. Love and need blend together here. Yet there is an alchemy, for the energy circulates between the two participants. It is as if the two reside in each other’s wombs, simultaneously devouring and being devoured, yet neither is depleted. It is this miracle of entwined vessels that many long for when they dream of the love that will save and strengthen them. The possibility in this manner of union can be seen in this decan, yet success in this matter requires more than longing.

This face’s magical virtue is to establish mutually nourishing relationships.” – Austin Coppock

I also think of a recent post from Cancer Sun Amanda Bucci, which resonated deeply with the Capricorn-Cancer axis on which this Full Moon falls. Cancer Suns are nurturing people, and if we consider what this really looks like in our lives we may recognize this dimension within ourselves or others as the figure who grows and supports life around them. The person whose houseplants flourish. The person whose interactions leave other people better than before.

The nourishing archetype is so primal, and not only does it touch our unconscious attachment material but it touches our hungers. Eventually, Cancerians (or our own nourisher within) learn about boundaries (Capricorn) as to not always be offering up the breast to be milked endlessly. Without boundaries, someone is already hungry, and not everyone has boundaries around receiving or taking.

The post (click here to see the whole thing):

Meditating on hunger is not without inspiration from my friend Karla Palomino’s many transmissions lately on hunger, as she leads a ceremonial embodiment container called STARVED.


she built a fortress
that saved her
then became a prison
a bubble of comfort
and control
of presentable
yet beneath
lives the insatiable
to be touched
fcked ravished seen known held in the full, naked depths a hunger so old it’s cemented into starvation that to admit it would obliterate the walls of the fortress you built the starvation that has turned ice cold resting btch face
collected cool girl
where the soft goo of your own desire
the hot mess of what lives inside of you
makes your eyes roll
makes you cringe
turn away
fcks up the manicured & polished
the real hunger
is to remove the mask
that’s gotten you far in life
but inside
is slowly killing your insides
the real desire
is to bring it out
all the way
that burning thing inside of you
because to bring it out
would dismantle every wall
to admit you’re starving
would be admitting what’s vulnerable
to admit it
change it all

are you ready?
to let her out?
& see the gift in your hunger?” – Karla Palomino

And that’s our mood board. Here are some INVITATIONS / CONTEMPLATIONS FOR THE FULL MOON IN CANCER:

  • In Evolutionary Astrology, desire is the engine of a soul’s evolution: desire (a form of hunger) literally drives us to have experiences, which helps us learn. Achieved or released desires will yield new desires (once we’ve gotten what we wanted, we want something else). Desire has been critiqued, we could say, for its voraciousness, that it never is enough, that it always wants more. But what if that was the point? That as long as we are are alive, fleshy, incarnate, organisms, we desire things. We might think of the archetypal great mother, who helps nurture the development of a child. How often do we approach our own desire nature and hungers as tenderly? Many of us have not been taught that these appetites and hungers are actually how our very soul is growing and developing.
  • It is less important to secure satiation than to know how to get fed. When we don’t know how to be in mutual relationships around our needs, we may resort to manipulative, indirect, ‘taking’ methods and really treat the resources related to our needs as incredibly scarce. At a primal level, need can be terrifying. It is possible to feel very closed, shut-down, ashamed of needs. Part of the maturation process of the Cancer-Capricorn axis is learning how to identify what we need and asking for help. In many cases there will be help available — but it is a relationship. Grabby, entitled, demanding, energy is less enjoyable for the person in the role of provider to attend to. Open, inviting, receptive energy is quite a lot more enjoyable for the provider to give to. This is not just relational, it’s energetic. 
  • To bring in the Capricorn polarity (where the Sun is) we learn how to hold our hunger or how to be responsible with it (which does not mean repressing it). Let’s remember the Libra square to both of these signs and the concept of relationship with our hungers — relationship in loving and honoring ourselves and our profound humanness, and also relationship with how we engage the world erotically (whether that is explicitly sexual or not). Austin Coppock points out this connection between hunger and mutual relationship in this decan of Cancer. If we feel undernourished somewhere and don’t know how to solve it quickly (like simply drinking water when we’re thirsty — I mean deeper hungers that are more mysterious to attend to), chances are there are relationships with the energetics to be discovered and healed, more than just coveted resources to be attained.
  • For providers — those who provide emotional support, resources, services — yes you have your appetites and needs too (for which you can refer to the rest of what I’ve written) but I would offer here that to be in a state where you have created something that others hunger for or that attends to the hungers of the world — you are in a state of abundance. And you are also an adult in the situation which means you are generally responsible for setting the tone and setting the boundaries. If you are feeling siphoned from, taken advantage of, etc. consider what your actual authority is in the situation to instate relevant boundaries. Don’t blame it on other people. This world is hungry and not everyone eats responsibility. It’s your job to have boundaries. It’s a treat when other people do preemptively. Know how to rule your realm.
  • The Moon’s full light is a reflection of the Sun currently in Capricorn – perhaps there is some realization or illumination of what hungers are relevant to this very time period OR we are experiencing a ripening in an area of our lives that took a long time to understand. Sometimes in moments of fulfillment, we realize the wisdom of the timing and the arc. It’s one thing to want something NOW, it’s another to understand why something has taken its time to arrive to us.

Thank you for tuning into the Full Moon in Cancer with me. I will have some opportunities to work together coming soon. If you would like to receive these forecasts to your inbox and be notified of upcoming educational opportunities, sign up for my mailing list here.

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