Week of August 31st – September 6th Horoscopes


August 31 – September 6, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: Venus linking up to your ruling planet Mars all week is great for appeal and romance, even if it is Venus retrograde – that just gave her more time to decide what she wants, and she’s getting ready to go direct at the end of this week but not without punch, thanks to Mars. Executing your values becomes a continual meditation – you’ll find that it’s not even scary anymore where it used to be. It’s just a playground now. The world is open to your creative essence as you share it outwardly.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Enjoy this personal fire in your belly download of Venus and Mars linking up in your solar house of home and ego – also what is personal and close to the chest – if you are not acting on your true values, it’s going to feel tense. You need freedom to be. When you are taking steps to be in alignment with your gut, you’re going to feel empowered, strong, and vital. When Venus goes direct at the end of the week, you’ll get to move over the same Leo degrees for the 3rd time – this time with extra finesse.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: There is something transcendent this week for the ego – both in its tapping up into something greater and it’s tapping down into something deeper and more visceral. Venus and Mars link up in your house of communications all week, so there is a definite power here to your words and written word, and also your ability to gather information that is useful to your creative acceleration. Your instinctive responses and desires can challenge a self-image that has been built. Run with it, a new evolution of you.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: The symbols you gather this week are increasingly spiritualizing your inner mind space. Drink this in – while you do not need to get carried away with what it “means” and you can actually just consider a multitude of interpretations and meanings, an opening is forming here that is very integrative of this last Full Moon, in that you are receiving assistance to bring more soul and spirit into the landscape of daily, normal life. This week is like a big breath in, and when Venus goes direct on the 6th it’s like a breath out – more action upon what you’ve learned.


Leo/Leo Rising: This is an innovation packed week, that will also meet you at your efforts and your showing up for it. The insights that can come through with a Last Quarter Moon in your house of innovation and hitting off the Sun in your house of rooting, grounding, cultivation and resource is indicative of taking something that has no form yet except in the mind and giving it a reality tangibly. This can be embodiment, attitude, or the start of a practice. Either way, it’s something quite new.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: Sensuality is a theme for this week, as a reflection of value and of love. There is magic to access this week by engaging in more pleasure as you see new channels bloom around you, creating a more pleasing environment around you, and finding ways to embody values. Neptune long transiting through your house of relationships has made it seem like the enchanting other is a sort of demigod. But understand the mirror; what you see in them you see emerging in yourself.


Libra/Libra Rising: This week holds a juicy Soul Moon for you, helping you to bring into yourself what resources, love, and finances you have previously perceived outside of yourself. The inner-work is just about releasing the self-image that is calcified and coming into contact with your deeper truth, which is one with those things that you desire. (Deep letting go) Your ruling planet Venus goes direct at the end of the week, to act upon new values coming to you from Higher Mind… drink in the downloads of creative aspiration and illumination.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: This is a Higher Mind packed week – you access it through your particularities, and how you organize and discern, differentiate. The Last Quarter Gemini Moon near the end of the week is also a Soul Moon for you – squaring off the Sun in your house of Higher Mind and innovation. You may find a deep realignment in surrendering your identification with information you already have, for the refinement of something totally new and beyond what you had imagined.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: This week you are coming into entirely new ways of relating to others. Maybe there was a hidden structure before, that is now becoming more apparent and mutable. Venus and Mars are linked up in your solar house that Sagittarius has rulership over – the house of philosophy and expansion. You’ll see empowerment and pleasure around engaging in a more playful way than before, more natural, more animal even.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: This week you are bringing some of your daily routines into more conscious refinement and elevation, and you may notice the way different arrangements alter your reality in quantum ways. Venus and Mars are linked up in your Soul sector, which is sexy, unless you have to clean out some skeletons from your closet – then the sexiness is deferred, but returns once you’ve dealt with what you need to. It is still a deep, powerful and meditative process to really sink into.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: The Taurus Moon midweek has a stabilizing influence for you, rooting into your identity a general calm to help shift the anxiety or nervousness of the Sun in Virgo moving through your soul sector – pieces of your Soul from the deep are moving right now, coming into alignment (as you flow) or causing distress if you resist. But you’re not resisting – its feeling good to stretch. Venus moves direct in your house of relationships end-week.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Changing your language about yourself – even just what you are willing to communicate inwardly and outwardly, is revitalizing your relationship sector. Becoming specific, and sharing what you value is helping the Universe bring you what you want, like a little kid who it’s easy to buy presents for because they have such obvious hobbies. Venus direct in your house of refinement end week = more momentum for your complex, detailed projects.

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