Astrology of 6/7 – 6/13: Full Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter Direct

Jupiter stations direct on the 9th just an hour after a Full Moon in the sign of Jupiter’s rulership, Sagittarius. When a planet stations either retrograde or direct, its influence is felt more poignantly; and the Full Moon is of course a moment of harvest and fullness of light, illuminating a thematic climax of themes relevant to the sign it is in. In the spirit of such a Jupiterian week, I’m highlighting some of these transits’ opportunities. Gemini and Sagittarius are some of the most opportunistic, lucky energies at best, by the way.

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Here’s our week:

June 9

Full Moon in Sagittarius: 6:10 AM PDT

At the moment of the Full Moon, the Moon will also be conjunct Saturn. The Moon-Saturn conjunction is balsamic phase (completion phase) meaning the Moon is nearly caught up to a full cycle completion with Saturn that it began around 28 days ago when it last made a conjunction with Saturn. Since this is the impression moment of our Full Moon, although the Moon will soon pass Saturn, I’m going to freeze this slice of time of the exact alignment and expand upon its vibration to get into some of its juicy density. Moon before Saturn is a whole different story than Moon after Saturn. Moon catching up to Saturn, which our Full Moon includes, involves the completion of a storyline regarding emotional and cosmological maturity, where the other would be just beginning anew. So what does it mean for you that some ripeness of truth, ripeness of philosophy, is the culmination of a storyline?

It would be like fitting in the last puzzle piece. Closure. The kind of grace that insight yields where confusion was before predominant. A scientist holding the same question for years until an answer is at once reached in the lab. A reoccurring dream that finally makes sense and the last time it happens the ending changes, and then the entire dream doesn’t return. The understanding of a deeper meaning of a personal pattern such that it can finally release its hold upon your life.

Do these breakthroughs things happen magically? Not entirely – there is a presence of free will and choice on how to align with the mystery. Do we engage it or harden against it? Within the lifespan, the time of old age includes life review and the potential for either integrity or despair. (I’m drawing from Erik Erikson’s model.) What creates the feeling of despair? It’s often related to missed opportunities, not taking risks, not investing in relationship, being stubborn when it was time for change, closing the heart and keeping it shut down. Whether time has caught up on us or not, we are quite often making choices that set the stage for integrity and joy or despair and regret. The route to despair includes a note of rigidity, rather than having engaged new options and risks. The route to integrity is about being present with life and its opportunities, being stewards of our lives so that we can make the most of challenges and hardships as much as we appreciate and are present with the good times. So within the current astrology, here are some things to take note of:

  • Mutation. New choice. Bifurcation of the path. All of these are to say, the engagement of randomness or the right amount of chaos allows the existing storyline to be seen from a new lens. This is our Gemini Sun in the Full Moon’s equation by the way. Gemini is less known for its ability to focus as it is known for its ability to be present with what is actually in the environment – this is why your Gemini friend might suddenly vanish – you look away for one moment and the next, you see them twenty or thirty away engaged with some fascinating mutation along the path (they bifurcated). They saw an old friend, or a rare bird, a flyer for a show that looked interesting, etc. While endless bifurcation without direction can lead to being lost, all direction with no bifurcation leads to experiential suffocation. As we approach the Full Moon, consider what bifurcations along the path appear illuminating and enticing, or how a throw of the dice so to say is not a distraction so much as the way forward when the original direction is a dead end.

  • Consider the use of force and suppression at play when it comes to maintaining a belief in the face of new or contradictory evidence. At this point, the belief has become an empty shell. The failure of belief is a form of personal expansion. Beliefs are adopted sometimes for the point of emotional security, but they are not always the key into that particular garden. Beliefs must too, be flexible. Belief can be engaged tactically: such as, the belief (or truly open-mindedness) that good things will happen. Beliefs are a way that we reach into the ultimate – but they are not the ultimate. Beliefs are arrows that we shoot into the unknown. Belief can be stubborn (and the arrow points to our own foot…) and belief can be clever, propelling us into expanded circumstances and blessings.
  • Data, information, techniques, beliefs, philosophies, are ways to travel. They are ways that we may arrive. But there is a necessity to keep space for the direct experience that occurs; and to understand that this direct experience is in interaction with our map and our greater understanding of how the map works. We cannot confuse reality with the map – the map just opens our eyes more. It points to the substance and the substance is life. In this way, leave yourself room to be surprised, enchanted, mesmerized, proved wrong even, by life itself.
  • Pay attention to the synchronicities in your life, their themes and gestalt. Let it be a teacher, and resist the temptation to jump so quickly to a conclusion of what it means. There is a difference between theory and innate knowing, while at the same time, these two are constantly in interaction.
  • When in doubt – what really excites you and piques your curiosity? Do you pay attention to it and if so, why not? Is it fair to suspect there’s not really a good answer? 😉 Jupiter and Sagittarius allow us to think big and see the bigger picture. But part of this is engaging our authentic interest and our very nature so that we have the sense of buoyancy and energy to be able to pursue passions and find the greater meaning in them, rather than letting something else co-opt our nature.

Jupiter stations direct In Libra: 7:04 AM PDT

  • Jupiter can be both where we access expanded knowledge, or where we assume we already know everything and therefore overlook opportunities for growth and expansion. In the sign of Libra, this can speak to our philosophical values systems around other people or human interaction itself. We might be called to examine our prejudices and their bases, as well as how different philosophical values about humanity can open the heart to connection.
  • Jupiter in Libra speaks to the luck that arises out of charisma and having interpersonal presence – have you found ways to be genuinely interested in others? Have you found ways to be authentic with others such that you feel truly connected? Have you connected with the quality of generosity both in how you give energy and how you receive energy?
  • When creating an energy field with another being, both people alter themselves in a unique way to meet the other. This is in one way, how chemistry differs from relationship to relationship. There is always a spontaneous, unique field between two. Interpersonal presence with Jupiter in Libra is not just about how you meet the other: it’s also about who you meet within as you meet the other.
  • On an inner-level, connecting with what you have in abundance: what is an inner-resource of yours that you readily share? How is this in relationship, or have the potential to be in relationship? It sometimes happens that we have an idea of how we are “supposed” to be generous (as well as how others should be), while also withholding that which we are naturally abundant with because we underestimate its value. Generosity attracts generosity, so go ahead and share what is already harmonious for you to share and see how it experientially influences your social environment. Consider where asking for help from others is an act of generosity. (The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer is great resource for this concept.)
  • The philosophical and cosmological questions that can arise when we contemplate the reason we share existence in this space-time moment with the beings we are with. There is something profound in the way that we do matter to one another and have great potential to assist and support one another, even as we also share the capacity to hurt and damage one another. Why take our shared existence for granted? In general, and especially with Jupiter in Libra, there is expansive, magical higher education in the art of relating and relationship.

Venus in Taurus sextile Mars in Cancer: 8:41 AM PDT

(Image: Johfra Bosschart)

  • This is a cozy pairing, amidst the headiness or intellectual qualities of Gemini season and a Sagittarius Full Moon. Creature comforts, summer barbecues, nostalgia, pleasure, actively caring for oneself and others.

  • Not underestimating the power of physical tokens/accouterments which lend you the courage to step outside of your comfort zone… such as liking your outfit and so you feel more confident in your own skin and therefore more likely to make conversation with new people or to even go out in the first place. Venus in Taurus likes beautiful things, Mars likes armor, and Cancer likes… a nice shell! Care put into the exterior can facilitate a sense of inner-security/esteem. Following this same line of thought, even the inner-experience this can yield privately (non-relationally) is a worthwhile exploration of these planetary energies. Think along the physicality of material possessions we hold in esteem and the emotional energy this relationship of esteem creates.

June 13

Mercury in Gemini trine Jupiter in Libra: 8:45 AM PDT, Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces: 8:29 PM PDT, and Jupiter and Neptune still in orb of inconjunct:

  • Engaging the nature of riddle – not expecting or accepting information as solid fact, but allowing it to unfold or even create a path/quest. Questions create journeys, while having answers where there is not truly an answer (bullshitting an answer) creates stagnation.
  • Listening for the invitation of when a given inner-riddle can be engaged with others relationally (sharing your greater questions).
  • The bridging, transformative quality of putting expression to that which we know or have learned, so that it can be integrated into our energy fields and directly communicated or with others, or shared with others via example. The mutual exchange of learning that occurs when the feedback from others helps us discern if we are communicating what we mean to, or who the recipient of the message is meant to be.
  • The need to express that which has not been expressed before, and the difficulty but not impossibility here. Using modes of expression which are looser, less boundaried, and more abstract, to create the transmission. Engaging new patterns or mediums.
  • Being open to new information and even things that are considered to be fact shifting at this time. Things are not be as they appear, with Mercury squaring Neptune. Consider as well, how there is information in the Universe beyond our tools for picking up information; and that our sensitivities for picking up information do and can expand when engaged. Boundaries change.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I hope you have a week of gorgeous opportunities and blessings. If you’d like to support the writing of these weekly forecasts, please take a moment to contribute to my Patreon campaign – once I reach my first goal I’ll be releasing a free e-book about the study of astrology; with some mystical and practical insights to boost your learning process. Read more and contribute here!

I love hearing from you – share your thoughts in the comments!

~Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.

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