Heart Healing New Moon in Pisces: Astrology of 3/10 – 3/16

This week’s New Moon literally touches my heart – the themes of Pisces Season are so beautiful and healing and it’s just beautiful that this lunation is conjunct Venus and Neptune in Pisces. This week truly is a portal for heart-healing. Without much ado, I’ll just get into our week!

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the zeitgeist feels like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox and be notified of upcoming educational opportunities, sign up for my mailing list here.

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Here’s our week after a few announcements!

Study Evolutionary Astrology with me in May 2021 – enrollment is now open! It’s always an inspiring group of deep thinkers that gather for this class. If you are wanting to learn karmic soul-centered astrology, and go deeper into the astrological craft in both an intuitive and a structured/guided way – and you resonate with these forecasts, you’ll love this course. Learn more, read testimonials, and enroll here. You can also listen to a podcast interview I did on Amelia Quint’s Bad Astrologers about what Evolutionary Astrology is for a feel of this system of astrology and how I approach it.

Two new episodes of Magic of the Spheres this week!

A promise in my personal horoscope, one might say, would be a transformation in my experience around the entire Venus archetype. I could attest 🙂 I recorded a solo episode about what I learned about physical beauty in 2020. A little Venus square the nodes (by transit right now) drop. ✨ texts referenced: “The Power of Eye Contact” and “Open and Clothed: For the Passionate Clothes Lover”Tune in where you listen to podcasts! Or on your browser here.

I had a world-opening conversation with Stefanie Sundara (and she opened the Akashic Records during our convo!) about Venus in Pisces, the telos and transformation of love and what happens after the love appears to be over, and slicing through non-truth in life and in love. It was magic. ⛲️ Tune in where you listen to podcasts or on your browser here.

Update on 28 Year Cycles: I wrote to my mailing list about this research opportunity and received an overwhelming response and had to close the form! Just wanted to let you know that I loved and appreciated your applications and I won’t be able to get back to everyone. Thank you so much for your interest in participating. I will be in touch with people around this consult slowly/sustainably.

March 10, 2021

Sun in 20 Pisces conjunct Neptune in 20 Pisces: 4:01 PM PST

  • Pisces and Neptune bring dissolving — whether that is disillusionment around something we once counted on as real or promising, or the dissolving of a negative dream or form of unnecessary suffering. From a higher perspective, it is often the case that deeper levels of understanding/truth heal – that suffering can be dispelled with wisdom or clarity.
  • It may also be that every circumstance or event of our lives is carrying us home – home as in a place of deeper remembrance of all that is and a union with all things. When we follow the thread, it connects back to the whole. We may come to have faith in this principle and still feel moments of fog, where we aren’t sure where we are going and we either struggle and/or trust.

March 13, 2021

New Moon in 23 Pisces: 2:21 AM PST

(Image: Amanda Sage)

This New Moon is conjunct Venus and Neptune in Pisces.

  • I fall in love a little just looking at this stellium! Venus, Neptune, Sun and Moon in Pisces is such a dreamy, cosmic love energy – and a seed of that growing more visible in our consciousness as this lunar cycle progresses.
  • When we are calling in something new into our lives, beyond what we already know, it calls upon our willingness to seek, to discover, to contemplate, to consider, to experience. Sometimes meaningful growth in our personal and spiritual lives isn’t about knowing the exact steps about how we are going to get there – it’s knowing that we trust the learning process, that we trust that we will discover things beyond what we can even imagine at the onset of the journey.
  • One prayer that holds a special meaning for me is asking the Universe to prepare me for that which I am calling in (“with ease and grace” is a good way to top it off!). To me this is a humble acknowledging that I am asking for forces greater than me to help me along, to expand me past what I already know or understand. It then tunes me in with a deeper contemplation with life itself, noticing how life is guiding me to that which I asked for. I believe that this inherently works when we ask for things that are in alignment with our true natures. Like a seed becoming a tree, it is a natural expression for that seed to become a tree. Becoming who we deeply are is not just an act of creativity but an act of surrender – a potent YES to all that is, as it lives inside of us.
  • When it comes to our dreams, our purpose, or dharma – there are supportive forces at work that help us walk that path, but we also have to choose to walk it. With this New Moon to peak in a Full Moon two weeks later where the lunation aspects Saturn, this suggests we might want to consider how we take actual responsibility for our dreams. Of course, it is a wisdom path, to know where we ‘let go and let god’ versus where we initiate action.

Venus in 20 Pisces conjunct Neptune in 20 Pisces: 8:08 PM PST

(Image: Marcos Florentino and Kelvin Yule)

  • This is such a beautiful time for heart-healing. Venus relates to pleasure, abundance, joy, luxury, aesthetic, beauty, and of course love and relationship. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, fittingly so as at a higher level everything in this reality IS relationship, inextricably. When we approach “healing” anything or having a better, more graceful, more fruitful, etc. experience in this reality, it often comes down to our relationships. Our literal human relationships, but also our relationships with the elements, our relationships with energies and energetics, our relationships with the planets, our relationships with ideas, and so on. A deeper truth emerges that nothing is statically constituted by itself. It is in relationship. So it is never just the person, or the experience, or the thing, but how we RELATE to the person, the experience, or the thing. And therein lies a world of infinite possibility. For any given situation, what kind of relatedness is in the highest service?
  • Our relationships may be experiencing an upwelling of fullness – like time and events are leading to a kind of climactic energy. This tends to be more positive an experience, subjectively speaking, when it is taking the form of mutual celebration and attraction. In experiences of fullness of love (in any kind of relationship!) we are only tasked with expanding our range to receive, hold, and express those increasing multitudes of sensation. Consider if you have the active practice of allowing these bliss states! I was just shown an image of rolling a sore muscle with a foam roller or rubber ball, and the practice of leaning and breathing into those tender, painful spots to allow an opening and release. Similarly, encountering intense sensation of a pleasurable kind also invites a kind of release/softening. We have to get comfortable receiving the love, abundance, pleasure, etc. that we desire – opening to this is not necessarily passive, but a choice.
  • In cases of a relationship experiencing a peak moment of fullness or a climax that is related to the relationship ending in some form or another, we are looking at the transformation of love. This can be bittersweet – when the original portal that inspired the reality of love changes forms or is no longer an open portal, and that love can now go somewhere else. (Some inspired thoughts on this came through in the podcast episode this week with Stefanie Sundara.)

March 15, 2021

Mercury enters Pisces: 3:26 AM PDT

(Image: Dinah Martin)

  • I read one time in a channeled text (one of the Orin/Sanaya Roman books) something to the effect that a positive thought is thousands of times more powerful than a negative one. I believe this 100%, and whether or not this is objectively true matters little to me! 🙂 In practice, I’ve found it to become a reality and to be immensely liberating. I resource beautiful images or ideas to overcome any negative inertia of negative or damaging thought-forms. The practice is to find meditative affirmations, images, or thought-forms that open new doors in your life and make possibility for your dreams to come true. So instead of spending all your mental currency on your anxiety or what you don’t like, you create a talismanic image or word in your mind’s eye. This is not for the sake of denial/avoidance, but rather constructing new neural pathways or spiritual pathways. Some example applications:
  • When experiencing a problem that you don’t yet have a solution to, imagine having a solution and how wonderful that feels. Practice mentally and emotionally merging with that reality – you don’t have to know the specific details. In the coming hours, days, weeks, etc, the solution will download into your mind or into your circumstances because you energetically merged with that level of wholeness/completion.
  • Making a practice every morning of deciding what kind of day you’d like to have. It’s basic, but every morning I pretty much decide it’s going to be great day. Over time of doing that every single day, it’s profound what kinds of fulfilling experiences stream into that space. If we are in the midst of a rougher patch in life, we may have more patterns/grooves set in place with that according frequency (life is hard, life is unfulfilling, etc.) and applying the energetic frequency of improving your circumstances can begin to make subtle changes until its domino effect becomes increasingly more apparent in your life. It does invite faith, or at least the willingness to play.
  • When getting into a creative space or art making space, pretend you’re brilliant and inspired (no matter what is happening), and over time you do end up channeling something. Create elaborate liberties for yourself about what was artistically adventurous or meaningful about what you created, and you’re creating an energetic foundation for yourself.
  • If you feel out of control and in a challenging mental territory (i.e. you feel like you’re losing it), focus on how grounded you are and how capable you are. Choose it – reroute your mental creativity into a thought-form that serves you. Of course, if you need help, get help, but I share this one because at some point in my life I decided to believe in my own capacity, even when knocked off balance, and it really is stabilizing.
  • In a holistic context, these fun, realm-jumping activities of resourcing higher images or feeling states to alter your circumstances is a very lifted, elevated activity — it does not mean there is no space for the shadow, for intense emotion, for the swampiness, for the deep psyche. It’s like kind of equivalent to enjoying basking in the sunlight AND liking to eat root vegetables. Resourcing the upper realms and the magic we contact there is an ingredient to a beautiful life that I suggest not sleeping on/overlooking! But of course, it isn’t everything either. Sometimes when people explore vibrational magic like what I was just sharing, there is a tendency to want to compartmentalize or repress other things. It is not either/or. Like anything Mercury, this is both/and. The more we practice and learn about ourselves, the more skillful we become at navigating many of our different aspects.

March 16, 2021

Sun in 26 Pisces sextile Pluto in 26 Capricorn: 11:26 AM PDT

(Image: Will Murai)

Some of these downloads went deep. Trigger warning around violence. Assess if these messages are right for you or not, and take them in or not accordingly. 

  • Generally I emphasize the importance of befriending Saturn and Capricorn because these archetypes relate to inevitable aspects of reality, like bones, aging, structure, time, etc. and we can feel victimized by these things or we can decide how we want to play with them. We come into this life essentially helpless, and dependent – if it were not for caretakers, we would not survive. As we grow, we become more aware of how to take care of ourselves as well as how to ask for the help that we need. Socially, we become tasked with more responsibilities as we age. There is a maturation process. In many facets and nuances in this life, maturation processes exists.
  • Take being visible in the world, or in one’s particular social circle or career field. This identity or this visibility comes with many invitations and lessons around what it means to be in that position and how to navigate the possible ways that people can project onto you or treat you. How we navigate the energetics of attention placed upon us. But since we don’t control other people’s behavior, the process is really an inside job. It’s about how we carry ourselves, how we relate with our given position and how we relate with other people.
  • Or, consider being a sexual being, but in the world. Sexuality exists and is part of the field regardless of how about it or not about it we are in any given moment. There are embedded social trends around sexuality and politics around it, and we are also individuals, with power and agency to navigate this thick field of social conditioning. While there is much to say about this vast topic, I can offer one example purely from my own experience that growing up witnessing so much media imagery about violence toward women from men (and just that being a collective trauma, beyond the media) became something I had to shake off. It was a message I decided to reject. I went through a process of analyzing, in my psyche, body, everything — how I had internalized my involvement in being the recipient of unwanted or abusive attention (not calling it ‘my fault’ but recognizing I did have the power to change the story). I reflected on those behaviors or energetics and self-consciously edited them, and cultivated a version of myself who repelled and was not available for harm. I changed how I relate to men/masculinity, recognizing that a large number of men are also sensitive to this cultural conditioning and do not wish to do any harm. I went through this process of editing myself and my energetics to have a different experience within social reality, because I literally felt I could not afford to be connected to that abusive storyline & I truly wanted fulfilling relationships and friendships with all people, and did not want to be harmed but rather loved, honored, and celebrated.
  • I make the above point to share that while social conversations about poor behavior coming from people’s ignorance or privilege is very alive in the collective (and part of the reveal of social abuses of power with Pluto in Capricorn) and illuminating and important in its own right, at some point we can also make a deep transformation inside of ourselves to call in a different reality. After we consider a problem, we can imagine a solution. When we untangle thick social conditioning inside of our very own selves, the ripple effect we create in social reality is potent and is part of calling in a new world. It is literally the “be the change you wish to see in the world” maxim. Deeply applied. Consider it both in the context of how you treat other people and how you create invitations or boundaries around what kind of treatment you would like to receive, even if the social field is still thick with old patterning. Try to go underneath the conversation of whose fault it is and get below it, energetically. It becomes about relationship and the messiness of relationship and the ecosystems of relationship and all of the social conditioning and patterning AND, how we relate to all of that and navigate it. Getting in there is where a lot of power for change exists.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! If you would like further guidance, I have been increasingly focused on longer-term experiences in the form of the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive, higher level courses for alumni, and 1:1 mentorship – helping people form a depth relationship to their natal chart and personal transits over time, to develop themselves, to heal, and to reach their goals, all through the soul-making lens of evolutionary astrology. I would love to support you in building your relationship with astrology. The intensive is currently open for enrollment, and I am soon to take on new coaching clients.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

(Top Image: Amanda Sage)

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