Karmic Junctures: Astrology of 10/31 – 11/6

Venus and Uranus, both retrograde, oppose in the fixed signs of Scorpio and Taurus and then both planets will travel back into their previous signs this week. The lunar nodes also shift into Capricorn and Cancer, and together Venus in Libra and Uranus in Aries remain in a grand cross with the lunar nodes, except now they are all in cardinal signs. Planets squaring the nodes of the moon signify karmic crossroads and are often stressful junctures.

This week marks an emergence of karmic energy (the shift of the lunar nodes) supporting all of our Capricorn/Cancer endeavors, which is to create home and emotional security, as well as to build structures, disciplines, and enduring patterns which can house our livelihood or success. Cancer relates to the ego and Capricorn relates to the superego, both elements which can play a healthy role in our lives when they are conscious and flexible enough. There are ways in which our egos are both underdeveloped in some areas and overdeveloped and hardened in others, which leaves us needing to strengthen some parts of ourselves and loosen other parts.

As the forces of Venus and Uranus come back in touch with the lunar nodes or – another way to look at it, our egos and superegos, it would be like having the personality structures to properly meet Venus (love, pleasure, abundance) and Uranus (excitement, individuation, being our higher selves). This means that however attracted we might be to a highly resonant, exciting, luxurious life, it is our personalities and our daily-life-selves that are the soil for such fruits to grow from. If there is a current dissonance or tension between these fronts, that lines up pretty well with the astrology and is something to be integrated. Often from tension comes great clarity, which can relate to formidable progress afterward.

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Here’s our week:

October 31, 2018

retrograde Venus in 0 Scorpio opposite retrograde Uranus in 0 Taurus: 1:45 AM PDT

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  • Venus-Uranus transits can often bring new, surprising connections into our lives, whether they are just in passing or becoming enduring contacts. There is a relational electricity in the air that sparks connection between people who are vibrating with like-alignment. Instead of sourcing connection and pleasure from routine avenues, we might find ourselves in modes of spontaneous discovery – what is fun and what is really happening in the greater field of potential around us.

  • This transit highlights radical transformations that can happen within our friendships or within ourselves because of friendships. These bonds are valuable and this is a good a time as always to invest some energy in those connections.

  • A more challenging possibility to be aware of is confronting the fear of loss or lack within relationship, love, pleasure, money, and all things Venusian. Be aware of when your thoughts bring you to a place of fear that you either don’t have enough or won’t have enough in the future. This can be connected to trauma and can also be a place of healing.

Last Quarter Moon in 8 Leo: 9:40 AM PDT

The current lunar cycle is winding down to a close, preceding our next New Moon in Scorpio on the 7th.

  • Often it is our experience of darkness that gives way to greater creativity. Whenever we come out of difficult passages with a strong and open heart we not only are cultivating a gift for ourselves but we have cultivated a gift and presence to share with others. This Moon can highlight that inner-journey and a turning point where light is returning.

  • Consider this Moon an invitation to recognize what you can share. If we are really passionate about something, we can often serve as guides to others in the realms that we know so deeply.

retrograde Venus re-enters Libra: 1:25 PM PDT

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November 5, 2018

Sun in 13 Scorpio trine retrograde Neptune in 13 Pisces: 11:40 PM PDT

  • This transit can be a gentle support around shifting the ego – letting go of stories and ego structures which are revealing themselves as limitations; as well as building ourselves up and seeing ourselves in our best light by believing in our dreams and our capacities.

November 6, 2018

Lunar Nodes shift into Cancer and Capricorn (North Node Cancer, South Node Capricorn): 1:03 PM PDT

The lunar nodes stay in a pair of signs for around a year and half.

  • Creating home, family, and nurturance is becoming of significant evolutionary potential.

  • Strict, repressed, stoic, rigid, etc. practices and senses of identity become more draining. Having the gift of being disciplined or well-boundaries can still be helpful, but this is a time of balancing those traits with more tenderness, sensitivity and care.

  • The North Node in Cancer signifies that the development of our emotional sensitivity and maturity is supported. This is a good time to create safety in our own hearts and in our homes and circles.

  • The attitude that we need to be tough to be prepared for difficulty and for the worst may block off other developmental processes that thrive with care. A plant will not grow on toughness alone if it is not watered.

retrograde Uranus re-enters Aries: 10:10 PM PDT

(Image: Gank Pansuay)

Uranus has spent a brief time in Taurus and now will be in Aries until March 6, 2019.

  • The liberation of Uranus in Aries is about taking willful action toward our own destinies; creating ourselves; trailblazing; becoming leaders; being self-interested enough to really develop ourselves. While Uranus is in Taurus there is a revolution around cultivation, rooting, embodying, but this move back into Aries can mirror ways in which we may have not been fully ready to lay down our roots. There is still something we are discovering about who we are, and we need some degree of messiness and freedom to experiment with that.

  • Uranus squared the nodes before and continues to, now as Uranus and the nodes each move into cardinal signs. Though the North Node is in Cancer, Uranus has special work to achieve through the South Node in Capricorn specifically, which involves revisiting themes around discipline and being able to see the long-game and make short term sacrifices for more distant goals. One signification here is that if we are willing to face reality (and things about reality which are cold and harsh, more Capricorn style), we may regain a sense of courage to be on our mission. We might think of a warrior part of ourselves who, knowing the struggle intimately, is called to action. Versus that same warrior part of ourselves being too distracted by comfort or excessive emotional processing.

  • Uranus in Aries highlights self-discovery, which at this time hinges on a balance of the Cancer and Capricorn archetypes – which is our capacity to be both emotionally in-tune and sensitive, while also being able to compartmentalize, get things done, and make responsible decisions.

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~Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.


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