New Moon in Gemini, Venus Cazimi & Saturn Square

The Sun and Venus have been traveling together within one degree since around May 30, 2024. The exact conjunction between the Sun and Venus (cazimi) in Gemini is on June 4, 2024 at 11:33 AM EDT in 14 degrees Gemini. The two only separate from the one degree orb starting June 12. This is giving us a special moment, really around joy and levity in the heart – which is yes, certainly likely complicated by Saturn in Pisces square the cazimi. The “complication” by Saturn in Pisces is pointing to how we are gaining more fluency (Gemini) and wisdom in navigating the gravity-leaden edges of our own understanding, in relationship with others, to the world at large, to God/Life. We will break this down below.

The New Moon is two days later than the cazimi, on June 6, with a triple conjunction between the Sun, Moon and Venus all at 16 degrees Gemini, approaching closer to that square with Saturn in 18 degrees of Pisces.

Welcome back, or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the zeitgeist feels like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these forecasts to your inbox and be notified of upcoming educational opportunities, sign up for my mailing list here.

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Watch my video version of this article with added commentary or read the written version below:

Here’s what I want to invite you to notice or look out for:

Sun-Venus in Gemini: lightheartedness, delight, sociability, talkativeness, clarity around communication in relationship (what needs to be said, how communication can create connection or create bridges), ability to dispassionately “report” on information or facts and how this might correspond with being able to communicate one’s internal state to another person and address what is coming up in the relationship dynamic

Saturn in Pisces: (watch my longer video about it here) emotional fogginess versus sobriety, challenges from getting ‘drunk’ or in fantasy, spiritual maturation processes, not being so sure where “the line” or the boundary is (blurry boundaries, or the sudden deepening of the ocean – thank you Drew Levanti for this ocean image from a conversation we had about Saturn in Pisces along with Justin Plunkett on Justin’s podcast, depression or graver emotional feelings related to despair or disillusionment, the necessity of dream and imagination, creating tangible material things in our lives from a place of vision/dream, spiritual boundaries or spiritual protection or the chaos of being ‘influenced’.

Some thoughts on this intersection of archetypes:

  • First off, the possibilities of this transit will most likely come to light through conversation and sociability. Not just because it’s Venus, but because it’s chatty and communicative Gemini. 
  • My own understanding of this transit has been greatly impacted by making a new friend Sotiris here in Athens who has been following my work for quite some years and we began corresponding a year ago when he wrote me about a synchronicity from listening to my podcast, without knowing I was moving to Greece! But also, now that we have met here, we noticed we have many parallel histories and experiences and sensibilities, including authors or TV shows we have independently been obsessed with. We have SO MUCH to talk about and we are actually giddy about it. Even the Saturn in Pisces square has shown up in our conversations in the way that we have discussed difficult disillusioning experiences we’ve had as Neptunian (Pisces) people, in and out of joking around or talking about much lighter subject matter.
  • Gemini deeply desires to be twinned or matched, and wants to be able to have the conversation. This is where we want to speak the same “language” with people or get on the same page. The Saturn square at the moment is highlighting the failures and successes of this ability to have the conversation, ability to be met. And because it’s all in mutable signs, the conditions could change quickly.
  • Another example from my own life these days… I am a foreigner here and my emotional life day-to-day is a little rawer and more exposed for that. I jumped into the dating culture a little bit, not necessarily understanding cultural norms here around timing or plan-making so my ability to read people is different, which is exciting or new at times and also foggy. I recognized how whether or not I follow or match cultural norms, I at least want to understand what they are so I can properly navigate and understand. I had loose dinner plans with someone and then he was out of touch for several hours, and it was getting late. I felt a little fucked up by it. It reminded me of my mom’s dating stories about waiting by the phone for someone and so while I remained as detached as possible, I felt like something matrilineal had been touched and I let myself feel and journey into it as I realized I was just a no to this type of communication drop and being left hanging. He did get back to me once I had decided to call it off, and he was too tired to go out because of some work he took on that day. I was upset. I texted my friend Sotiris I mentioned above about it and was out walking to go get dinner by myself, dressed up, lightly in a state of disappointment and feeling the heaviness of loneliness, the drama of being alone in a new country, blah blah, and consciously being mindful of not getting overly drunk on it all, yet still feeling that deep-end appear. Then my friend invited me over for dinner instead and I was delighted. I felt shame (Saturn) at first for “dumping” my dating drama onto him over text, but he then assured me it was good to communicate and allowed the night to change like this. My night then turned up and I got to experience friendship (Venus in Gemini) in a time of need (Saturn). Actually when I allow myself to be seen and met here, I do abundantly have friends who are willing to help me cheer up or move on, and I really noticed and felt into that through this experience.
  • There is perhaps a re-working of our communication in relationship happening, and Saturn in Pisces is blurring the boundaries of our known conditioning. We cannot have new experiences if we always behave in the same way and make the same choices. I noticed a phenomenon as well of my own willingness to be chatty or spilly a little bit, saying more than I normally let myself — and other people doing the exact same thing – gushing, confessing, apologizing, then it all working out. Gemini definitely doesn’t care about the rules as much as Saturn, and sometimes there is a tangible relief when someone is willing to say something that’s just a little bit outside the edge of the normal, decent, or ‘allowed’ conversation. Gemini is clever like that, always finding ways to push the conversation forward (of course, when not being so busy mimicking an existing conversation and thus keeping it the same).
  • There is a question then with this dynamic of: what are we allowed to say? And are these rules even valid anymore? Where is the line?
  • More esoterically, this dynamic also had me reflecting on magic and consequence, or how random and lighthearted (Gemini) we let ourselves be with the spiritual deep-end (Saturn in Pisces) versus how seriously we take things. For example, consider the person who doesn’t believe in spirits and decides as a joke to work with a ouija board. Casting a love spell might seem like fun and innocence, or is there something to be said about taking the ethics and possible consequences more seriously? For me, I always tend to interrogate magical practices psychologically: I would sooner want myself or another person to come correct to the magic and not use magic as a replacement for other basic needed skills or steps.
  • Outside of my own consideration or process of this, I did notice the conversation occurring around spiritual safety – the contrast between Gemini’s walk-in-the-park energy around trying new things and Saturn’s grave caution about it all. But I think on that account it is equally worth having ‘caution’ about the consequences of adopting mainstream beliefs and never finding out truth for oneself. There is a dynamic tension here between curiosity and caution.
  • The Gemini dynamic might pose as a solvent for unwinding rigid conditioning – a surprising or elevating thought, a mantra, a change of mind – that allows us to walk our way out of some spell we used to be consumed by.
  • The mutability here also highlights learning, and learning how to effectively have “the conversation” whether socially or with life, god, spirit. In terms of magical responsibility or learning how to do magic well, I think it is also understanding the lay of the land. I easily work with planets for example, but I would exercise caution in working with another culture’s deities that I was not familiar with or initiated by. It doesn’t mean I think those deities are “bad” but I simply recognize I am not effectively acquainted to go deeper. I either need more time, understanding, a trusted guide or proper introduction, or the unshakable internal knowing that I am supposed to go there. Or some combination therein. Just as I exercise types of caution in going deeper with people – sense them, read them, get to know them, before crossing certain thresholds.
  • Gains or mistakes may be made with this dynamic, in relationship with people or with energies/magic, but it seems like there is a lot of wiggle room also for re-adjusting, walking in and out of spells, deciding something and then going back on it, believing something and then realizing otherwise, etc. This flex room may highlight our need to actually advance both the information we have and the deeper understanding or maturity/responsibility that we have. Things are serious, but also very lighthearted. Things are lighthearted, but also so serious.
  • Perhaps most rewarding about this transit’s possibilities is our willingness to learn and adjust, rather than willfully remain in ignorance or fantasy/delusion – wherever that storyline currently touches us. Sometimes shame (Saturn) can inhibit people’s learning processes because they cannot handle the feelings that come up when they realize their mistakes, so they shut down the learning process. But perhaps Gemini’s dispassionate quality can help us be more fluid around learning and give ourselves some real grace and compassion (Pisces) as we navigate new or deeper waters than we are used to.
  • I am not a very political channel and I do not talk about world events for the most part, I focus on the individual, personal life. Especially because I have devoted myself more to understanding individual humans and our psychology and development, than macro, political patterns. (Of course the two intersect…) That is my zone of gift, and offering. But I do want to presence that heartbreaking, horrifying information about war, genocide, and people’s lives who have become collateral — is in the air (for those not experiencing it directly and horrifyingly on the ground) and so many people are digesting this and having despair and questioning around it. This is also very Gemini crossing with Saturn in Pisces. The sense of trying to comprehend or navigate disaster, the moral imperatives that people feel around working to influence the course of events, for example in the United States where our tax dollars and some representatives are involved in funding the war. There is something to be said for the way that our minds and hearts change when we integrate or try to comprehend forces in the world that are so profoundly tragic and disillusioning. The main thing I want to offer around it is to consider that the heart is a place of deep grief and generosity alike, and we might be processing things at this time (collectively and personally) that are setting moral or spiritual transformations in motion, whether it has more local or global implications as it ripples forth.
  • I am wishing you healing, inspiring, groundbreaking, heart-opening conversations during this transit. If you do not feel you have people who understand yet (or they have disappeared from your view or access) please turn to sincere prayer. I always find that loneliness (something I have truly felt a lot of) is interspersed with chapters of connection and that the connection I find touches me in the very places I once felt empty or alone. The conversations that we are meant to have in life, we can always have, even when the reception becomes dim or the lights seem to have gone out. There will always be waves of busy-ness, reception, liveliness, especially when we have nurtured the conversation in our own hearts with Life/God in the darkest hours.

UPCOMING CLASS ON THE THIRD HOUSE as part of a depth imaginal series on the houses

World is defined here not as THE world but your local world, your neighborhood, the places you can travel to at short distances. We want to show you how just as when you tune into your inner-world in meditation for example, your inner life and sensations expand – that when you tune into your local world around you, your environment too reveals a sentient life and spirit.

For our previous workshops on the astronomy of houses, the first house, and the second house, it was true to provide some lecture. For the third house, we have a little less to say and a lot more to show you by inviting you to experience YOUR world (your local area) with a new set of perceptive tools and to bring back your findings for dialogue.

One of the most eclectic houses, the third house relates to local area and locals (local cafes, spots, people), neighborhood, short distance travel, media/communications, symbolism, magic and folk magic, ritual, maps, siblings, writing, conscious thought, data, gossip, and making connections (essentially a broader way to speak of “communication”), errands, the Goddess, and texting/letters/emails.

Personally I’ve always wondered how to cohere these topics… under what umbrella do they really fit? For that question we have some guiding information for you about Iris, the messenger Goddess of the Rainbow, and some of the esoteric fabrics of the “messenger” and communication itself, but most of all we want to invite you to experience for yourself why the Goddess, communication, and local area intertwine.

You will have to penetrate through the dull shapes of your local environment that you’re used to, and allow your world to come to life. We welcome those of you curious about the third house and your third house, but also those of you who are interested in cultivating your perceptive body. An artist may create great works but day-to-day, the “local” activity of the artist is to sketch, take notes, be observant and inspired. We think it is possible that the act of taking notes, observing, looking for the fascinating elements of your environment, make you a conduit to be communicated with. Your world IS more magical than you think – you just have to spark the conversation.

Only $30. Class is on June 6 at 11 AM – 1 PM Pacific / 2 – 4 PM Eastern.

Your investment is making the time to take a few walks before class on June 6 and to take notes and/or drawings, and photographs. More information will be offered about this assignment to participants shortly after signing up. You are invited not to “work” here or get something “right” but to play and touch the spirit of the third house for yourself.

We will have a private forum for you to post your notes & experiences and inspire one another that way (it reminds me of the writing class I taught a few years ago, Image Hive – where the first assignment involved everyone “collecting” images from their daily life and dreams to bring back to the group – we had a great time doing this!), and in the workshop we will help you understand the astrology of this house, deeper. Join here!

with love,

Sabrina Monarch

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